Thursday, October 2, 2014


Yesterday was my 33rd Birthday...
Or at least I think so... I was born in 81... quick Math.... yeah I am 33!
My husband started a new job with VWR.
My oldest two children went to school.
My youngest went to play at a friends house for the day...
SO I was ALONE!!!


I went shopping ALONE! I was in one store for TWO HOURS! No one bugging me... needing snacks... wanting to go... it was HEAVEN.
And before people start saying "You will miss the Chaos when they grow up..."


I won't!
I promise...
Check back on this blog in 20 years and I guess we shall see.

So I was shopping alone. THEN I had lunch and no one tried to eat MY food, or drink my drink... and I actually SAT DOWN and ate lunch... that NEVER happens! Usually I am eating left overs from the kids or trying to multitask while I eat a PB&J...

So there really is no point to this post... just that I have not posted in a while... yeah I suck... whatever... One day I will get my crap together and be on here more updating ALL the wonderful things we do... but until that day just know that I had a GREAT birthday this year!! :)

Thursday, July 31, 2014


How has it been this long since I put up a blog post...
Seriously... sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I looked forward to blogging and taking pictures and enjoying the simple moments in life...
Because with my calling (which i LOVE, don't get me wrong) almost everytime I get on the computer I am doing something for the Young Womens... if not that then I am checking up on Facebook, OR stuck on Pinterest... MAN I have some WONDERFUL ideas pinned... will i ever do them?? ACTUALLY I use it ALOT for YW and Food here in the Bird house... haha.
If i'm not doing my calling then I am posting my baby brothers Mission Letter for the week on the blog that I started for him... and I refuse to let that go to waste... LOL...
If I am not doing those things then I am honestly either CLEANING HOUSE or SLEEPING!!
Seriously... that is really all I have time for now...
I want to get back onto blogging... I have GREAT posts that I want to do... we shall see if they ever come to past... Don't worry blog... ONE DAY I won't be so busy and tired with life that I will be HAPPY to enjoy using you again.... Until that day... I am going to sleep now... Only because I have been in PJ's all day... so I am READY for it! xoxoxo ~

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Holiday Pictures 2013

As I look at these Pictures I am reminded that I am BLESSED!!
The Matthew David Bird Family Holiday Pictures...
 We have silly kids...
 And we are a HAPPY Family!!
The Birds 
LOVE Landon's face in that last one! 
This was the "Poparatzi Picture" notice I was SO down... 
 Hailey Bird
 Love these kids!!
 Landon David Bird
 Kylie Bird
 (Kylie is Kissy Face with Daddy James; he is the photographers Husband. Our little girl ADORES him!!)
All Photo Credits go to Kresta Kraucyk of Beautiful You Photography
She does AMAZING work!!
If You are Local... She can hook you up!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blessing ~

We went to Stockton for the Baby Blessing of our little nephew ~
 Here he is with Grandma & Grandpa (Great) Bird, and his Family. 
(sorry I did not get a better picture of him... mt kids were keeping me busy!)
 Kylie girl is ALWAYS ready for her close up!!
 This is Hailey and her cousin Rylie... they are a KICK when they get together!
 Mama and her Girls!!
And here are all the Baby Birds!!
(Rylie holding Parker, Hailey, Kylie, and Landon.)
It was a quick day trip, but it was worth meeting our newest little family member!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Book Fair ~

Hailey wanted to get a book at the Book Fair SOOOOOO bad...
The first day of the fair she took me into the Library and showed me the book that she wanted. I took a picture (because that is how we let the kids know we are listening to them; then we can pass it onto Santa for Christmas usually. OH the picture in my camera of what the kids want...) and then we had a little chat about what she can do to get this book.
Now I remember being a kid and wanting to get books from the Scholastic Book Order that came home ever month SO BAD TOO... I never got one... so the little girl in me WANTED to let her get this book. So she came up with some ideas of what she can do to get it...

1. Do my homework for the day
2. Be nice to my brother
3. Play with my sister
4. Help make dinner
5. Make good choices with my life

I thought these were pretty good ideas, so I said "That sounds great lets go home and talk with Daddy about it... WELL...
She did ALL these things AND more. She dressed herself in the morning, and helped do the dishes too! So I could not refuse her sweetness. She did this for two days... SO PROUD! Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess is the name of the book AND it came with a butterfly necklace. You better believe she has been wearing that necklace EVERYDAY... One day I had to take it away because she had a bad day at school. We talked about how she would earn the necklace back and it was amazing to me that she did what she said she was going to do!!
At first I was NOT a fan of this Book Fair and the $10.00 Barbie book... Now it is MY Best Friend!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Patch ~

We went to the Pumpkin King Pumpkin Patch this year...
The kids LOVED it because they got to each pick a ride to go on...
 Hailey wanted to ride on the "Ghetto Fabulous Hello Kitty thing" 
while Landon chose to do the Pirate Ship and Bounce House.
Kylie got to enjoy eating straw and taking pictures...
After spending $10.00 on the kids rides I refused to pay another $6.00 for a medium pumpkin... so we hit up Savemart for our Pumpkins! Look Forward to our Pumpkin Carving Post!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

SEVEN Months!!~~

Guess What!?!?
YUP! Another Month has passed 
and Baby girl is...
 She is more SASSY than ever too!!
 And the only way to keep her still was to give her my phone...
 good thing it matched her outfit! LOL!
So much moving and SO many cute faces!! 
She kept crawling away during the photo session... gotta love this BIG girl!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Birthday Fun!!

The kids got to go to a Birthday Party for our cute little neighbor boy Lewis...
It was at the local Trampoline Place. 
They were so excited to go they could barley stand still for the picture!!
 we got to the JUMP party and Kylie was OUT!!
 After over an hour of Jumping the kids were still ready to go...
 It was a Ninja Turtles Party so we had Pizza and these cute cupcakes...
Happy Birthday Lewis!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Young Women's in Excellence 2013

Our Theme for YW in Excellence this year was "Making Personal Progress Personal!" We had each of our YW choose one of the eight Value's to share an Experience about for Personal Progress. We had a beautiful spiritual meeting, then we headed to the YW Room to enjoy this...
The Candy Bar...
 Each person was given a baggie and told to ENJOY...

We had a candy colored to match each Value AND then a few rainbow options!
 It was a GREAT night had by all! 
Simple and Perfect in every way!!