Thursday, January 24, 2013

Funny Story Time

I have an old story that I need to get up on this blog, but I have to tell you about what happened to me today NOW...
Yeah... prepare yourself for a good old time.
So I am pregnant right?
And when you are pregnant you have to go to see a Dr. Right?
So that is just what my plans were for the day. I get up a little bit earlier than normal because I have to get Hailey ready, Landon ready, and myself ready. I have been planning my Dr. visits early in the morning so I am not waiting forever in the lobby...
SO I do a GREAT job getting everyone ready! I pull up to the school; help Hailey get out of the car; give her a big hug and kiss and watch her little legs run to the play area. I just love this every morning. As long as we are a little early she has a few minutes to play and that makes her happy! Now the mornings that the bell rings as she is getting our of her seat is another story! So I jump back in the car; put on my seat belt and head to the Dr. Office.
I pull up to the office with about 5 minutes to spare. (Stupid Traffic; I had planned on having an extra 10 minutes; I guess I am not used to the morning rush...) I go to unlock my seat belt and it is stuck. I usually do this without having to look so I look down and I realize what I have done. So it is chilly outside so I am wearing a jacket. Today the jacket of choice was my Juicy Couture jacket. It is just a normal black warm jacket; on the zipper part is a little "J". And my friends that little J is my new enemy...
Somehow when I jumped back into the car after dropping off Hailey the "J" conveniently got pulled into the seat belt lock while I was putting on my seat belt. You think I am kidding... no... this is not a joke. SO needless to say this prego begins to panic. Landon who has learned to un-do his seat belt is already out of his seat waiting for me to open his door. Here I am in a sitting position trying with ALL MY MIGHT to push that stupid red button down to release my pregnant belly from the belt. I try a few times and realize that I am STUCK...
Landon patted my head and said "It is OK Mommy, Daddy can fix it!" He tries a few times telling me "All you do is push the red button mommy..." yeah I was at that time WISHING my son was some kind of secret superhero and was going to save my life...
Oh... did I mention that I am in a dress? Oh, I forgot that part. So I pull myself together; by this time I have a few tears running down my face and say "You are a GROWN WOMAN GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER!" and I come up with my plan... I am going to wiggle my way out of this seat belt. No problem right? Ugh... PROBLEMS!!!
Problem #1 ~ My jacket is still ON my body, and the zipper part is STUCK... imagine having a seat belt on and trying to take your jacket off...
Problem #2 ~ imagine you are pregnant trying to do that... I don't know many people that can maneuver that trick when they are NOT pregnant. And I am between 7-8 months pregnant people... we are not talking just a little baby bump... we are talking a HUGE BUMP!!
Problem #3 ~ I have a dress on. Wiggling my way out of the belt in normal clothes would have been hard... add in that dress and I can assure you there was more than one wardrobe malfunction...
Problem #4 ~ I am between crying and laughing at this point at the thought of anyone seeing this monstrosity... again I have to remind myself to PULL IT TOGETHER!!
I finally break free...
I have to admit my first thought was "you are FREE cheesy bread... FREE!" (anyone remember that commercial)
After twisting and turning and pushing and tears I finally got myself free!! I quickly fix my clothing mess and slam my door. I open the door for Landon who knows that mommy is a HOT MESS... I walk into the office COLD and SAD. No jacket on and I am getting stares like what is wrong with this lady... it is not summer! It is JANUARY! My son has a jacket on so at least I can still win mother of the year... I sign in, and by this time I am a few minutes late. DANG IT!
So I text Matt about my special morning and he does not respond. I have my apt. have a great time, and head back to the car. I had just about forgotten about the whole thing; put Landon in his seat and head over to my side of the car and then I opened the car door... and I remembered.
So NOW... how do I drive without a seat belt? I am HORRIFIED at the very thought that I am going to have to drive home and the ONE time I don't wear my belt and I am pregnant I am going to get into a crash...
SO I call Matt because he still has not responded to my text about being stuck. As I tell him the story I can hear him laughing. At this point it was a little funny to me, but I was still in a predicament. So he tells me to drive by his work so he can have a look at it. I decided I would drive EXTRA safe and I just swing the top belt over myself for half protection and head to his work.
I pull up and he comes out laughing. I get out of the seat and he looks at me and realizes I was not kidding. It takes him a few minutes of tugging, pushing and pulling on the belt and then it comes loose. I can tell he is trying not to laugh hysterically and tells me he better get back to work.
I jump back into the car; grab the "J" zipper thing and hold it in one hand as I carefully put the belt into the lock and head on my way home... what a GREAT start to my day... right?!
 (the bottom of the "J" was caught in the side of the belt... holding the red button from releasing)
I felt like this little kid...
I swear this kind of stuff ONLY happens to me!! 

Friday, January 18, 2013


The Laurel Class was in charge of Mutual this month... and we had not had a REAL Presidency Meeting yet this year. Being in my current AMAZING- PREGNANT- FORGETTING- THINGS- ALL- THE- TIME- STATE I realized while I was with the youth on our Temple Trip that we did not have a plan for THIS WEEKS mutual... AHHHHHHHH!
It really was lovely that we were at the Temple because I was able to get inspiration like never before. It just came to me... YOGA. My Laurel Class President (whom I LOVE and ADORE) was at a Choir Performance, but her little brother and parents were on the trip so I was able to talk with her mom about my ideas...
After I told her YOGA she let me know that she used to teach aerobic classes of some sort and this was right up her ally! OH that made me feel SO much better! She offered to help her daughter lead the class (which she did AMAZINGLY!! Thank you Sister Escobar!!) 
and I was SO grateful  I was having NIGHTMARES that my prego belly was going to try to show these Young Women AND Young Men some "workout moves" can you IMAGINE?? UGH!
SO we decided to make it a LITTLE more Young Men friendly and made it more of a "Workout Night" than a "Yoga Night"... I think it was a success!!
We had 32 youth show up, and it was fun watching them WORK IT!
 They started out with warm ups. They did them walking around in a circle... 
See the Video Below for how fun that was!!
 Then they moved to the floor for some stretching moves and exercise!!
Then they got up and worked on some balancing and core strength moves... 
At the end of the workout Sister Escobar informed us that they had worked out 
EVERY MUSCLE in the workout! 
It is a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT that she had them do!
Then ended the night with a little YOGA and Relaxation...
Video with the kids Just Beginning the night having some FUN!!

We promised an AMAZING TREAT...
I made Healthy Banana Muffins with Oats and VERY little sugar
Smoothies with only Juice, Fruit and Ice...
and Cuties (California Clementines) for extra measure!

What a GREAT way to start of the Year with our Youth!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Scribbles Stamping Letter FUN!!

                            yeah I said Last Year...
                                                                     I know I know...

Anyways... Last Year our YOUNG WOMEN had a WONDERFUL idea for our weekly activity!!
They decided they wanted to write letters to our Missionaries. We currently have two missionaries out serving, and we thought it would be nice to send them something to remember US by!
SO we came up with THIS...
The "Here Lies Elder..." Missionary Pillow
And this is how I made them...
I got THESE amazing Stamp Letters from I just LOVE this set!
It has all the upper and lowercase letters, punctuation marks and 6 fabric paint colors with paint brushes...
I opted to try the Stamp Pad instead of the paint.
I thought it would be less mess, and I could do it faster this way...
It took me a little bit to find all the letters I would need AND follow the instructions on the back of the Stamp Pad... but I was READY to go! I laid out the letters on the pillow case so I would know where to place them. This is an important step to take!! Then, I opened my stamp pad and gently pushed my first letter into the ink. Then I took the letter stamp and pushed it down (pretty hard). I noticed that the first letter I stamped was not as dark as I would have liked it... so I just re-inked the letter stamp (a little less gently this time) and went over where I had previously stamped. And it looked perfect! It was easy to line up the letter stamp the second time, no problem! I did have to re-ink and stamp every letter; but I am sure this is due to the GREEN pillowcase that I opted to use. Dark colors need a little more ink I suppose...
I cleaned out the letters right away in my kitchen sink and left them on a paper towel to dry. After I had Stamped out my Saying, I let it sit overnight. (the instructions said I only needed to wait 3 hours, but I was not ready to complete this project that day... so it sat a little longer) The next morning I pulled out my Ironing Board and Iron. This in itself is a HUGE feat... my poor iron and board RARELY get used; (and unfortunately I hear about from "those we do not speak of"... I TRY to buy clothes that do not need to be ironed... I HATE ironing) Anyways... sorry for that rant...
I put a thin piece of fabric between the iron and my craft and applied heat. The instructions said to "Heat dry iron to cotton setting; place a thin cloth over designs and apply heat for 2 minutes."
After that was complete; I washed them inside out and put them in the dryer on low. I did not wash them with anything else, I was worried the ink may have run... so I can't say if that happened or not. After they were done I turned them right side and was happy to see my project complete!!
The girls wrote the letters that night and we put them inside the pillowcases! And they are READY to go! Quick Easy FUN idea!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stand Ye In Holy Places Craft

This year the L.D.S. Youth Theme is:
"Stand ye in Holy Places and be not moved"
I love Love LOVE this theme. Not only is it a perfect reminder for the youth of what they need to be doing, but it is a WONDERFUL helpful reminder for me!!
I found this adorable poster that I plan on incorporating in the girls Birthday Presents for the year...
Needless to say; we wanted the kids to REALLY understand the concept. My counselors and I talked about what we could do to start the year off on the right foot, and we decided we wanted the girls to make something that speaks to them...
So we bought some Plain White T's and I brought my collection from home and we let them CRAFT AWAY!!
The girls made some AMAZING shirts and they also learned about some new and fun products that they had never seen before...

and of course we had the good old Puffy Paint...

These girls REALLY DO amazing work!! 
I am going to LOVE working with these girls this year!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


This last week my baby (no not the one in my tummy) had a BIRTHDAY!!~~
And he has been announcing to everyone and anyone who will listen to him this week:
"I am FOUR years old!"
For his birthday he wanted to go to McDonald's and he wanted a Star Wars Cake!
Matt and I thought about his request for about a millisecond then decided we could 
TOTALLY do that for our BIG BOY!!
 We started off the day with DONUTS! Landon's other request of course!!
We let him open his card from The Ray Family! He LOVED getting 4$ for his Piggy Bank! 
He told me when he was putting them in the piggy bank that this money was for him to serve a mission in Florida... (yes he thinks all missionaries go to Florida... thank you Auntie Sharon!)
 He played to his hearts content and then we hit up McyDz for our AMAZING dinner!!
The first present he opened was from Grandma and Grandpa Andersen. He got the "Star Wars Millennium Falcon" ship. He LOVED IT! Then he found out that it came with a book and of course he had to read it!
 He got a Bumblebee Transformer Car from The Richardson's that he loved too! We had to get out the instructions to figure that think out! LOL! They also got him a Marvel Coloring Book that he has already colored a few pages in! Hailey got him the movie Chicken Run and Matt and I got him a Marvel Superhero's Game for the PS3. He is playing that as I type this blog!!
 And of course we HAD to get him the Star Wars Cake... I looked at a few cakes at the grocery stores then realized it would be cheaper for me to go get some Star Wars Character Toys and put them on a home made cake... and that is JUST what we did!!
I made a Jello Type cake that Matt's Aunt Susan had made over Christmas. It was SO good I had to ask her for the recipe!! We enjoyed licking the frosting (cool whip) off the bottom of the figures feet!
You may also notice the Star Wars Shirt that is WAY to big for Landon. We found that at the DI in Sacramento and Landon HAD to have it! Best $2.00 spent in a LONG time!!
It sure is a JOY having our little boy!
He makes me laugh on a daily basis, and I just LOVE watching him grow up!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


So I had NO blog posts in December...
That makes me wonder WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?
Oh that is right... I am TIRED and OVERWORKED! Maybe not overworked, but my BODY is being overworked!!
We did have a GREAT Christmas Break.
~ Landon got to make fun Christmas themed things at his play-dates!
~ Hailey's Kindergarten Class preformed the most adorable little Christmas Concert I have EVER seen! I do have to admit I cried!!
~ Hailey had two weeks off school; which she LOVED!!
~ The kids got to make a Gingerbread House with Daddy! They sure had fun!!
~ Hailey also got to make a gingerbread house at school! She and Landon enjoyed eating it after Christmas was over!
~ I got to throw a "Hot Cocoa Bar" for my Young Women's Activity. We let the girls use Sharpie Markers on Dollar Store Mugs and we drank Cocoa to our hearts content!
~ Matt and I got to enjoy his Company's Christmas Lunch at an AMAZING Chinese Buffet!
~ We found out we are having a GIRL!!! so how does everyone feel about the name KYLIE?
~ We went to visit BOTH families the few days before Christmas. (Matt and I have wanted to keep Christmas at our house for the kids; we get a little flack about it, but it works for our family so we do it)
~ We got to see Christmas Lights!
~ We all got exactly what we wanted for Christmas... even if the kids did cry about some of the gifts they got to open early because they were "not on the list they gave Santa" Oh GEEEZZZZ!! Great to know that this is a beautiful trait they received from DADDY!! I felt a little better that Papa Dude (Matt's father) found it funny that we got to deal with this because he remembered Matt acting that same exact way about gifts that he received. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE GIFTS!!
~ We got to Skype with my sister Sharon Andersen serving a mission in Florida on Christmas Day with ALL my family!! This girl is a FAN of Group Skype!!
~ Matt got to go snowboarding with his Season Pass... thank goodness for the discount he received for being a student again!
~ We got to Celebrate the NEW YEAR with my family!! That sure was fun! Matt and my Dad were the only ones that actually made it to midnight. I vaguely remember Matt waking me up to announce it was the New Year; I said "Great" then went RIGHT back to sleep!
~ Oh and I found out that I gained 8 (YES EIGHT) pounds since just before thanksgiving. I was a little shocked then I realized that was Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years and I did not feel as bad! I was expecting more than my usual 3-5 lbs...

So as you can tell it was a GREAT time had by all!!
I am not a BIG "Resolution" person... my real resolution is to just TRY to be better... Try to be a better mom, sister, person, leader...
For sure I plan on having this baby this year, and trying to enjoy every newborn second I get with her!
I plan on getting Landon into pre-school and getting Hailey to pass all her milestones in Kindergarten!

Enjoy some Pictures:
 The kids making the Gingerbread House ~
 Hailey POSING for me at the Christmas Concert ~
Hailey and her Daddy after her Christmas Concert! SO PROUD!!