Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight Trilogy . . .

NEVER make plans when it comes to someone else deciding your destiny...
Learn to GO WITH THE FLOW . . .
I say that because our group that was going to see the Twilight Trilogy got THROWN for a LOOP yesterday. We had a schedule, and everyone picked a time slot, and we thought we were going to all be able to help each other out and be able to sit together...
Thank you Sierra Vista Cinema 16 (boooooo, hissssss) for being TOTAL jerks and changing the rules on us. In past years you have been able to save spots for others in your group because lets face it, no one is going alone, and most people work. Also previously these movies have been during the school year so the tennie boppers have not been able to line up early and we appreciated that.
WELL, instead of allowing people to rotate holding a groups spot, the Management at Sierra Vista Cinema 16 (boooo, HISSSS)decided to NUMBER your ticket as you got in line. Now I don't have a job so you would think this would be simple for me... THINK AGAIN!! I am a mother for TWO a daughter who just turned three, and my little man who is 17 months. Do I REALLY want to have my kids out there if I don't HAVE to??
SO Matt drove by the Theater at 6:00 am on his way to work and said there were not many people out waiting. I drove by at 7:00 am and did not think we needed to get there for a little while. One of our group members decided she wanted to get there early and wait in line and showed up just after I drove past. She waited in line until her replacement came at 10:00, and then went home. At 10:30 the Management let the replacements know that they would be numbering and stamping your ticket when you got in line, and then checking them every hour to make sure the people were still there. So if you missed two consecutive check ins, then you were OUT OF LUCK and at the back of the line. The girls started calling everyone and letting us know this NEW RETARDED RULE. I got toys, lunch and the kids in the car and was there by 11:00. And it was ALREADY hot let me tell you!! We had two sun shades so we were covered, but there was only a nice breeze every hour or so... I got lucky number 40...
I ended up calling Matt at work at about 12:00 BEGGING him to please take the kids for me, and to take off work early if he could. My knight in shinning armour showed up at 1:00 and took the rosy~red faced children home. WHAT a relief! When the management came around to check the tickets, some people had to go home and feed the kids, or head back to work, so all the Midnight Eclipse Girls in a different line would help us out for check ins and be "the person holding the ticket" and we would help when their check happened as well. I had not showered nor had I grabbed my TEAM JACOB shirt (see post below) so I ran home after a check in to get ready, and was right back in line and only missed one check in, but had a "stand in person hold my ticket" for the check. SWEET!! It was nice to get home and get ready, it was then that I realized how excited I was about seeing the movie in the first place! :) Things got a little more stressful for us when the NEW Manager came out to check the tickets and would not allow "stand in's" you HAD to be there for the next check or you were OUT of luck and at the BACK of the line. It was close enough to when we had all planned on being there, so it was good for us that we all got our "places in line".
We got into the theater around 5:00 pm and the BEST thing they had done ALL day was number the seats with tape and a stamp then you would take that number and put it on the back of your ticket and that was your seat for ALL three movies... even SWEETER!
We all got seats together, and then went to eat dinner before Twilight started at 6:45. Panera Bread was right around the corner, so a few of us went there. The food there is SO good! I got a half sandwich and half salad. YUMMMM! We went back and saw all the Midnight Eclipse girls STILL waiting outside and I felt a little bad for them, but not too much! We watched Twilight, LOVED it, had a 15 minute intermission then watched New Moon. The Midnight Eclipse girls were just getting into their theater when New Moon ended. LOVED New Moon as well! We had an hour intermission so I went and got some snacks then went home to check in. I made it back just in time for some previews and the ECLIPSE movie! It was SO much better than the other two movies! They just keep getting better and better!! It was funny and sad, and emotional. It was GREAT! And today as I sit writing this post I think it was SO smart watching the other two movies before seeing the new one. Great way to catch up!
I would SO go and see the movie again, but I will NEVER go to Sierra Vista Cinema 16 (BOOOOOO, HISSSSSSS) EVER again! I plan a permenant boycott for all the "crap" they pulled. I will be writing a few letters and making a few phone calls today regarding the "Rules" they pulled out of no where. There were breastfeeding mothers having to go back and forth all day, and even a pregnant woman out in the heat... COME ON, a little human decency is ALL we ask!! If I get a free ticket who wants it?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are YOU ready for some TWILIGHT??

The girls in my ward and I are hitting up the local Movie theatre today to see the TRILOGY...
Twilight, New Moon, THEN Eclipse...
I am SO excited about it, I am going to MAKE sure I get a nap during the day. (Twilight starts at 6:45 and Eclipse starts at midnight!!)
And since we are Stay At Home Mothers we are not able to spend ALL day long waiting outside the movie theater like the out of school teenie boppers are able to... so we have a schedule for all of us to take shifts. We are going to have a BLAST!
Are you a big Twilight Fan??
What makes this EVEN more fun is that these girls have gotten together for the last two movies and made shirts that had the Twilight or New Moon written on them...
I am not as DIE-HARD as them so I decided I would make a shirt I could wear to the next movie no problem...
What do you think???

All done by HAND by yours truly... with the WONDERFUL things from my husbands work... is making me a HAPPY HOMEMAKER with all the fun little things I get to use. Get yours and start LOVING to CREATE with me!!
This plus a shirt was all I needed! ~

Monday, June 28, 2010


NO I am not talking about that HORRIBLE Mariah Carey Movie 'Glitter'... haha.
I am talking about THIS . . .
There are ALMOST no words.
Just some "words of advise" if you are going to let your kid play with the crayon-markers box... make sure you take out the glitter you put in there back before you had kids. I actually saw it in there, but I had NO idea she would know what it was enough to open it up and play with it...
Not only was glitter ALL over her, it was ALL over the table, the floor and the chair she was sitting in.
(little side note; she put her own panties on and they are backwards... hehe)
From the BOTTOM of her TOES...
To the TOP of her little head!

Thank you very much DYSON vacuum for helping mommy and daddy clean up the mess. Luckily for me this happened RIGHT before Matt got home from work, so he was able to enjoy the "hot mess" as well! This is one time I was GLAD she had taken all her clothes off . . . the clean up was a little easier.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

World Cup update...

The USA is out of the World Cup, and I would rather NOT talk about that right now... SAD...
They ended up getting first in the group, but lost in the knock out round...
Please tell me my life will go on...

Friday, June 25, 2010


And the Living is EASY ~
This is my view from my swing chair...
Two little kids enjoying the pool...
Not a care in the world but pool toys and water...
Man I LOVE these times!!
Our kids sure are LUCKY! I love thinking back to when I was a kid playing in the little pool in our backyard... GOOD TIMES! ~

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This post might show just how ignorant I can be but whatever... I have better things to think about in life than the "LITTLE things", but it was just so fun the other night when the kids were playing with Snails in the front yard. It got me thinking... how do snails pro-create?? Sure I could google it, but while I was sitting there with my little ones looking at the snails I wondered . . .
And YES those are Hailey's hands picking up the baby snail... she has NO fear.
In fact Hailey found a family of snails. She brought them from the grass to the front step.
Did you know Snails Poo... I thought they needed to, but I never REALLY thought more about it until we saw one... Matt and I think Hailey literally scared the CRAP out of it...
She would hold her had still right next to the snails for them to slither up in it...
She would say " Oh Mommy WOOK... It's the BAAABY!"
She LOVED seeing these little things, and it was SO interesting watching them. She sure is a curious little loving girl when it comes to precious things like this...
And while Hailey was playing with the Snails...
Landon was running up and down the sidewalk to our front porch in his diaper.
Call me "white trash" if you want, but this kid is
 running around in his little diaper!
p.s. I STILL don't know how they pro-create... maybe I'll google it someday.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CRAFTY FUN with my Mom!!

THIS TOOL is my NEW best friend ladies (and gentlemen if you are reading this too) It is the Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool. And the little circle dispenser next to it is FULL of Tulip Glam-It-Up Iron-On Crystals. Let me explain just why iLOVE this new tool SO much...
I have a little girl, and that little girl has LOTS of hair bows. MANY of which myself or her grandmother has purchased. When I am paying $10.00 plus dollars for a bow; I began to think ~ MAN it would be GREAT to be able to MAKE my own bows. So when I was introduced to this tool I was SURE it would make "LIFE" easier in my CRAFTY-NESS... So I headed to the store and got the ribbon I needed.
I wanted to make bows to match Hailey's 4th of July Dress. Hence the Red White and Blue. I took the two bigger ribbons and folded them just like a regular bow. I then took the smaller ribbon and hot glued it around the two bigger ribbon bows. THEN I used my new tool to add a little GLAM to the bows... 
I have attempted to put crystals on other items before. When I did it last time I had to place glue on the crystal, place the crystal on the item I wanted, then try SO hard to move it to where I wanted. THEN clean up the extra glue mess... not to mention TRYING not to be frustrated with it not being exactly where I wanted it to be... UGH it was NOT fun!
With the Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool it was SO much easier. I turned on the tool and held the button to have it warm up. (10 seconds) Side note: DO NOT TOUCH the tip, it says so on the instructions, but I wanted to make sure it was heating up... I PROMISE IF THE RED LIGHT IS ON, IT IS HOT! Next, I used some tweezers to place the crystal where I wanted them on the ribbon. These crystals come with glue ALREADY on the back. Then I took the Tool and held it on the crystal for about 10 seconds. When I took the tool off it was IN place! No having to move it, No extra glue to get rid of... PERFECTION!!
I made TWO bows because they were too easy. I attached them to hair clips and my little girl bows were DONE!

Aren't those little Crystals SO cute?
After making ADORABLE bows I decided I wanted to have the BIG FLOWERS for my little girl. These are becoming very popular right now. I went to the store and got some flowers. (try the dollar store first)
Then I pulled the flowers apart . . .
Then I alternated colors hot gluing them back together in the middle. This time I used the Tulip Glam-It-Up Iron-on Studs as the fashion embellishment to my project. I used the cordless heat tool the same way, and LOVED how this one turned out . . . the stud colors matched the flower colors perfectly!
Then I put Crystals on a Flower Hair accessory and it was just SO cute! I put a 5mm size crystal in the middle then the 3mm size all around it. OH HOW I LOVE SPARKLY THINGS!
I just again hot glued clips on the back, and these babies are READY to be worn!
I am SO excited about the ENDLESS possibilities I have with these products!
Let me know if you need more info on the steps, I'd be happy to help!!
Check the website for the FABULOUS GLAM STUFF!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


As you all know by now Matt turned the big 30 this last week. I would not be a good wife if I did not do something special for his BIG day, so I HAD planned on throwing him a
(thanks to those of you for understanding when the plans changed unexpectedly) 
So I had to JUMP into WHAT DO I DO NOW TO SURPRISE him for his big day??
WELL, I started the day off with Breakfast Hot and Ready for him right before he left for work.
Many of you might think this is a little task... But THINK AGAIN... Ugh, Matt leaves for work at 5:50 a.m. so It is a BIG deal getting up early for him to make him Banana Pancakes one of his FAVORITES!!
EVER had them?? They are SOOOO good!!
So then I decided we could stop off at his work and take him a little something.
So we made a poster for him that the kids colored of course, and we headed to the store to get him some goodies. After making it out alive with two kids by myself we headed to his work . . .
MOST people in Fresno recognize this place. Every time we drive up to it, or by it the kids get SO excited because they remember the carnival at Daddy's work.
Landon got a little wrapped up on his balloon, don't worry after I got a good chuckle and this cute picture I helped him out.
And Matt was VERY surprised. Barbara at the Main Office front desk was great about getting Matt to get to the front. I think he liked it. We learned that one of the people who helped start the business Bob Duncan celebrated his 89th birthday today as well. Matt is in good company with his birthday. I got to meet all the ladies from the Internet and Marketing Department, and it was a GREAT trip. The kids LOVED getting candy from Grandma Barbara and enjoyed the attention they got.
(not like they don't get it all the time anyway)
Hailey picked out this Balloon for Matt. It was a STAR, and it was Blue she told me. When I told her what it said she would not let it go! She wanted it for Matt for sure!
And Landon picked this one out. I gave him a Happy Birthday Balloon, and this Over the Hill as options. I have to admit I was glad he picked this one! SO CUTE! Matt got 2 Fresno State Football Season Tickets for his birthday again. It has become a tradition. He also got Italian Icee Freezer sticks and Sour Jelly Belly Candies with the balloons from the kids.
For Father's Day Matt got the Speakers on the Boat. Have I told you this story?? He bought them himself a few months ago, so I said GREAT now I don't have to plan ANY presents for you this year!! He makes my life SO easy that way!! He also got a shirt I made with Stuff from his work, I'll have a WHOLE other blog for that though... something for you to look forward too!! :)
I hope he had a GREAT weekend.
On Saturday he went White Water Rafting down the American River with his brothers and father. I think this WAS a great weekend!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun in the Sun ~

We were asked by a friend of ours Travis Cluff (most of you know him as the guy who won WIPEOUT last year~ Super Shorts) to share our boat with his buddies that he works with. They offered to pay for everything and feed us if we lend our boat and our time... we are ALWAYS down for a free boat trip so last week we packed up the kids and headed to Millerton for the afternoon.
Hailey LOVED collecting the rocks on the beach... this is her counting them.
This is Trey (Travis and Amber's youngest son) doing a mermaid pose.
Check out that FULL DIAPER!!
And here is our Water Baby. Landon LOVED playing with Matt in the water.
He would LAY back and just relax . . .
He was having a BALL!! And Matt was loving his little man loving the water!
I think the kids single handedly ate HALF the watermelon that was there.
Landon LOVES watermelon! He was willing to share with me too... What a sweetie!
We had a GREAT time, and we look forward to hanging out again.
Good Times Great People!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

USA vs. Slovenia

I am POSITIVE he was paid off by someone to THROW the USA game.
TOO bad he was only able to guarantee a 2-2 draw... WHAT A DOOOOSH!
Slovenia got two easy goals in the first half. I am STILL trying to figure out how both got by Howard. The first goal he was off his line, and he did not even put his hands up to defend the goal. It was like he just stood there watching the ball hit the back of the net. The forward in my says That was a GREAT shot, but I still think it was a lucky one. The second Slovenia goal came towards the end of the half and there was a breakdown in the backfield. I thought Howard should have had that one as well, but he make other BRILLIANT saves so I will let that one slide. THEN the USA team came out ready to take the win. It was like they were a different team the second half. They were getting really good shots on goal, and GREAT plays were being made. Then Donovan got a goal that seamed impossible!! He was at the top of his game today. Bradley was EVERYWHERE, that guy is a BEAST! He was defending goals and ended up scoring the goal to tie! We got SO many bad calls during the game. A yellow on Findley for a hand ball when it hit his face... that takes him out of the third game because he had a yellow from the first game. Then a bunch of tick-tacky normal soccer play BAD calls... MOST against the USA. He sure called it fair for Slovenia, but SURE got it wrong when he called things on the USA. The last call was the worst, I would recap it for you but I found this this article that says it the best . . .

Landon Donovan insisted the Americans had a historic victory “stolen” from them after their dramatic World Cup comeback to tie Slovenia 2-2 at Ellis Park on Friday.Donovan criticized referee Koman Coulibaly, claiming the Malian official had incorrectly disallowed an 86th-minute goal by Maurice Edu that would have given the United States an incredible comeback victory.
“They [the officials] stole a goal from us,” said Donovan, who launched the U.S. revival with a brilliant strike at the start of the second half. “It was a good finish and a good goal.
”It was the guy’s [Coulibaly’s] first World Cup and maybe he got caught up a bit. This is the World Cup and you can’t just take away a goal from a team like that."
With the Slovenian defense tiring rapidly, Edu made a strong run and connected with Donovan’s free kick from the right, sending the ball past Slovenian goalkeeper Samir Handanovic. However, as the U.S. players began to celebrate wildly, the referee blew his whistle and awarded Slovenia a free kick for what he perceived to be foul play inside the penalty area.
“When I struck the ball and saw it go in the net I didn’t think there was any possibility it would not be allowed,” said Edu, who came on as a half-time substitute. “The guys were very angry because we felt we’d had a fair goal taken away.”
The team converged on Coulibaly and also surrounded him at the end of the game. An irate Jozy Altidore ranted at the referee and was pulled away by teammates Herculez Gomez and Benny Feilhaber before his comments landed him in trouble.
“I guess it just wasn’t to be,” Donovan said. “I am assuming it was a foul somewhere. We asked the ref many times who the foul was and he couldn’t explain it. I don’t know what to think about it, I can’t explain it and I don’t know how there was a call. We asked him numerous times in a non-confrontational manner and he just ignored us or didn’t understand.”
Yahoo! Sports approached referee Coulibaly as he left the stadium, but the official refused to make any comment on his decision. Even nearly an hour after the end of the game, there was confusion in the American camp as to what the exact nature of the foul the referee had seen.
“From what I am hearing there were a lot of fouls being committed there by Slovenia players,” U.S. head coach Bob Bradley said. “Michael [Bradley] was being held and he tried to free himself and got called. We think that is what it was, but we are not sure.”
The U.S. looked set to be pushed to the verge of World Cup elimination when it went two goals down in the first half after strikes from Valter Birsa and Zlatan Ljubijankic. But goals from Donovan and Michael Bradley got the Americans back into the game and set up the chance to pull off a miraculous recovery.
I would like to start a petition to NOT allow ROOKIE Ref's like this idiot to be a deciding factor in the World Cup Games.
Koman Coulibaly I will never forget your name... KARMA dude... I hope it gets you GOOD!