Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Just a few days before Halloween the kids got a GREAT surprise in the Mail ~
 A card from BOTH grandparents! G & G Andersen sent Zombie Cards for the kids in the card. Hailey's favorite Zombie was the Pink Bunny Girl. Landon's favorite card was what he likes to call "The Party Rock Boys" haha! The kids play with these cards all the time!! 
G&G Bird sent each kid a card and a $5.00 gift card to McDonald's to share! The kids made sure we hit up McDonald's that week to take advantage of the goodness!!
We let the kids trick or treat at the Sierra Vista Mall before we had dinner and then went around the neighborhood... Our little ROCKET man and our Princess Tiana had a GREAT Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Some might think that me waiting a month and a half to post another story onto my blog is HORRIBLE...
I say SUCK IT!
Lots of things have changed here around the Bird House...
Hailey started school; which leaves only one child at home... easier you think? NO... every weekday morning I have to get up, actually get out of bed at a normal time, wake up two kids, and get two kids and myself ready for the day. That includes; eating, getting dressed, brushing teeth, getting hair done... packing one lunch, making sure backpack and Homework is ready, and THEN make it to school on time! Not to mention being on time to pick her up during the middle of my day... it is NOT easier!!
Then to top it off... Little man hates me! I guess hate is a strong word. More like he does not like being the only one at home with mommy. He tells me that I am boring and that he does not want to play with me...

Another change MOST of you should know by now is that i am SICK and TIRED...
only because I am PREGNANT! 
Yep... Baby Bird #3 is on the way! We announced it officially when I got through my first Trimester. The due date has changed a little bit; My Dr. says April 14th. We hope this child continues to be as wonderful as the first two and come early... I am shooting for an April Fools Baby... Yeah that would be fun on SO many levels! I can just imagine the call to Matt... NO REALLY I AM IN LABOR, this is not an April Fools Joke. Then when the kid grows up "Its your birthday... ha ha... just kidding... no really it is... ha ha"
 Judge me all you want.
So I have just not FELT like blogging or doing ANYTHING for that matter... sorry i guess...

ALSO my siblings have done some pretty amazing things that have kept me busy... my little brother Preston left for BYU-I! He was dropped off by family in early September. I think he is getting the hang of "college life" for sure! I get to keep in touch with him with skype and texting so it feels like he is still home with my parents at times. I know he is having a BLAST, but when I actually go to my parents to visit I realize REAL quickly that I am missing him for sure!

And LAST but not least my little sister is officially OFF on her mission!!
She reported to the MTC TODAY! And the reason for my blog today is because I started a little family blog for her. I will be posting her letters home on the blog so we are not having to send TONS of emails to people and if they want to read up on what is going on they know where to go! :)
 My parents are OFFICIALLY Empty Nester's!!
 Lets see how long they enjoy this! It only took 32 years!!
So here I hope I start feeling better so I can get caught up and enjoy my blog again! ~ :)