Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Andersen's

I just wanted to put up a few pictures of the CRAZINESS that is going on at Grandma & Grandpa Andersen's house... the grand kids are having a blast playing with each other and being at "Grandma's House" as Hailey would say! This picture is Logan Ray, Hailey Bird, and Katelyn Richardson playing in the front room...
Hailey is a Jump-A-Holic!! It is raining outside, so luckily Grandma and Grandpa kept the old mattresses from Preston's Bed for the grand kids to jump on before they get thrown out!
This is Logan and Hailey jumping on the mattresses! Having SO much fun!
And this is my FaVoRiTe!! ALL the grand kids born to date! ~ Starting in the bottom left hand corner is Logan Ray, Owen Ray, Kimberley Ball, Landon Bird, Hailey Bird and Katelyn Richardson! Hey! ~ You try to get 6 kids to look good in a picture! FUN FUN FUN! We hope to get more pictures of all the fun going on! ~

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing Catch Up ~ Hailey

So my Brother In Law let me know that he can tell when I am busy... it's when I have not updated my blog in a while, so here I am catching up on pictures! (Thanks Brian) With the move and me just wanting to lay down with my newborn I have to admit I have been quite the slacker... sorry... I will do better! ~ ENJOY Hailey eating and sleeping at the same time! ~ Oprae calls this Multi-Tasking.... ( I know you have seen Sweet Home Alabama... haha)
We had Uncle John and Aunt Ally over for dinner, and John made crapes! YUMMM! Hailey somehow got the syrup on her face, and has a special Hindu dot on her forhead. This pictures is classic because she also decided she was going to pick her nose! YUMMM!
We like to go to Costco and let Hailey play with all the things we can not afford! ~ She played on this for about 10 minutes before we pried her little fingers off it... And this picture says it all! ~ This is in our Elk Grove House. I made her breakfast and went to take care of Landon, when I can back to her she had taken her cereal up the stairs with her milk cup. She pulled her chair up to her Dress-Up box table and just sat back and relaxed! Gotta love kids! I think she is mimicking her daddy! ~

Playing Catch Up ~ Landon

Here are the more recent pictures of Landon David Bird! ~ Or as Uncle Kyle Bird (yes we refer to you as uncle) likes to call him LANDO ~ He loves to fall asleep! He is SUCH a doll! ~ This is when he was almost a month! ~
Landon is developing quite well, I told him to waive to the camera, and LOOK! ~ HAHA! What a ham! Love it! ~
Hailey likes to help Daddy give Landon his baths. This is the best picture I could get that did not have him SHOWING off if you know what I mean! ~
And this it Landon watching TV. Dr. Phil was on, and he was QUITE interested in what he had to say! We are having a BLAST with our new little addition! My favorite part of the day is nap time. We all (Hailey Landon and myself) lay down in the Love Sac and just sleep! ~ Being a mommy is lots of work, but it is TOTALLY worth it! ~

Monday, February 23, 2009

Lunch Outside!

What could be better than having Mac n' Cheese outside with an ADORABLE little Girl??
Hailey even helped make the lunch! It was a nice day (for once) outside and we wanted to take advantage!~
After Landon went to sleep, we made lunch and had a nice Mommy Daughter date! ~ LOVES IT!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

VALENTINES and Fireproof

I love being able to celebrate my "Valentine" but I hate that there is just ONE day out of the year that is meant for this type of celebration of our love....
Sure you have your Anniversarys and Birthdays and other Special Days, but why is there just ONE dedicated Day for "Valentines"...

Matt and I celebrated our Valentine's Day with our children. It was a nice family day, and the weather was perfect for a day out. We played in the back yard with Hailey and Landon, and just laid on the grass and watched the clouds go by.

Matt got me a Gift Certificate to my favorite Nail Salon here in Fresno. I got Matt those pictures in the other post you have seen and a Fresno Coupon Book. We were both VERY happy with our gifts! ~

One of the best things we did this Valentines Weekend was watch a movie called Fireproof. This movie was a straight to DVD movie, and we could tell why. It was a low budget film, and was kinda preachy... but the message it was sending was SO perfect!!

I am not one to usually reccommend "churchy, preachy" movies, but I think EVERY couple should see this movie! It is at Redbox, and I challenge everyone to take the time to see this film and let me know what you think!

Matt and I have had our challenges in the ALMOST 6 years of marriage, and we really were able to appreciate the work it takes to keep a marriage going! Happy Viewing! ~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Valentines! ~

We wanted to get a nice picture of the kids for Valentines.... like that is going to happen with a toddler and a newborn! Anyways! ~ We hope you all had a WONDERFUL (late) Valentines Day! ~

Monday, February 16, 2009

Michelle Tandy Photography ~

New Babies are such a blessing to have in our homes. And I have wanted to share our joy with all of you, and I finally found the way to do it! ~ I have a friend in Elk Grove who took all the pictures below. Her name is Michelle Tandy and she does amazing work!
These pictures were taken in our house that we were living at in Elk Grove just before our move to Fresno. Landon is 3 weeks old, and Hailey is just a few months shy of 2 years. These pictures were Matt's Valentine's Day Present, and they were a TOTAL surprise for him.
We are VERY lucky that we will have these priceless pictures to remember our little baby boy. Michelle and I both got teary eyed as we were setting him up for one of the pictures, it was a testament to me that we are SO blessed to be given these precious little spirits!
We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have. THANKS MICHELLE!!

This picture is Matt's favorite! Michelle brought all the props you see in the pictures. She made the little sacks that Landon is pictured in, they were SO cute! ~
This is my Favorite picture!! I love his eyes ~
This picture captures how Landon was feeling... he was SUCH a trooper! ~ These pictures were taken outside in the backyard of our Elk Grove house...
It was the perfect time of day with the light for this picture. Snug as a bug in a rug....
Most of you know that Hailey does not sit still, so this was a surprise for ONE of the many pictures Michelle took to come out of her. She is such a sweetie ~
We actually laughed at this picture after Michelle took it because he was just SO relaxed that his hands were dangling, but it is one of my favorites! ~
Landon holding my hand ~
I am glad I will have this reminder of how small me little boy was. I am holding him in MY hand here! ~ Great things really do come in small packages.....
This picture reminds me of a special moment. Landon was crying, and Hailey wanted to calm him, so she walked up and gave him a kiss on his head. Luckily Michelle had the camera in hand to capture this special moment for me...
He always is trying to suck his fingers ~
I am constantly amazed at what our Heavenly Father has blessed us with. I want to find more time to just sit back and NOT be disrupted by the worldly things and just look at my kids and enjoy them! Michelle has given me this opportunity to enjoy the time Landon was small. She has inspired me to learn more about taking pictures and enjoying watching my children grow up.
You can find more of her work at there is also info on her site if you would like to use her to capture your precious moments ~ I have a link to her webpage on my blog under A Few of my Favorite Things if you want to see her page in the future....

Friday, February 13, 2009


We are IN Fresno, and I am back ON the internet! It has been a CRAZY couple of weeks! But things are getting back to normal! I can't wait to catch you all up on the CRAZINESS that is my life! ~
More to come soon! ~