Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A. Why do blondes always smile during lightning storms?
Q. They think their picture is being taken.

A. Why can't Blondes dial 911?
Q. They can't find the 11 on the phone!

Q. What is eternity?
A. When 4 blondes meet at a 4-way-stop-sign-intersection!

Q. What does a blonde see when she looks into a box of cheerios?
A. Donut seeds.

Q. How do you get a blonde to laugh at a joke on Saturday?
A. Tell it to her on Tuesday.

Q.Why did the blonde get thrown out of the M & M factory?
A. She kept throwing out all the W's.

I have EMBRACED my inner blonde ONCE again...
 My girlfriend Carissa called me to see if I would go Blonde for a photoshoot she is having for her portfolio...
 I said SURE come on over girl whatever you want... just don't go TOO crazy...
 this is the FIRST day... and I LOVE it! 
And another girlfriend came over the same day and brought me THESE... 
THANKS AMY! I missed you too!!~~
 I am a LUCKY girl!~

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sugar Daddy

No, i did not find this idea on Pinterest...
I googled it myself! HAHA!~

Just a little something we made for the Young Women to give to their "Sugar Daddy!" Found THIS cute poem for the handout. Had Yellow Paper at Home. Bought candy at the DOLLA HOLLA store. Used my AMAZING ALEENE'S tacky dot's to put the candy on the handout.

 Honestly this took me 20 minutes from start to finish. I only had a little problem when it came to getting the candy to STAY on the handout!! First I tried using regular tape, the candy was so heavy that they just fell off. I thought about using a hot glue gun, but was worried that would melt the candy... so I remembered the TACKY DOT'S I had from a previous craft, and they did the trick! 
They held the candy on without problem! YESSSSS!!!
The girls wrote a special note under the candy for their daddy's and gave them to them after church. I know it is not much, but we wanted the fathers to know that we care about them, and were thinking about them on this special day!! 

Friday, June 22, 2012


YEP! We went to yet another Grizzly Game with the kids...
It works out SO nice because it is the big Monday Night Madness Package, 
so we enjoyed our F.H.E. at the ballpark!
With our tickets we get into the game; Wild Water Park Passes, Blackbeard's Mini Golf Passes, 
Storyland Park Passes, and a hot dog and a soda. 
 Check out Landon's LOOK when I asked him to say CHEESE!! haha! Hailey did not want to look at the camera when I took our picture; such is life... but she did enjoy reading the Playbill to me! :)
 We got our seats and settled in for the first few innings. Then we got a text from friends that they were at the park too! So we moved to find them and found out that 4 different families were at the ballgame... below is Hailey with her friend Ryan! These two girls love to play together!
 At the end of the night I took a family picture for my friend and she offered to take one for us too...
 This is our attempt to get a good family photo...
Go Grizzlies! Go Giants!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Matt Weekend...

My Husband...
Every year his birthday and fathers day are LUMPED together. And EVERY YEAR I try to do nice things for him to enjoy these SEPARATE yet VERY IMPORTANT days...
THIS YEAR... I kinda sucked...
Not on purpose, but I did.
I cleaned the ENTIRE house. From dusting the air vents to hand mopping the wood floor. I thought that was a nice present... wife cleaning house.
Matt wanted to do a "Guys Boat Trip" with some of his friends so I let him. He went early Saturday morning and they got home around one. He said they had a blast! And I felt that was a nice present... wife allowing a boys trip after being at home with the kids all week (with one sick kid I might add)
That night he wanted to rent a movie. I let him pick the flick... Out on a Limb... and I watched it with him. I thought that was a nice present too.
Father's Day Morning... I get the kids up and bring them to Daddy with THIS...
I got the idea from PINTEREST... I let the kids pick a card stock paper, printed it out. Filled in the blanks with what the kids said (it was REALLY funny) had the kids draw a picture of Daddy on the back. AND I made a personalized card for him from the kids on Mixbook. (which he saw early because he opens my mail...)... good wife huh??
I had EVERY intention to make him Bubble Pancakes... but when we woke up it was already 80 outside, so I did not want to warm up the house any more than it already was!! So Cereal it was... FAIL #1.
At church I made sure the kids gave daddy loves and told him Happy Father's Day a few times. Landon even screamed it to him during Sacrament... :) And we made Sugar Daddy gifts in Y.W. (post to come soon) for our Dads-Husbands and I gave one to him... nice huh?
I let him watch whatever he wanted and TRIED to keep the kids out of his hair. I also TRIED to cook him a nice dinner. He has said he wanted Tri Tip... so I headed to the store last week LATE one night with a child (because the other one was sick and a handful) to get stuff to make specially for him. I purchased Tri Tip... but when I got home I realized it was PORK tri tip... did I mention it was LATE?? I figured NO PROBLEM... I will find a recipe... and I did. And it was GREAT... but only after putting it back on the grill 3 times. (YES THREE TIMES) to cook it right... I did mention to him this was my first BBQ experience... FAIL #2. At least it WAS good when it WAS finally done... I also made him one of his favorite desserts... Eclair Cake. Which he did love and it was good!
So then we went to our friends The Kraucyks house for Shaved Ice. "Daddy James" as the kids refer to him offered for the kids to bring Matt over for this treat. Since I know that Matt LOVES shaved ice I made sure we went over for some. We had a fun time visiting and talking with our friends.
I made sure the kids let Daddy know how much they loved them before bed and we called it a day... overall GOOD DAY!
MONDAY (Matt's Birthday)
We just hung around the house in the morning. His work gave him this day off; SWEET... so we planned to go to the Water Park with the kids. (his idea) We relaxed in bed, got ready to go and had a BLAST at the park! We played at every child attraction available, then fished, then played in the water more. I also got free tickets (long story) to come back another day, so that was a score. We went home and got cleaned up while waiting for the SONY people to bring our new TV. (what a sweet birthday present right?) And when they brought it; it was bent so I think he was a little sad that our new TV was not here... on his birthday.
We signed up for a Gym membership because we BOTH need and wanted it; then we rented another movie. He picked it again Chronicle and I watched it with him, and popped popcorn... good wife huh? Well I failed to mention he made his own dinner. The kids wanted pancakes and he just went ahead and made them while I was calming Landon down... FAIL #3.
Despite my Fails I hope Matt had an overall Good Weekend.
We just bought a ton of stuff for the house and for us so I told him we need to be more careful about spending money; so I thought all the nice "gifts above" were enough for Fathers Day... He always gets Fresno State Football Season Tickets for his Birthday... so I thought that was enough. I guess he was expecting something a little more... I guess we will have to see. 
Happy Birthday to my HUBS!
AND Happy Fathers Day to him too! 
I know one thing for sure... I am a lucky girl to have this guy around!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grandpa's Fathers Day ~

I have said it BEFORE and I will say it AGAIN...
My dad is the BEST MAN I KNOW!
He was a very loving and kind father. 
Very Understanding. 
Gave us Unconditional Love.
His example has shaped me more than he will ever know! 
I am thankful to him EVERYDAY! 
He sent us this picture on Father's Day...
My mom and my sister made this for him from ALL the "Airheads" AKA Children. I think it was just TOO cute to not post about on my blog!
We were able to SKYPE with my family on Fathers Day, and the kids just LOVED it! My brother Preston got a new Computer for Graduation so we were finally able to "video chat" with my family! It was fun seeing everyone, and the kids got a kick out of it! We "facetime" with the Bird Family often so the kids knew just what to do!
I hope you enjoyed the Card and the BYU-Idaho Dad Shirt we got for you!
Happy Father's Day Daddy! 
We LOVE You!~

Friday, June 15, 2012

Landon and Grandpa

Ever since we went to visit our last time, Landon has been telling me ALL about how he helped Grandpa.
He and Grandpa stayed home while the girls shopped and he helped pick weeds and put them in the garbage.
While I was in Utah and Idaho on my quick trip he helped Grandpa fix a sprinkler. (he did this with daddy recently so I am SURE he thought he was a master at it)
And when I got back I caught him helping Grandpa unload the dishwasher.
I am noticing more and more that Landon is MY LITTLE HELPER. 
He enjoys the attention and time he gets one on one I think. 
Let us know Grandpa if you need a little helper...
I will send him your way in a heart beat!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Sewing Room...

This is the room I was talking about helping to re-model at my parents house...
I wish I had taken BEFORE pictures for you to see the difference.
This room used to be yellow, and it used to have a bed for visitors. My mother decided she could make this the Sewing Room after Preston got into BYU-I and Sharon announced she was going to go on a mission... That free's up the other two rooms for a while for visitors! :)
 The above pictures are looking into the room from the hall.
 I love the chalk board Calendar she has on the wall walking into the room!
 Mom had found an idea of what she wanted for a cutting area... Matt made that idea happen. It may look simple, but finding a table top and shelving that fit was not easy. Dad helped Matt with the finishing touches! And I just had to show the little accents mom got!
 Mom also told Matt about the idea that she wanted a shelf around the top of the room. He ran with that as well; making sure what she wanted up there would fit and would hold the weight of her supplies... we made a few trips to Ikea and Lowe's making sure everything would be perfect!
Notice the corner table for her sewing machine... 
 She took cardboard and wrapped her extra fabric around it and put it in the shelving for the cutting table. It looks SO neat and colorful! 
 And I might be partial; but I LOVE the black and white accents with the Pink Painted Walls. The paint color is Pixi Dust Pink. The only reason I know is because this is the same color we used in my condo on my laundry and downstairs bathroom. LOVE that color!! 
 I also love the flowers and boxes that my mom found to match the room. The book case was made by my Grandpa Smith (my mothers father) it used to be just a nice wood finish. My mom painted it black so it would fit into the room! 
 These outside pictures are of the shelving units we got at Ikea to frame the corner sewing table. Matt and I assembled these together and we were laughing at the Swedish instructions! The middle one is her paper and cardstock holder, she also painted that black to match the book case.
Sewing Supplies and the Closet in the middle...
(i may have gotten a little picture taking happy...)
I had to leave a few notes in the room...

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Happy LATE Birthday to my Brother in Law Brian... and Happy Birthday to my sister Nicole TODAY!!
Nicole is the third girl in our family, just after me. She is a very patient mother. She married Brian who is the nicest person I have ever meet. Brian you are AMAZING!!
They have a cute little family DON'T they??
This month is FULL of Birthdays...
Matt's Birthday is next week... crap I better get him a gift...
Our Brother in Law Nate also has a birthday this month...
This is his little family. We meet Nate while he was on his mission in Fresno. I told him we (Matt and I) had a few sisters for him to choose from when he got off his mission. He was an amazing missionary and I knew he would make a great father and husband. As luck would have it; he ended up getting married to Matt's little sister Melissa.
(it was REAL fun with both of us being Melissa Bird until they got married)
Matt's oldest Brother Chris also has a Birthday this month...
Here he is with his family... they moved to Washington almost a year ago. We used to see them ALL THE TIME because they lived near Stockton. We are sad because we do not see them as often. (Hailey is most sad because she tells us all the time she misses her best friend Rylie.) Chris and Matt always have fun when they get together, and I really enjoy spending time with his wife Erin... we are "Out-Law-In-Law's". I guess we better plan a trip... huh? 
And Last but not least is...
Birthday's I Missed...
I am Lame sometimes... so here they go...
Sorry Steven... this is my oldest sisters (Tiffany) husband. I tried to find a family picture, but I liked this picture because is shows him at his best... being a GREAT father! Happy LATE LATE LATE birthday Steven... (his birthday was in March) Oh, notice the boy in the Yellow Shirt... that is Logan... his birthday is in June... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGIE!~
And how lame am I that I forgot my sister... (her birthday was in April) this is Crystal. She is the most amazing auntie ever!
My kids are STILL talking about walking Auntie Crystal's Dog! 
She is the fourth girl in the family and very outgoing and talented!
(not that Landon is showing his love in this picture or anything!)
I hope that is all... for now... I am sure I will miss other's birthdays so...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Sighting...

SO... I am on my layover in the Arizona Airport on my way to Utah.
I had just finished a conversation with Matt...
 I am TRYING to sit back and relax and eat my pizza...
 Then ALL of the sudden I start seeing people wearing
 Fresno State Shirts all over the terminal...
I remember that Matt had just told me in our previous conversation that the Fresno State Baseball Team had won the WAC Championship. (I am sure he told me where, but I don't think I was listening very well...)
So I walked up to a few of the players walking by and asked if they were the Bulldog Baseball Team and had a nice little conversation with them. I got a picture of Justin Haley #31 and Tyler Stirewalt #14. They are pitchers on the team. They told me all about the win and I told them how excited we (Matt and I) were for them! (I mentioned that my husband had just told me about the win) I said we went to one baseball game this year, and that we are BIG Bulldog Fans; then I had to admit that we go to all the Football Games at home and we needed to hit up more baseball games. Then Tyler told me that he played on the the Football team as a DB. So then I told him I knew Micha Alba his prior coach. SMALL WORLD. I called Matt back to tell him and he told me to go get a picture of the team. So... I headed back over and asked all the players if they would take a picture for my husband. I am SURE they thought I was the one that really wanted the picture... When Matt and I talked later about it he said "You ALWAYS have cool things like that happen to you!" Well... yeah... I guess I do! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012


My daughter loves to watch TV and jump off furniture...
 My son loves to watch TV and color...
His new favorite thing to do is make Treasure Maps... AND leave crayons ALL over the floor...
He is getting VERY good at staying in the lines and drawing people and things. 
It is cute; yet also a little annoying that I have to pick up crayons and paper all over my house on a daily basis!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Graduation Dinner

After Preston's graduation we headed to:
Tokyo Steakhouse...
 Grandpa was explaining to the kids that we don't touch the table part where they cook our food because it gets VERY hot!!
 The kids entertained themselves reading the menu and playing with the forks until they got the chopsticks...
 that made them SO excited!!
 Preston opened his presents while we waited for our cook... he got TONS of sweet presents! He got a Laptop from my parents, a check from G&G Smith, a tie from G&G Andersen, and Matt and I got him a George Foreman! (When we found out he got into BYU-I; Matt said GREAT, he is going to need a George Foreman... that was all I needed while I was there to cook my food! HA HA!)
 Our cook came and made FRIED RICE first... the kids named everything as he cooked it, and at the end they REALLY enjoyed the Mickey Mouse head!
 I love eating at Tokyo Steakhouse! We have one in Clovis near our house that we have gone to a few times. This one is new in Sacramento, and my family LOVES Teppanyaki! Preston decided he needed to get some Sushi for us to taste. I have to admit I am not a big sushi eater, but whatever he ordered it was AMAZING!
 We got home and enjoyed the COSTCO CAKE my parents got for Preston! 
(I think Costco cake is the best cake ever!!) 
The kids REALLY enjoyed the frosting! 
Thank you Costco and Tokyo Steakhouse for making this GREAT night EVEN better!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Congratulations PRESTON!!~~

On May 24th 2012...
My BABY brother Preston Bryan Andersen Graduated from High School!!
And the kids and I went to celebrate this happy day!!
 We got to the stadium early so we would not miss anything... 
Landon colored, Hailey scooted her way between Grandma and Grandpa under the umbrella
 and Crystal and Sharon posed for my picture taking pleasure!
Natomas High School Class of 2012! Preston Graduated Cum Laude! (Graduation with honors cum laude requirements vary. Cum laude grade point average estimates: gpa for cum laude - 3.5 to 3.7; gpa for magna cum laude - 3.8 to 3.9; gpa for summa cum laude - 4.0+. ~ After his graduation Preston said to me "I TRIED to be as cool as you and graduate Magna Cum Laude," I let him know not everyone can be as cool as his BIG sister!! ha ha  SO... YES... close your mouth... it is not that crazy that I got a 3.98GPA in High School shesh! NERD ALERT!)
 Here is the whole family in attendance...
 Yes the sun was out, but the wind was also in full force so it was not a bad day for a graduation at all!!
 Grandma gave Hailey these earrings before we left for the graduation. 
This is her "PIMP look" with the super star earrings on! She LOVES them!!
 And of course we had to have snacks and things for the kids to do... Landon enjoyed running around, coloring and of course the POPCORN!!
 While we were getting the popcorn we were able to see Preston walk out.
 Yes... Landon likes to play with my purse...
and YES... he would find a tampon and decide it was a sword...
 no joke...
just ask the people that were sitting in front of us that got STABBED with it...
 So we quickly grabbed little man and tried to entertain him with picture taking...
 This is Hailey protesting smiling for the camera for picture taking time...
 It was a great graduation! They had 4 people reading the kids names, and it was very organized and ran as smoothly as possible! Instead of throwing their caps up, the kids threw flowers!! I liked that part!
Then they walked off...
 And while we searched for Preston the kids ran around the track! LOL!
 We may have made Preston a few candy Lei's to celebrate...
The kids were so happy to see Uncle Preston at the end...
 Mom and Dad with the LAST Andersen Graduate at Natomas High School...
 And Preston with his Sisters (minus Nicole and Tiffany)
 ~ did you notice I am on my TIP TOES and still super short??
Landon stole one of Preston's lei's for himself... 
So Long Natomas High...
The Andersen's are DONE here!!
The Bird Family is SOOOOO Proud of YOU!
Dunnn Dun Dun DUNNN DUNNN