Saturday, August 30, 2008

The California State Fair ~

We were able to head for Hailey's FIRST trip to the California State Fair in Sacramento. I went to the State Fair ever since I can remember, and really enjoyed it! Last year Hailey was too young to take, so we took advantage this year and went with family.

The Highlight of our trip for Hailey was the Monorail. She really enjoyed being up above all the comotion and seeing everything that was there. My highlight was looking at all the "as seen on TV" things for sale. They have like 3 huge warehouses with different gadgets and such for sale! There were things that I really liked, but nothing that we HAD to have! ~

Not the best picture, but this is the Bird Family on the Monorail! ~

Friday, August 29, 2008

ER Trip ~

YEAH! You heard me. We had a VERY nice trip the the St. Joseph's Medical Hospital on Thursday night with the family. Matt and I packed up and headed to the Hospital with little sick Hailey.
She was not the "usual" Hailey that day. She was not into everything, and would just sit on my lap and snuggle. She is usually very go go go, and we were worried about her. We put her to bed and she laid right down, only to wake up a few hours later running a 104 temp! We are currently in Stockton, so we took her to the local hospital because there was no Urgent Care open, and we were seen right away.
While we were waiting to check in, she threw up all the days food onto daddy. That is when I lost it. I was trying not to worry about her, but all the mommy hormones KICKED in, and I began to CRY. I guess it was quite the scene because everyone was staring at us. After we checked in they took us back right away because of the high temp. They checked her out, and decided they would need to run some tests because they were not sure what was wrong.
We had to check her rectal temp at least twice (nothing that Hailey was used too) and they gave her medicine as a suppository and with a dropper to get her temp down.
We waited to see a Dr. and they decided she needed a blood, urine, and an X-Ray test. So we helped the nurse attach a urine bag. I held Hailey as they drew blood from her arm. And Matt got to hold Hailey's hands above her head on this CRAZY baby contraption for the X-Ray's. I was AGAIN crying.
They gave her TWO shots, one in each leg, and we were left to wait for the results. We were at the ER around 11:00 p.m. and we got home just before 4:00 a.m. Needless to say we were exhausted by the time we got home! The next morning we had to go visit our Primary Care Dr. in Sacramento. So Hailey and I made the trip with Matt to Sacramento to make sure things were OK.
Long story short..... I am thankful for the advances that we have today with Medicine and Medical Care. We are SO blessed to have the ability to get help when we need it. Matt and Dad Bird gave Hailey a blessing, and I know that helped her recovery as well. We are all well and Back to Normal Hailey! ~ :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cousins ~

Last night we had a GREAT dinner at Matt's parents house with Rob, Lucy and their little girl Isabel. Hailey is 10 days older than Isabel, and the girls did not know what to think of each other. Great Grandma Bird got the girls matching outfits, and we wanted to get some pictures of the girls together!!

Hailey is Giving Isabel "Loves" in this last picture! She is SUCH a LOVE bug! ~

It was a good time had by all! ~

Monday, August 18, 2008

Trampoline FUN! ~

Hailey is lucky enough because BOTH grandparents have trampolines in their backyards. She LOVED to play in Grandma and Grandpa Andersens Trampoline. They have tramp with and enclosure so no need to worry about little girls falling off! ~

So when we got to Grandma and Grandpa Birds, their tramp did not have an enclosure to letting her jump was QUITE the uptaking! She has NO FEAR and would run ALL over the trampoline scareing poor mommy and gramdma.

After Grandma Bird decided one day to take Hailey out for a jump, she decided that they too needed to get an enclosure! So Grandpa Bird and Matt were on a mission to put an enclosure on the trampoline for some SAFE grandchildren fun! GREAT JOB DADDY AND GRANDPA! ~

All Smiles now that the Trampoline is Safe for her! ~

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hot Momma

Hailey enjoys wearing EVERYONE elses shoes around the house.... but this time she got into mommy's shoes! She sure did walk GREAT for a 15 month old! HAHA She is such a Mommy's Girl! These are my black Jessica Simpson Highheals, and I have a hard time walking around in them! YOU GO GIRL~

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'll help you Grandpa ~

Grandpa Andersen was doing yard work, and Hailey wanted to go outside and help him. He had just finished mowing the back yard and was onto the front yard. She thought she needed to help push the mower so she went right over and pushed it for him! What a BIG helper! She is such a smiler, do you like the BUTT shot of me below... haha ~ Thanks MATT!~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


YEAH! So we are OFFICIALLY living in Stockton with Matt's family. We have been living in Sacramento with my parents since April. One of my little sisters Crystal and her husband Pete are going to stay with my parents for the summer, so we did not want to overwhelm my parents and opted for some quality time with The Birds.

Hailey loves having stairs and her other grandparents to play with. She espicially loves when Erin will bring over cousin Rylie for playtime. The commute is about 50 minutes for Matt, but this will be good for us. A nice change in scenery for sure!

Hailey got an Elmo doll before we moved, and Matt has always had this Big Bird doll since High School and this was one of the first mornings we had here. She LOVES her stuffed animals!! We are SO lucky to have family open their houses to us! ~