Friday, December 30, 2011

Gingerbread Houses!!

This year we knew the kids would be making Gingerbread Houses at both grandparents houses so we opted to  not make any at home. We did not have enough time to make the one we had planned to make at Grandma & Grandpa Birds house, so they let the kids take it to make at Grandma & Grandpa Andersen's!!
Grandma Andersen and Sharon made a special trip to the store to stock up on candies for the Houses... the kids LOVED making them this year!~
Grandpa and Landon made one from scratch with Graham Crackers and Sharon and Hailey took over the kit from G&G Bird. Grandpa was SO patient with Landon it was fun to watch them and take pictures. I was in charge of making the icing so they could plaster those candies ALL OVER!!~~
 We got out all the candies and supplies and got going!!
 I made some special icing that was nice and thick. We had a prepared icing from the kit, but because we had two house going at once we knew we would need more icing!!
 Hailey and Sharon did a GREAT job! Sharon was previously working on a Graham Cracker house but it kept falling apart so she went for the pre-made one. She used Red Vines for the roof and I convinced everyone in the house that came to look at them to tell her it was ugly, but secretly we loved it!!
 Then Landon and Grandpa made a Great house too!! Grandpa taught Landon how to hold the candies between two fingers and then squeeze the frosting on it so you could place it nicely on the house. Landon caught on quite quickly and loved it. He would tell grandpa all the colors of the candies as he got them out and was quite proud of himself after the house was finished. Grandma came out at the end and he told her not to eat it; only Landon and Grandpa could eat it!!
The kids got PLENTY of candy, and enjoyed eating the houses over the next few days.
I am sure Landon will make this a future tradition when we visit Grandma and Grandpa for sure!!~

Thursday, December 29, 2011

ROCKETS and Ice Cream!!

The Day after Christmas we spent with The Bird Family. 
After exchanging presents we headed to the Park to enjoy shooting off ROCKETS!!
This is a Bird Family Tradition, and since we knew we would be in town to enjoy the tradition we took the kids to get their own Rockets! Hailey did not care to get one, but Landon picked the GREEN Rocket! (green is his FAVORITE color right now)
 We had 9 rockets to shoot off and the boys sure did enjoy shooting them off!!
 Here is Landon and Matt firing his Rocket off...
 Even Baby Jillian enjoyed the fun times. The kids took a little break from the rocket-ness and played at the nearby park. It was a FUN time had by all!
After we got home we took the David Bird Family Pictures, THEN went to the Ghiradelli Factory and enjoyed some ICE CREAM!!~~ Our little family shared a Banana Split and it really hit the spot!!  
It was a BEAUTIFUL day to spend all together as a family!!
Matt had to return to work the following day, so the kids and I went back to Sacramento to spend a little more time with my family. Matt loved it because he was able to get some things done after work around the house without little hands wanting to help him. It was a nice vacation for us all!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year for Christmas we were VERY Lucky!
We were also able to enjoy Christmas Eve Dinner with some close friends from church. It was potluck style and all the food was amazing. The kids enjoyed playing, and the adults enjoyed talking and eating. We had a little presentation from the hosting family about the meaning of Christmas and all the kids joined in to help with the characters; Joseph, Mary, baby Jesus, the Angel, the Shepherds, and the three wise men and a few animals. It was fun to see that the kids really do understand about Jesus' birth. It was a great time had by all I am sure.
After leaving the party we went home to get ready for Christmas Morning. Matt and I have always wanted to have Christmas at HOME (our home) when we had kids old enough to understand what is going on. It was nice being able to sleep in our own beds, and prepare the presents for the kids. This was our Second Christmas in our home and we just LOVED every moment of it!! ~ getting out cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas Eve ~ reading Christmas Books with the kids ~ the PURE JOY on the kids faces Christmas Morning when they wake up to see the gifts they have received.
The kids woke up this Christmas morning around 6:30-7:00. Matt and I woke up first and went to awaken them ourselves. This made it perfect to catch them truly in action... they were still a little sleepy; but after seeing the presents they woke up right away!!
 They both got PJ's, Shirts, Puzzles, and FUN stocking suffers. All the family got an "Angry Bird" at the top of their stockings; we think that may have been a favorite! After checking out the presents laid out the kids decided we needed to open the presents under the tree...
From "SANTA" Landon got an Fresno State Bulldog Pillow Pet, a Batman Cave Playset, and a racecar track. Hailey got a Unicorn Pillow Pet, a Kitty Pet Vet Set, and a Doodle Bear. Then they opened presents from cousins and Hailey got the Pretty Pretty Princess Game (a total HIT thank you Ray Family) and Landon got the Cootie Game. (we are working on playing this game correctly; the kids just enjoy building the cootie's) They got each other some games also.
 Then they opened the gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Andersen. They both got Jelly Beans, PJ's, and Church Clothes. Landon got a Christmas book, swimsuit, and a fun coloring poster that wipes clean. Hailey got a crown, a coin purse, and a jewelry purse full of special things; sunglasses, necklace, bracelet, chapstick, body spray, I can't even remember everything!! They both LOVED the presents!!
They played with each others presents and had fun that morning. Matt got a Marine Battery from my parents and a Harbor Freight gift card from Brian Richardson who pulled his name. I got money towards a Freezer in the garage and a Marshall's gift card from my brother Preston who pulled my name for the gift exchange. It was GREAT! Matt and I also got a few things, but our big present to each other is our CRUISE at the end of January!!
We ate our candy, got packed up, and headed to Sacramento to see family!! We got to my parents and enjoyed spending the rest of the day with them. Auntie Sharon got the kids some present, and Auntie Crystal hooked it up with some See's Candy!! We spent Christmas Dinner with my family and some missionaries and that was fun. We played games, ate more, and stayed up WAY to late!!
The next morning we spent with the Bird Family in Stockton. We exchanged our gifts with them and LOVED the extension of Christmas for us! From Grandma and Grandpa Hailey got a Rapunzel Barbie Doll, and Landon got a Toy Story Car. Throughout the year they put money into a savings account for the kids College-Mission Funds so these presents are EXTRA!! Matt got a very nice suit, and I got a 15 piece Aluminum Cookware Set that I can not WAIT to use! (I am waiting for the "Pan Savers" before I open them; they are the liners that go between nesting pots that help them not to get scratched up) Matt got a Harbor Freight and a Marshall's gift card from his brother Chris and I got a cookbook and knives from Kevin. Hailey got a Zoobles play set from Jillian her cousin and Landon got a Spin&Glow Bucket (blocks and gears play set) from Rylie his cousin. We sure love exchanging names and getting some extra fun gifts from family!!~~ Christmas is a WONDERFUL time of year and we are so thankful for our friends and family that we get to see!!

Friday, December 23, 2011


At the Elders Quorum Christmas Party Matt scored some tickets to the 
Fresno State Men's Basketball Game. We had a Gift Exchange and we both were very happy with our gifts. (I got some "girly" relaxation stuff)
The kids were excited to go to the game!
 We had nose bleed seats and enjoyed the game for a distance. Just before Half Time the cheerleaders came to ask if the kids wanted to dance with them on center court. Landon jumped at the opportunity and I was the lucky parent to join in on the fun! (Too bad Matt was not on top of his fatherly duties to take pictures or get a video of our little tiny dancer... ha ha.) So after that we moved a little closer to enjoy the game.
The Bulldogs lost, but there were some good plays that we enjoyed. I spent most of the game texting my little brother Preston. I have been TRYING to text more, and he seams to be the only person I really get into texting conversations with so I enjoy that! Landon also got to give Timeout (the Bulldogs mascot) "Knucks" but Matt was late on taking that picture so in the picture above all you see is Landon running away from Timeout... DADDY FAIL... ha ha! But overall we had a BLAST!
STILL Bulldog FANS!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Morgan!!~~

I guess I can't really call her a baby anymore because she is ONE!!~~
Morgan Baker (what I would consider my THIRD child) turned ONE this month and we were able to celebrate with her...
Her party theme was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (ironic that Landon had the same theme for his first birthday party; just another reason I say they are DESTINED to get married...)
 We enjoyed Hot Diggity Dogs, Mickey Mouse Nuggets, Tater Tots (which I have not had in FOREVER and they really hit the spot) Fruit, Chips and Drinks to enjoy. The house was decorated for the Mickey Celebration as well!!
 Friends and Family Galore came to see this sweet little girl on her special day!
 We ate then played "Pin the Flower on Minnie Mouse" Hailey cheated and won of course...
 We talked and opened presents... I think she liked each and every one but she LOVED the Mickey Mouse Stuffed Animal she got!
 The Cake and Ice Cream were WONDERFUL and she even did a good job blowing out her candle! Despite getting a HUGE piece, she did not get herself too messy...
 Daddy jumped right in for clean up crew...
And you can't tell me this face is not the easiest thing to love... Look at those baby blues! Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks all day long??!! LOVE HER!!
Happy Birthday Morgan!!! 
The Bird Family LOVES you more than you will ever know!!~

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pump It Up!!~~

One of the FAVORITE places for my kids to go is PUMP IT UP!
We learned about this place from a friend who had a party there when Hailey was just a few months old. We took Hailey for her first time on her second birthday and ever since then she asks me to go to "Jump it Up" all the time! They have a "Pop in and Play" event every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. With the kids being out of school this week my dear friend Amy Harden and I decided to take the kids! 
 Matt was able to leave work for lunch and join in on the fun jumping around with the kids. They have a HUGE slide which I think is the kids FAVORITE!! They ride on that more than anything else. They also have a basketball court bouncer, an obstacle course with climbing and slides and a bounce house with a mountain on it. Landon like so play in there and get on top and say 
"STRONG MAN!!~~" he cracks me up!!
 And here is Hailey Bird with her "BEST FRIEND" Haley Harden. 
YES we have to call them by their FULL names when they are playing together!!~~
By the end of the day the kids are either SO TIRED from all the work or READY for MORE... 
It was a GREAT time had by all!!~~ 
Thanks Amy for the invite! We love spending time with you!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

We had a BLAST at the Ward Christmas Party ~
We talked with friends, ate cookies, sang songs, played games, and we even got to see Santa!!!
But the MOST fun I had at the party was watching Landon dance... or run around in circles... (He is the one in the cream sweater if you need help finding him...LOL)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

PreSchool Christmas

For Hailey's LAST DAY of PreSchool before Christmas Break,
she came home with lots of Christmas Cheer...
The kids made Gingerbread Houses,
Santa's Journey Books,
Santa on his Sleigh Puppets,
and they got Window Clings from the preschool teachers...
Hailey was SO proud of the things she had made, and she was proud after she put up the window clings too... I have to admit I MAY have helped her spell Merry Christmas, but everything else was all her doing! Looking forward to this WONDERFUL time of the year!!~~

Friday, December 16, 2011

Disneyland TRIP TWO

Yes. My kids are OFFICIALLY the most spoiled rotten children ever.
Yes. We took them to Disneyland AGAIN within a month of going before...
Go ahead, Judge me...
Are you done...?
(Thanks again to AMANDA for the HOOK UP!~)
The second trip was awesome! We got to go on the rides we missed on the first trip and the kids KNEW what they wanted to ride and had an AMAZING time!!~~
 They LOVED the Christmas Tree on Main Street USA. Here they are ALL bundled up ready for the day!!
We hit the rides in Fantasyland First again. We went on Peter Pan, Dumbo, King Aurthur's Carousel then the kids had to take turns trying to pull the sword out of the stone... it was unsuccessful... Then Matt took Landon on Matterhorn while Hailey and I enjoyed the Storybook Land Canal Boats. We both enjoyed our rides but I think Landon enjoyed his the best. Matt told me about 10 seconds into the ride Landon put his hands up in the air and kept them up the whole time... Mommy's Little Daredevil!! Landon wanted to go on the Storybook Land Canal Boats so Hailey and I enjoyed a Dumbo ride again... Then Landon decided he needed to get in another ride on the Casey Jr. Circus Train.
 Then we decided to head to the place we did not get to last time. We took the kids on Pirates of the Caribbean which we all LOVED! Then we hit up Tarzan's Tree house AND then went to the Pirates Lair on Tom Sawyers Island. The kids ran all over and really enjoyed that area. When we got back on the main land we saw Jack the Pumpkin King and Sally and the kids wanted to see them...
 That is until we got to the front of the line... Hailey became very hesitant so Landon did most of the talking. He asked Jack what was in his head and in staying in character Jack made no sense to me at all... Sally told Jack to be careful around Landon's hair because he might cut himself on his hair... Landon really liked that. After seeing the characters we took the kids on the Haunted Mansion Ride. We think they enjoyed it...
Then we took the kids over to The many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Land. We went on the ride then got a treat for them. Mickey Mouse suckers are the BEST!!
 Then we heard that Tigger and Eeyore and Pooh were going to visit soon. Landon LOVED seeing them. When he saw Tigger he started jumping UP and DOWN like crazy! Tigger danced with Landon and he loved it. Hailey was not as into seeing the characters as Landon was... can you tell??
 We wanted to go on the Pirate Ship but it was not going at the time we were there, so we opted for the Mark Twain Riverboat. We got to go up to the top of the riverboat and the kids loved looking out at all the animals. (we see a cruise in our future) It was a nice little break for Matt and I to rest...
THEN we hit up on of our favorite rides... Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We talked Hailey into going on the "Train" with Mommy and she actually did a good job. When we got off she said "Mommy, I don't really like the fast Train...OK?" So needless to say Matt rode alone for his turn. Poor Landon wanted to do SO bad...
 But LUCKILY for us he was easily cheered up when we saw Woody and Jessie on our way...
We decided we had gotten everything in we needed to so we headed over to California Adventure.
We headed straight for the rides we missed from last time. We got to go on the Golden Zephyr which was spaceship like rockets that spinned around in the air. Then Hailey and I enjoyed the Jumpin' Jellyfish. This was like a MINI Hollywood tower of terror; I liked it. Then we went on Mickey's Fun Wheel and made sure to get a cage that did not spin around while up at the top of the Ferris Wheel. Hailey was hesitant to ride this but then enjoyed it when she noticed it was not too scary. Matt loved getting the aerial views of the park as you can tell from below...
 We were able to see the construction on the Cars Land that was soon to come and the World of Color set up in Paradise Bay water. There were thousands of jets you could see in the water; it was a neat thing to see. THEN of course we had to hit up the FAVORITE rides...
 The kids picked the Toy Story Midway Mania. I think we waited the longest for this ride; but it was worth the 35 minute wait. Then we took turns on California Screamin'. The kids really liked looking over the pier to watch the countdown for the start of the ride... After we enjoyed those rides we went to Denny's for our Lunner (lunch-dinner) before our long night back at Disneyland.
The kids fell asleep on the walk to Denny's, so we just let them sleep and enjoyed our meal. We got them finger foods to go, and hit up the car for warmer jackets and to drop off stuff. We headed back to the park where we meet up with Amanda and got to play the night away.
We went to see "Captain EO" which was a nice little rest as well. The kids actually really enjoyed the 3-D mini-movie. Then we went on the kids favorite Autopia. (Landon likes to call them Umi-Cars... anyone else watch Team UmiZoomi??) Then we took turns going on Space Mountain... AHHHH I forgot how great that ride was. Matt went first while Amanda and I took the kids on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. Then Matt took the kids on Astro Orbitor (which is really just Dumbo a little faster with rockets) and Amanda and I enjoyed Space Mountain.(I believe I lost an earring on Space Mountain... boo; but well worth the ride) Then we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean, and then again took turns on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I think we all got two rides in which was nice. While waiting we were able to catch Fantasmic on the Rivers of America. Some pictures are shown below...
We tried to hit up Indiana Jones Adventure but it was closed so we opted for every one's favorite with Peter Pan. We really lucked out on this one because Amanda had friends working so we got VIP access. It was a LONG day and by the time we were in the car headed home it was 11:30 so we almost stayed the whole day... MAN what a LONG FUN FILLED TIME for all involved.
Until we meet again Disneyland... WE LOVE YOU!!~~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Landon's View

I was cleaning up my pictures on my camera and came across a few pictures that were taken by my sweet boy Landon... I made a collage of "Landon's Point of View" for you to enjoy...
As you can see he is hanging out with Daddy watching Football and snacking on Wheat Thins. Hailey is playing on my Nook in the background. I just LOVE the picture of his shoes that he took and the Fisher Price Nativity Set Grandma and Grandpa Bird gave us... The other pictures were mainly of the floor or the walls or blurry, but here are the few good ones... you are WELCOME Matt. I think he totally caught your essence...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


We love to go to the Library. 
The kids enjoy picking out that special book to read...
They love it most when they snuggle up with Matt or myself and we read the book to them...
It is the little things in life that we are just beginning to enjoy ~
We make an effort to go once a week!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Disneyland Pins...

This post is just for my mom. She had us buy more Disneyland pins to trade for her and these are the pictures of the pins... let me know mom...
 Landon was telling me "No PICTURE MOMMY! NO PICTURE!!"...
 These are the classic ones we thought you might like some of these... Mickey Minnie Donald Pooh
 These we figured you would not care about at all...
And these were a mix... click on the picture to make it bigger and let me know! OH and the kids want to know if they can have a few more to trade for themselves!! :)
P.S. Matt got the pinch locking backs and we tried them and LOVED them! I think we got 25 for like $7.00... Just a FYI! ~ DISNEYLAND OR BUST!!~~

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Andersen Tradition ~

Grandma Andersen started a WONDERFUL tradition with her grandchildren last year...
Each night before bed the kids get to open a Present from the Christmas Basket and we get to enjoy a Special Christmas Book! 
The kids REALLY love it! 
I just thought it might be a good idea for someone to do for a friend or family member next year. 
You can get the books discounted after the holidays! YEEEAAAH!!~

Friday, December 9, 2011

Bass Pro Shop

Have you ever been to a Bass Pro Shop??
If your answer was "No!" then you need to hit one up my friend!!
This place is AMAZINGLY Huge and Fun for any occasion!
Sure it is the ULTIMATE Man's Shopping Place, but I assure you Ladies you will enjoy it as well!! Because I sure did!
The one we were able to visit was in Manteca, CA.
We went there with some of the Bird Family. Grandpa, Grandma, Chris, Erin, Rylie and our little family made the trip to go see the place AND have some Holiday Fun while we were there...
 Hailey was lucky... she got invited to ride with Rylie in Uncle Chris and Aunt Erin's Car. She was VERY happy to go with them. Poor little Landon was stuck with us, but he took the time to show off and grab Daddy's glasses and pretend to drive the car...
 The first thing we did when we got there was stand in the lobby in AWE of the place... then we headed to get in line for Pictures with Santa. We did not have to wait long, but we did have a lot of fun waiting in line. The kids really enjoyed being the CONDUCTOR of the Choo Choo Train at the front of the line... we almost missed our turn!
When It came time to see Santa Rylie went first, then Landon; I heard him tell Santa he wanted a boat. I asked him what kind and he said "A big boat like daddy!" (I guess we are going to have one little disappointed boy when Christmas comes huh!?) When it came time for Hailey she made Matt take her over to Santa, but she refused to sit on his lap for a picture; but she did tell Santa she wanted a Doodle Bear... 
 Then the kids did a little shooting for stickers...
 Then they made Santa Ornaments out of Fishing Bobbers. They turned out pretty cute!
 Then we went to see the HUGE fish aquarium. You could look at it from the ground, or walk up stairs and see it from above on the second story. 
The kids played with some fake guns and really took in all the "camo fun"!
It was a neat trip that the kids really enjoyed. We checked out the General Store and headed home. 
I can now live a normal life because I have been to a Bass Pro Shop!
(Now we just need to get a fishing pole for the kids to enjoy out on the boat!)