Tuesday, March 31, 2009

FHE Garden

So we are going to start our own garden. I have wanted a garden ever since Matt and I got married, and we just have never had the space to have one. When we lived with my parents I helped with my mom's garden, but it was not MY garden.
Anyways.... for FHE we did our Research for the Family Garden. We all got to pick out the things we wanted in our garden, and this is what we came up with so far...

I wanted Watermelon, Tomato, Onions, and Zucchini

Matt wanted Strawberries and Bell Peppers

Hailey wanted Pumpkin

So we headed to Lowe's to see what we were getting ourselves into... I tend to KILL plants that are placed in my path... so yeah, I am a little worried about our Little Family Garden. It looks like it will be pretty easy. I will need to take care of it of course and water the little suckers, but I am starting with the easy stuff! ~ A little plant fertilizer and water should do the trick??

We'll keep you posted! Wish us luck.... or I guess wish the poor little plants I intend to plant luck! ~ :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Salsa.... Salsa.....

I am not sure if anyone has seen that Stupid show from a few years ago.... the one with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton..... Anyways.... Nicole sings this Salsa... Salsa.... song, and I am just laughing at how funny my title is to me.... but probably not to you if you do not know what I am talking about....


Matt wanted a snack on Sunday Afternoon. Hailey had been sick, and when she picked up what Matt was eating, she decided she wanted some too! ~ We were VERY glad to see her eat, but we were surprised that she was dipping her chips in the Salsa and eating that too. She usually just eats the chips. Matt LOVES salsa, he will dip his chip and take a monstrosity amount of salsa to which I say " Would you like any chips with your Salsa..." (not do you want any salsa to go with those chips) I am not a big fan, I will dip my chip, and then knock it on the side of the bowl to ONLY get a little bit of salsa with my chip. I find the small salsa ratio to lot of chip very satisfying.... Well Hailey is a big fan come to find out, she is a dipper and a licker of the salsa! She could not get enough of the salsa!! ~ Just more evidence that this little girl is her daddy's little girl! !~ Love it!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jamba Juice!!

We went to visit Aunt Ally after her surgery. (She is doing very well for anyone wondering) Children under 12 were not allowed to go into the hospital, so Hailey and Landon were stuck in the waiting room until we were done seeing Ally. Uncle John watched them for most of the visit so Matt and I could see Ally together, and he said they were very good.... at least Landon stayed in his seat :) We took longer than the waiting room was open so when we came down they were outside playing with Uncle John. We love Uncle John! I am SO glad my kids will grow up close to a fun Uncle! YEAH!!
So, we decided to treat Hailey to something for being a "good girl" while we were gone... so we stoped at the Jamba Juice on the way home! ~ I love how they put some in a little cup for the kiddies! Hailey shared some of mine... we had one of the Secret Recipe Jamba's.... white gummie!~ YUMMMMI could not even put DOWN the Jamba Goodness for a picture! YUMMM ~ And YES, Matt has his two favorite things in his hand... his Sour Patch Jamba and the remote control... it is March.... thus March Madness is going on.... thus Matt watching a game HAVING to have the remote in hand..... I love basketball... really I do! ~
What a wonderful Family treat! ~ And yes.... Landon did get some Jamba Juice too... just a little later on that night! ~

Friday, March 20, 2009


So yeah, I have HIT one of the MAJOR milestones in "Blogging World" or at least I think I have hit a major milestone!~ This is me posting my 100th Blog! YEAH! So in HONOR of how fabulous I am for hitting this mark, I am going to do what others before me have done, and make a list of my favorite things! I hope you are able to agree with me on some of these things! ~ Drumroll......

1. Valentines, Easter and Christmas ONLY because that is the time that the BIG WIGS at the Hershey's Factory pump out those FAB Reese's Treats! You know... the Easter egg Reese's, the valentines heart and the Christmas tree... something about the peanut butter to chocolate ratio gets me ALL happy!

2. sitting around ALL day long in PJ's... gonna do THAT one today!

3. Pictures! Any picture really, but especially pictures of my kids! I love looking back at good times, and looking forward to MANY more good times to come!

4. Sisters.... need I say more! ~ This includes REAL sisters, sister in laws, and your SISTA'S!

5. Brownies... only gooey ones however, the cake like brownies are a WASTE of brownie! Have a piece of CAKE if you want "cake like brownies"

6. Disney... THANK YOU for making movies my daughter LOVES and will watch over and over and over... I don't mind your monopoly! In fact I WELCOME all that is Disney into my home!

7. Moving... now hear me out! I like "moving" because I get to de-clutter crap I am holding on to and I get to decorate a new home... heavy lifting NOT so much.

8. Baby Powder! It really is a GREAT invention! Smells great and has a current VALID use for me. SIGN ME UP!

9. Music. I love the radio, and all it has to offer me! PLAY that FUNKY music WHITE BOY!

10. the smell of the pavement after rain.... yumm!! So fresh and clean.

11. Clouds... have you ever laid in the warm sun looking up at clouds with your toddler? If not, you can borrow my toddler and try it! SO fun!

12. Nursery!! I LOVE nursery at church! TWO whole hours away from my adorable daughter! No wonder I am an ACTIVE member! ~ HAHA

13. Americana Decor ~ I am USA all the way! Come check out my Kitchen! I am ALL about the red white and blue! ~

14. Birds... chirping peacefully, NOT SCREECHING for someone to release them from the mess they got themselves into! ~ ( YES there was a bird stuck in my vent outside, we are all ok now)

15. Phones... I am able to keep in contact with the outside world with my phone. And DON'T text me, I DON'T know how to check it, and I am NOT going to learn how. I know it is only $5.00 more a month for unlimited texting, but I DON'T care! ~

16. Computers... WHAT did we do before them?? That's right.... nothing....

17. The Office ~ What a GREAT show! This one will be a CLASSIC I guarantee it!

18. shoes... mainly Jessica Simpson High Heals... despite what you all think, they really are comfortable! I love shoes! ~ which leads to....

19. REEF Sandals! ~ If you are not wearing Reef Sandals you really are missing out! I know the Old Navy sandals are a dollar, but I go for comfort NOT style (HAHA to those of you who know the inside joke... stupid girls)

20. People who pay Full Price ~ They keep big company's in business, and I applaud them for helping the economy... me... I am a SALE kinda girl! I keep the economy going too I guess....

21. The Children's Place... great clothes at a reasonably price! THANKS ANNA for getting me hooked! ~ I love it! ~ (their spring dresses are 25% off now...)

22. Little boy Ties ~ they are just TOO cute, I can not pass them up!! I do tend to pay full price for these suckers! ~

23. Toilet Paper... I appreciate the thoughtfulness!

24. Willow Tree Figurines. I love how classic they are. I get two like EVERY Christmas! NO COMPLAINTS here! ~

25. Graco DUO Stroller... HOW would I get out of the house with TWO kids without it?? BEST invention HANDS down!

26. Gum... I especially like Trident, with the convenient little packaging! Watermelon Twist is a current favorite!

27. HOMEMADE Mashed Potatoes ~ You can tell the difference between these babies and the instant crap! ~ YUMMM

28. Epidurals.... don't get me started!

29. Topiary trees are SO cute! I love seeing these little trees all over the place!

30. CALIFORNIA KING BEDS.... now THAT is a bed! I will NEVER buy anything but a CAL KING! ~

31. Cheese... string, shredded, or cubes! YUM!! Oh the things I can make with cheese! ~

32. Heaters. GREAT in the wintertime! Not too happy mine is a GAS heater.... UGH!

33. Pyrex. How did the pioneer women store their casseroles before pyrex?? HAHA

34. Planes. That kind of transportation is AMAZING! Really it is! ~

35. My Love Sac... it is an OVERSIZED bean bag type of furniture, but it is SO much better because it is Memory foam chunks not little bean crap! That thing was my savior when I was prego! It is just hard to get out of... if you ever WANT to get out of it!

36. Hair Dye ~ and the WONDERFUL things Carissa does with it! It is FUN to spruce up your hair from time to time! I think I will be blond next.... haha

37. Pedicures... and especially the kind in the stores with the massaging chairs! Can life GET any better??

38. Cowboy boots, and cowboy hats for that matter! They really are cute on most people!

39. Hand Sanitizer. Perfect for toddlers on the go!

40. Taking naps in the shade on a warm summer day! Especially if the grass is nice and cut! relaxation at it's best!

41. Macaroni and Cheese. And not the fake stuff... CRAFT Mac N Cheese! I even enjoy the occasional Easy Mac! ~ You can spruce it up with some Hot Dogs or Beef too!

42. Swimming Pools! Especially now that we are back in Fresno!

43. When the day is SO clear that you can see the mountains in the distance! I LOVE that! ~

44. Graco Swings! I paid like $150.00 for my swing, and we used it one night that Hailey was being fussy.... BEST $150.00 I ever spent! And it is currently occupying Landon so mommy can type this list! ~:)

45. Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! MY morning routine! ~ HOT DOG HOT DOG HOT DIGGITY DOG! ~

46. Night Lights. What nature can not provide me. YES I still have a night light!

47. My Diaper Champ! It uses ANY garbage bag! Screw you Diaper Genie! The Champ kicks your crap ANYDAY... literally....

48. Baby Showers... all the OHH and AHH's! Little outfits ARE so adorable! No doubt!

49. Scissors. They complete me.

50. Sunglasses. The big PHAT ones are my favorite! I have like 5 pairs... one for the boat, one for each car, one for the diaper bag....

51. Dr. Phil... I really enjoy him! Yeah his shows can been seen in half the time he takes to air them, but I enjoy him telling people "And how is THAT working for you??"

52. My new Dyson! The one with the ball. It really can get where other vacuums can not! I helped vacuum the church for Spring Cleaning last week, and I really missed my Dyson! Spoiled I know! ~

53. Hugs! There is nothing better than my little girl running up to me and giving me a BIG hug!! She pats my back when she hugs me! I LOVE THAT!

54. Stamps. Namely the Forever Stamps! I STOCKED up because they are raising the price for the stamps again! HAHA~

55. Mail. I LOVE getting letters or cards in the mail! It is even better than e-mail! But NOT bills... they can go away!

56. Trampolines... what a fun way to loose weight! We always had one as a kid, and Matt and I are searching for a good deal for OUR trampoline!

57. NKOTB! New Kids On The Block! YEAH! I am going to their concert here in Fresno with my girlfriend Amalia in April! I am SO excited! I had the orange lunch box! I was in LOVE with Jordan.

58. Life Cereal. It has just enough sweet for my morning meal!

59. Trees. They are the BEST! I think I have fruit trees in the backyard! YES! ~ As long as I don't have to rake the leaves I'm lovin it!

60. Wakeboarding... I never thought I would love it this much! Matt and his family has gotten me hooked! It is fun! If you ever get the chance TRY it, it is really easy~

61. Home Baked Cookies! I love cookies! ~ Right out of the oven is too hot for me, but I want them when they are still nice and warm.

62. Breastfeeding... not an easy task, but so beautiful!! I love the bonding time it gives me with my children. And it is cheap food!! It does cost a little to upkeep, but well worth my extra food intake!

63. My scale... only when the numbers on it are under 140.... 138.5 today!! YEAH!

64. Friday Night Lights!! I have a crush on Landry. His awkwardness really turns me on!!

65. Goldfish!! The kind that are made to eat!! These little crackers are my best friend when it comes to shopping!!

66. Target.... mostly the end of the isles where they keep their Clearance Items! I do frequent Wal Mart as well, but I had a bad experience there with my car and a shopping cart! NOT a fan of Wal Mart and their patrons!

67. Fresno State Football! Even if they have a bad season I always love going to a game! I tell Matt after a bad game that I am NEVER buying tickets again, and I always do ~ GO DOGS!

68. Diet A&W Root Beer ~ It is the BEST for days that I need a pick me up! I never thought I would see a day that I liked DIET better than the regular stuff. And HAY it is on Sale at Win Co!

69. John and Kate Plus 8. I see the humor in their life. They really do love each other, and I enjoy that I am Matt and Melissa Plus 2 NOT 8!! My life with kids is NOT THAT BAD! ~

70. My Isuzu Assender. Yes It can be a gas guzzler, but I love that car! We got a smokin' deal, and we keep the maintenance up on our cars so there is not too much damage to things. I guess I love my Ford Escort too, that thing has been around since 2000!! YEAH! ~ We are runnin that baby to the ground!

71. Newborn sounds. Preferably the cooing and laughing.... not so much the burps and the toots. But ALL their sounds are cute! Especially my newborn Landon, his cry's are cute to me. He does not cry HALF as much as Hailey did! Gotta love the newborn baby sounds.

72. Sand. And all the entertainment it gives to my family. My hubby loves water and the ocean. And my daughter is a sand baby! She plays in the sand ALL day LONG if I let her! We need to get sand here, because all this dirt in the backyard is NOT my friend like Sand is!

73. My new Glade Air Freshener. Its the Glade Sense & Spray. It has a motion sensor that sprays a puff of fresh air (clean linen is the current scent) whenever someone enters the bathroom. What is really neat that is after it puff's it puts itself in LOCK mode for 30 minutes so you are not gaging from too much scent if you spend too much time in the bathroom! NICE! ~

74. Marie Calender's Chocolate Silk Pie. It tastes EVEN better when it is on Sale! There are months in the year that the pies are all $6.99. MUCH better than the regular price $16.99!! So far I know of Feb and October....

75. Watermelon. who does not like watermelon??

76. Pacifiers ~ Landon is a much better sucker than Hailey, and I really appreciate the makers of this wonderful kiddie invention! Oh, what they will come up with next!!

77. Check Registers. My life would be CHAOS without my register! ~ It keeps me grounded in a world full of check cards and credit cards! It is my lifeline!

78. Owning all 10 seasons of Friends. It really is a great show! I was not allowed to watch it as a teenager, and now that I am married I LOVE it. It was my best friend before we got Dish Network!

79. The sun shine that comes through my windows! I do not need to use any of my lights during the day! All I need to do is open my blinds and my house is FULL of light! ~ WHAT an energy saver! ~

80. Coach Diaper Bags. Yeah they are a LITTLE pricey! BUT HEY! ~ I am worth it! My Coach has SO many pockets and storage dividers, I can never go back to anything else again! And I don't think I will need to! This thing better last ALL our kids for the price we paid.... ( I went through TWO diaper bags before Hailey's first birthday)

81. Bare Minerals Make up. I have had bad skin my WHOLE life, and this stuff is NATURAL, and helps my skin SO much! This with my GREAT face wash is my knight in shinning armor! Not to mention it is a SNAP to put on!

82. NAP TIME! Sleeping babies are SO precious! I love my children SO much more when they are asleep! Maybe that is why Heavenly Father Designed for us to need rest, so we can love our children at least ONCE a day... or should I say night! ~

83. Laughing. It is the best medicine!

84. Matt. If he did not make the list, that that would be sad. He is my everything. I love that he provides for me, and wants me home with the children. Thank goodness I married a righteous man who will do anything for me! What a blessing!

85. The bumper stickers that say "NO BAMA" they make me laugh!

86. In-N-Out Burger. Animal Style me UP baby! ~ Now that is one of my guilty pleasures! Sure their fries are fresh potatoes, but do you know where those calories go....

87. Costco. We get our lunch on Saturdays at Costco with all the free samples. And what is nice is that if we are still hungry after that, we can always grab a hot dog on the way out! ~ The churros are not bad either!

88. Picnic's. Not getting ready and packing for one, but being on one! Matt and I used to do these almost every Sunday pre kids! We would ride our bikes and take lunch in a back pack! Oh the days when we were poor... wait we still are poor...

89. Lemonade. I like Pink Lemonade the best, but whatever! ~

90. Tide to Go pens! HELLO! And the best part is THEY REALLY WORK! ~ NANA NA NA HEY HEY HEY GOODBYE! Thank Kelly Ripa.

91. My parents and everything they did or do for me! All the emotional teenager bliss included! I am PROUD to say I am turning out to be just like my mother!

92. Dancing. The world would be NOTHING without dancing! I love dancing in the living room with my family just being nuts! ~ Matt and I used to dance ALL the time! We need to start that up again!

93. Our Britax car seats. They are the perfect place to trust the life of our children in once we face them forward to see the world! I am the MASTER at cleaning these seats up too! We buy used and I make them look NEW! (yes, I checked the manufacture date on the seat, don't worry)

94. Sewing machines. Especially after mine has been threaded by someone who knows how to do it! I once knew how, but it has sense escaped my mind after two children. The fun things I have made with my sewing machine!

95. My Madela Double Breast Pump! Need I say more mommies???

96. Consignment Stores! There is a GREAT one over here in Clovis. Mommy n Me is what it is called. It is cheaper than the Goodwill across the street, and they only take in good clothing. I get some nice deals there! ~

97. Michael Buble... his voice is like HEAVEN! Man he is HOT! Have you heard this boy sing? OH baby, break me off a piece of that!

98. Quesadillas! Ones from HOME or Baja Fresh! They have to be my favorite food! EASY!

99. Soccer. Anything or Anyone associated with the sport.... hello Beckham! Landon my baby was named after a famous soccer star... Landon Donovan anyone?? It is a fun sport to watch and to play! GREAT workout! ~ I sure do miss my soccer days... no worries Hailey is going to play REAL soon!

100. and last but not least.... Fresno! It sure is a great place to live! (minus the heat) But could we get some today... I am COLD!

And there you have it! Thanks for holding out to the end! I am amazed you are still reading.... good for you! ~ Now go and get a life! ~ LOVE YA! ~ BIRD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day ~

We just wanted to wish you all a HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY! ~Here is Landon all dressed up for the occasion. I love this picture because I look at his chubby little cheeks and see ALL daddy in him! ~
Hailey is ready to celebrate this little Holiday, she decided to start it off by watching one of her favorite Disney movies... can you tell what one it is by the TV screen?
Just sending some GREEN LOVE to you all! ~
And this picture is for Grandma Bird... she and Grandpa gave Hailey this cute Tinkerbell pop up toy, and she likes to sit in it when she is watching movies in her room! ~
And I read this little Fact about St. Patty's Day ~
About 41.5 billion pounds and 2.6 billion pounds of U.S. beef and cabbage, respectively, were sold in 2007. Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick's Day dish. The corned beef celebrants eat on St. Patrick's Day may very well have originated in Texas, which produced 6.8 billion pounds worth of beef, while the cabbage most likely came from California, which produced 581 million pounds worth. (yeah GO CALI)
Now THAT'S alot of Beef! ~ So next time someone asks you "where's the beef?" you can reply it was all used up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day ! ~ :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

HOW lucky! ~

So yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL Sunday, and Matt and I decided we needed to take advantage of this before it gets TOO hot to enjoy! We went on a bike ride after church to the park. It was more of a Stroll-Bike ride....
Matt and Hailey went on a bike ride and I strolled Landon not too far behind. We tried to fit Hailey and Landon in the Bike trailer, but I was not comfortable without Landon being in his car seat, and that was just not going to work, so we have to stroll-bike ride for now...There is a cute little park not too far from our house, and I have taken Hailey there a few times since we have moved here.
I was able to think about HOW lucky we are to be here in Fresno. It feels SO much like home, and I really love being here. All our friends here think we are lying, but really, besides it getting HOT and not cooling off at night, I LOVE everything Fresno has to offer.
Fresno is the perfect distance from Family, not too far, and not too close. I really enjoy the family we have here, they help me forget how much I miss my family between the trips we make to visit them.
Fresno is SUCH a fun College town! We love going to all the Football games and I look forward to going to the Baseball and Basketball and other sporting events Fresno State has to offer.
Fresno is a GREAT place to raise our little family. The church here is strong, and them members are wonderful to us!
AND Fresno is just wonderful! I know where to go to shop and there are 4 Red Robins! I mean WHAT else could you ask for? :)
So after I thought about HOW lucky we are to be here in Fresno, I thought how lucky I am to have my little family. I loved Matt SO much when we got married, and after having two kids with him, I find myself falling in love with him every time he plays with them. There is NOTHING better for me than to see my husband the person I love with all my heart play with our babies! I know that these years with the kids are truly precious, but I have to say as long as I am able to stay with Matt and grow old together I will be happy even after the kids are gone!

I want to challenge all of you to find some time to think of HOW lucky YOU are! ~ You won't regret it! ~

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Bird Family at the Blessing

Here is the picture of the Bird Family after the blessing... and you guessed it... that is me holding our angel Hailey. HAHA! She had ran off to Nursery and when we went to get her for the pictures she was NOT happy about that!
My Sister In Law Melissa posted this picture on her blog, so I stole it..... MEMORIES for sure! ~ Hailey, Melissa, Matt holding Landon, Dad, Mom, Kevin, Chris holding Rylie, Erin, Melissa and Nate. It was SO nice to have all the family together. We had a nice dinner the night before, and it is always a laugh (or cry... huh girls) when the Birds get together! ~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Landon David Bird Blessing ~

So, have you EVER seen a MORE adorable baby than this.... I mean ALL babies are cute in their own way, but I have always said that baby accessories make a baby SO much cuter! HELLO, Fresno State HERE WE COME! ~
My mother MADE this suit (yes home made suit) for Landon's Blessing, and his Auntie Melissa (Bird-Imel) made the adorable Blanket he is laying on.
Hailey and Landon LOVED having this special day!! This was actually the ONLY picture I have of Hailey smiling the WHOLE day long ....
And of course Matt had to match Landon, so we pulled his FSU tie out for the Big Event.
Here is Grandma and Grandpa Bird with their newest Grand baby! ~
This picture is VERY special! This is the 4 Generations of Bird Men. Grandpa David Alma Bird, Landon David Bird, Matthew David Bird, and Great Grandpa Dee Alma Bird. (hopefully someone else with a camera around got a better picture of this moment...)
Here are my sibs... Tiffany, ME, Nicole, Sharon and Preston. We are missing my sister Crystal, she goes between Nicole and Sharon... WE MISSED YOU CRYSTAL! ~ All of Matt's siblings were able to attend, but for some reason I do not have a picture of them... (melissa do you have a picture??)
And Here is Grandma and Grandpa Andersen with their newest grand baby!!
The Blessing was a cherished event. I cry at almost EVERY baby blessing I have been to, so needless to say I cried for Landon's blessing as well. It is SO beautiful to have my little baby surrounded by the WONDERFUL male influences in his life, and know that they are using their Priesthood to bless my son. Matt gave a wonderful blessing, and I just pray that we can remember this day in our lives forever. I can still remember when Hailey was blessed, and the calm I felt for her life after her blessing. Thank you to all those who were able to attend! We truly appreciate the love you have for our little family. What a precious gift we have been given!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family Home Evening

The Bird Family has never had a FHE Chart, so last night we decided to incorporate it into our lesson.... We have a house with windows and all the helpers in the family are able to bounce from window to window each week and help with FHE! Our little family only takes up four of the seven windows, so we have three "friends" that we made for visitors or future birds....
Here is Dad, Mom, Hailey and Landon...
Hailey had fun coloring and loves that it is magnetic even more! ~ This was a FUN FHE project, we definitely recommend it if you do not have a chart at your house! ~:)