Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Outside Pictures

Oh the JOYS of capturing that PERFECT PICTURE of your little ones....
take a journey with me while we TRY to get my 2 year old and 5 month old photographed for
Grandma and Grandpa Birds' Birthday Present....
Yeah, you like that one... Princess watches as little Butterball fall over..... Butterball thinks that was great, and wants some more fall over action... I am trying to PRY the Jewelry box out of Princess' hand so we don't have it in the pictures... this is SO working out in our favor...
A small success... at least there are no tears... haha Can you tell Landon has drool on his shirt... just wondering?
OH! My happy boy! He was ready for the camera and came out with all the smiles then.....We forced Hailey into the shot... what a
Drama Queen!!
And this is SO sibling fashion!! GO Landon GET HER!
Retaliation Much?? On Hailey's defense she was going in for a kiss, and was using
his head to balance herself... lolMommy is trying to coach the smiles out of Hailey while Butterball
Landon just sits there happy as a clam... And THIS is the winning picture!! HAHA ~ Poor Baby! ~ We will TRY this again... We sure hope Grandma and Grandpa enjoy what we got! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sad Day..... kinda....

It was a normal Sunday... we woke up, had a good breakfast, and sat and talked. Then we had to start our preparations for the FIFA Confederation Cup. Brazil vs. U.S. VERY EXCITING time in my life. (I am sure it was an exciting time for Team U.S. as well, but I have been thinking about this game ALL week... well since wed) The U.S. Men's Soccer Team has been in mine and Hailey's Nightly Prayers for some time now. Matt just laughs as I pray for them to have the strength to play a good game. I never asked for them to win, so I guess I asked for what happened....

The first Half was GREAT! U.S. told Brazil they were there to play with the TWO goals they scored!! At the half Matt and I scrambled to get out the door to church because I was SURE they would loose if I did not go to church...
Here is a report from The Wall Street Journal Daily Blog
Halftime: We made it to halftime. The U.S. have been nearly flawless. Two goals and a tough defense are reasons to celebrate. But they are playing Brazil and just as easily as they scored twice, Brazil can hang three on them. I can only imagine what the mood is in the American locker room. Probably like that feeling you get after asking a girl out on a date: confidence that she said yes, but petrified that you’ll screw it up.

And THAT my friends is the STORY of my life. As Matt and I sat in Sacrament meeting I had a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I think Matt could tell and he looked at me and said "They won... I feel it!!" But for some reason I did not believe him! I continued my regular church day teaching my Primary Kids, and talking to my girlfriends about my Obsession that they all laughed about...I am sure they were thinking I am silly for being so worried, but this was a big deal for me!! It was a big deal for the U.S....

Well. Brazil did come back. They scored THREE goals the second half. They killed me. I hate Fabiano. (he scored two of the three) But just like the lesson I had in Relief Society today... Get over it and Move on with Life!! So I must!! And here is another piece of the Wall Street Journal Blog, my personal favorite;

27th Minute: GOAL!!! 2-0 to the U.S. on a Donovan strike! Brazil took a short corner and were sloppy with their passes. Donovan intercepted it and sprinted the field, ditching the ball to Davies, who then set up Donovan on a give-and-go. Donovan cut to his left in the Brazil box and then spanked the ball past Cesar with his left foot.
SPANK it Donovan! Spank that ball!!

So Matt decided to have a few friends over, and after everyone showed up, I felt ALOT better and forgot about my sad day... THANKS to those of you who came! It was fun!! We need to play Battle of the Sexes again for SURE! ~

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Soccer Post

The start of the US vs. Spain Match was a nice sight to see. The FIFA confederation has teamed up with UNICEF to declare their SAY NO TO RACISM campaign. They actually declared this at the last FIFA Cup in 2006 I believe, but it was nice to see them STILL saying their pledge. The National Team captains declared on behalf of all players that they “wholeheartedly reject racism or any kind of discrimination, whether on or off the field of play. Using the power of football, we can help eradicate racism from our sport and the rest of society as well.” It was nice to see this sort of tradition continue... I said a quick prayer for my U.S. team right as the match started, and I was VERY happy that they seamed to come out of the gates READY to play! They had a couple good shots on goal in the first few minutes and I was on the edge of my seat since the beginning of the game! I remember asking myself if I should give Matt a call to see if he wanted me to wait for him to start the game, but I quickly pushed that out of my mind knowing I would not be able to resist watching until he got home...
It was not until the 27th minute that my heart stopped pounding so hard. Altidore scored off a deflection from Spain's goalie to score the first goal of the game! I was holding sweet sleeping baby Landon in my arms when this occurred, and I forgot all about him. As I JUMPED up for joy with the excitement of this goal I woke the poor little guy very abruptly! He did not complain of course because he was excited to watch the game with his mommy! This was the first goal Spain had allowed during this FIFA playoff game so I was VERY excited to see it!
The half ended with US 1 Spain 0, and I was VERY relaxed! That is until Spain came into the second half with a VENGEANCE taking every shot and chance they had to get back into the game. The picture above is Howard our PIMP goalie who held strong and kept Spain quiet with a shutout! The U.S. scored again around the 70th minute to make me relax a little more off the edge of my seat. And that is how the game ended... U.S. 2 Spain 0. WHAT a relief!!My hope from the post yesterday SURE did turn into something GREAT! They stopped Spain's 15 game winning streak, AND are headed to the Finals!! Understandably, the soccer world is stunned by these results as nobody expected them to win. What’s even more ironic is that the Americans were on the verge of elimination last week. Now, one more win will give them their much-sought soccer glory. But even if they lose in the Confederations Cup finals, this is already a great achievement for team USA. By winning the semis, the United States soccer team advanced to its first men’s FIFA final since starting play in 1916. HELLO! This is me VERY happy! ~
And this is Landon Donovan..... again..... yum.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Many of you know I am a HUGE soccer fan... many of you just found that out...

TODAY is a BIG game for the U.S.! I have been watching the games, and in the back of my head thinking that there was NO way the U.S. had any chance of winning this year. They came into the FIFA Cup with tough match ups, and against all odds here they are in the semifinals....

Leading into the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup, the U.S. Men’s National Team knew it had a tough road ahead, slated to open against the reigning World Cup champions before matches against the always powerful Brazil and two-time defending Africa Cup of Nations champions Egypt. Before the tournament, no one gave the U.S. a chance, and those who did mostly changed their minds after the team got off to a rocky start. None of that matters now as the U.S. gets set to take on No. 1-ranked Spain in the tournament semifinals while several quality teams have departed, an opportunity that fans across the globe never thought the Americans would have. (copied from the Official Site of U.S. Soccer Team) Let me introduce you to LANDON DONOVAN.... he is (and has been) my favorite soccer player for some time now. We named our little boy after him, and hope he will follow in the footsteps of this great leader. Landon began playing for the U.S. national program and made his international debut with the Under 17 (U-17) team. Later, Landon became the youngest player ever to be called up to the U-23 team. Landon leads the USA’s all time goals and assists lists. He is also the youngest player in U.S. history to reach 50 caps (international appearances) and will be the youngest player to reach 100 when he gets his next international cap.
In 2007, Landon had another great season leading the Galaxy with 8 goals and a new career high 13 assists. Landon was involved in over half the team’s goals and was named to the MLS All-Star Team for the seventh straight year. That year Landon joined an elite list comprised of only eight players in MLS history to have both 60 goals and 60 assists. Even more impressive is the fact that he accomplished this at only 25. Landon is also 10th in MLS regular season goal scoring history with 72 goals and 2nd in playoff history with 14.
The start of the 2008 season was Landon’s best yet with 9 goals in the first 9 games of the season. He and newly acquired David Beckham formed a dynamic offensive connection, and Landon tallied 20 goals and nine assists. His season earned him the Budweiser Golden Boot award as well as his eighth appearance on an MLS All-Star Team. He was also named the Galaxy’s MVP and Humanitarian of the year. Despite his landmark season, the Galaxy struggled to a second-to-last place finish in the western conference.
His start to the 2009 season has proved just as promising as the previous season, as he has notched 6 goals and 3 assists in 10 games. His hot streak has the Galaxy thinking about a possible return to the playoffs. I think so!!
Here is DAVID Beckham and LANDON Donovan.... is it coincidence that my baby's name is LANDON DAVID BIRD.... haha! ( David is actually Matt's middle name, but I love the irony) GO U.S.!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

I live in CRAZY TOWN! ~

So the Bird Family has had a couple of CRAZY days lately....
THURSDAY ~ Matt's Birthday
After being up late with a sick baby, and unruly toddler until 1:00 am I woke up early to make my hubby breakfast. He gets up early in the morning to get ready for work, and usually just gives me and the kids a kiss as we are still sleeping before he leaves. I wanted to make sure he knew we loved him, so I wanted to send him to work with a tummy full of yummy pancakes and fresh strawberries! Both the kids were still asleep, so it was a nice time for us to spend together eating a nice breakfast. He opened his presents and cards and headed out the door for work.

My husband sees birthdays as just another day, so he had no problem going to work. After he left I had to get Landon ready for a Doctor's Appointment that the Advise Nurse had made the night before, and get Hailey ready to go over to Aunt Ally's for some girl bonding fun! The day was nice, and we had lunch at Ally's house and then we went home to get dinner ready for Matt to come home. I made Chicken Roll Ups one of Matt's favorites, and for his "Birthday Cake" I made this Eclair Cake... We all enjoyed dinner and dessert and we sang Happy Birthday to Matt too. I had been working on this with Hailey for some time now, and she did OK. As you can see in the picture below Landon is still not really himself, but Daddy and Hailey were happy. Hailey is naked because she got dinner all over her... not because I leave my kids naked... haha
FRIDAY ~ Celebrating Just the TWO of us!
Uncle John and Aunt Ally offered VERY GENEROUSLY to watch our two kiddies for a chance for Matt and I to really get out and Celebrate his birthday. Of course we took them up on the offer, the kids LOVE them, and we trust them with our kids! It had started off nicely that morning because I got the test results back from Landon's apt. and he did not have Strep!! THANK GOODNESS! He just has a minor cold and soar throat. Poor Baby got lots of love and was held ALL DAY LONG! Mommy cleans house on Friday, and he even wanted to be held while mommy vacuumed! (that is why I have such BUFF arms!) Hailey was just the same old running all over all day long... no nap... but when it came time for Daddy and Mommy to leave, this is what happened...
Uncle John grabbed Pizza for them, and they shared with Hailey too. She is falling asleep as she eats her precious pizza. It really was a funny sight! She has done this before, but it was great that other people got to see how tired she gets!!
Matt and I went to Famous Daves for dinner, and then headed over to the movies. We saw the new movie that Matt was looking forward to seeing "Year One". We recommend it if you enjoy crude humor! We liked it!
We held hands, and talked, and laughed. We mostly talked about the kids because that is what we usually talk about, but we were talking about them without chasing them all over so that was nice! THANKS John and Ally for the date night out~ We SO needed it! ~

We woke up early Saturday and got all the weeds pulled on both sides of the house, and the garden ready so we could go and enjoy ourselves out on the lake. Matt wanted to go wakeboarding as part of his birthday present, so we made it happen. We decided to take Hailey with us, and we got our WONDERFUL friend Amalia to watch Landon for the day. She was very excited to watch him even though I warned her he was being a little fussy with getting over being sick and stuff. We went with John and Ally Jensen and Spencer and Lauren Baker. We decided to check out Eastman Lake on this trip, we had been there before and the Lake is beautiful. Unfortunately this time it was really choppy due to the windy day, and the water level was pretty low. We still had fun. Everyone who wanted to wakeboard did, then we decided to relax and anchor. We got Hailey out of her "nap shell" and soon she was jumping in the water off the back of the boat to open arms. I started feeling sick, and tried to eat and nap a little. (hence there are no pictures of this fun time that I am talking about) They ended up dropping me off at the dock and going out while I was sick... it ended OK... after a little throw up I was feeling better. It quickly came time for us to be back to pick up Landon. The water was looking nice so no one really wanted to head home. Luckily Lauren and I were ready so we headed for home and left everyone else to enjoy all the rest of the Lake Time they could. Matt said the only bad part to this day was me getting sick, so I am glad he enjoyed himself!! We got home, got the boat put up and went to bed! And let me tell you... I slept like a BABY that night! ~ SO NEEDED!
Here Hailey and I were again UP early in the morning getting Daddy a nice breakfast going. Matt requested Pumpkin Waffles with Apple Cider syrup. For those of you who have had these... your mouth is watering right?? For those of you who have not... I need to get you this recipe for sure! ~
Hailey helps me cook off and on now. She counts what I put in the bowl and she helps stir sometimes. I kept telling her these were going to be special for Daddy, and she liked that! She is getting to be such a sweetie.
So after breakfast we all relaxed and watched some US Soccer and some Golf. One of Matt's High School Friends was playing Golf... I forget his name... Ricky Barnes I think. (he ended up getting second place tying Phil Mickelson) And the US Soccer team was fighting to stay in the World Cup Finals. The US had to win 3-0 AND Brazil had to win their game 3-0 for them to advance... crazy huh? Well THEY BOTH HAPPENED and the US ADVANCED! And here I am looking forward to the next game on Wed vs. Spain! (I need to keep them in my prayers haha) Back to reality...
So we tried to go to church... really we did... But after Landon threw up on THREE of his church outfits (and one of mine) I told Matt it was not going to happen. So Matt headed to church because he needed to teach, and I stayed at home with the sick baby, and Hailey. Luckily for me Hailey took a nap, so Landon and I made a Peach Pie. The Kellogg girls brought over some Peaches from their yard a day earlier, and I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I got them! I also made another one of Matt's Favorite Dinners Shepherd's Pie pictured below. (You can see the adorable cards the kids got for Matt in the background.)
And it is just not a special occasion without Sparkling Cider! We had to get out some fancy cups to celebrate this Wonderful Day with my Wonderful Husband! ~ (the peach pie is in the background of this picture.)
So as you can see... we had TWO fun filled celebrations regarding Daddy... TWO sickos to tend to... and a WONDERFULLY CRAZY time doing it! Here is to MANY more Father's Day's to come! ~

Thursday, June 18, 2009


We love you Matt ~ Daddy! We hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~
Master in his craft

Always smiling




Emotionly in tune

Wonderful Wakeboarder!!Dedicated to his Family

Always a sweetheart

Very Hard Worker


Dang good Father!

Blessing to be around


Really into Fresno State Football!!

Definatly the best!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

F.H.E. the Bird * Cutts Style ~

We had our good friends Brent and Amalia Cutts over last night for dinner and Family Home Evening. Matt and I really enjoy these two because we get along SO well with them it is almost CRAZY!! When Matt was working in Fresno, and I was still living in Sacramento he lived with the Cutts, so you can see why we love them so much! ~I made Pot Roast in the Crock Pot that smelled SO good all day long!! We also had Salad and Cantaloupe! YUMMO! ~ As you can see we pulled out our Fancy FSU Cups for the Special Occasion, and enjoyed using them and talking about how much fun we are going to have at the Fresno State Football Games!! (we get season tickets every year with them, they are our Fresno State Buddies too... no wonder why we like them so much)
So after dinner we headed outside to enjoy the cool weather and have FHE. Matt conducted and I gave a lesson on Love at Home. In the lesson we each made a list of our Recipe for Love at Home, and we vowed to live it! It was lots of fun, and of course there were lots of laughs!!
THEN we went inside for some FABULOUS pies! Brent and Amalia were in charge of dessert, and we were blessed with a very special berry pie and an especially special chocolate pie! YUMMMOO! ~ Amalia graciously left the chocolate pie for me.... yet another reason why I love her! ~ ( I forgot to take pictures of the pies.... we were too enthralled with eating them I guess)
It was a GREAT night with even GREATER people! Thanks Brent and Amalia for your friendship!! We enjoy EVERY second of it! And this is a picture of the tomatoes from our garden.... yummmmy! I love that I can just pop them into my mouth! No Knives Needed! ~ Don't you love Landon's chubby little foot in the background... haha! ~

Monday, June 15, 2009


This week is FILLED with time for me to be THANKFUL for my wonderful Husband!! Thursday is his 29th Birthday, and this Sunday is Fathers Day. He was not sure if he wanted both of these special days so close, but I doubt he minds getting the "PIMP" presents he receives as a Happy Birthday-Happy Fathers Day JOINT gift!! This year he gets to enjoy TWO Fresno State Football Season Tickets and a SWEET pair of Boardshorts. We used to try to surprise each other for our birthdays, and we just learned that it goes SO much better when we know what the other person is getting us.... when he picked out some boardshorts, I laughed because it reminded me of a past birthday experience....

The first year Matt and I dated, I bought him some nice boardshorts and a shirt, and he returned them to the store and got himself some sunglasses that he wanted. ( I think they were Dragon's or something....) At first I was hurt, but he said he really did like what I had gotten, he just wanted the sunglasses more because he had alot of boardshorts and shirts already! Then I realized that it made sense to get what you really want, so we gave up on the SURPRISE and we give a list of things we would like and then we get a surprise of what we actually get off the list! ~
I am SO happy to be able to Celebrate my husband! He actually did the MOST wonderful thing on Sunday night. After the kids were in bed (Hailey was not asleep, but she was on her bed) He just stood up and gave me a BIG BEAR HUG and just held me. It was one of those hugs that was just SO needed. I started to cry because we really don't get these special times that often with the "daily grind" of life, and we realized we need to remember each other EVERY day! ~ I love you Matty! ~ The above picture was when Matt Graduated from Fresno State!! One of the BEST days of our lives! ~


Happy Birthday my little Nugget!! My Oldest Sister Tiffany gave birth to this little sweetheart THREE years ago today! Hailey and I called and sang Happy Birthday to him after Tiffany and I gossiped for like Two hours on the phone... I love birthdays! There are SO namy this month in my EXTENDED family!!


This is Logan and Hailey enjoying jumping on the old mattresses at Grandma and Grandpa Andersen's House! This little guy almost always has a smile on his face! ~LOVE HIM! ~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nathan Joshua Imel ~

YES! ~ There us another Birthday this month! It is BY FAR my busiest Birthday Month of the year! Today we are celebrating the Birthday of NATE! He is the husband to Matt's only sister Melissa. And he is SUCH A STUD!

Matt and I actually meet Nate when we were first married. He was serving his mission in Fresno. We knew we loved this guy the second we meet him, and NOW we know why! He is a wonderful asset to the family, and is SUCH a sweet guy! We are SO glad we get to keep in touch with him, and I am thankful to have another "outlaw" in the family. Thank you for everything you do for our little family, we REALLY appreciate having such a great guy in our circle of trust!!

Thanks Nate for being YOU! We love you very much and hope you had a wonderful day! ~

Aren't they an ADORABLE couple!?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Richardsons!!

I know I said I was not going to get on for a while, but Potty Training is going well, and I think I can get away for a QUICK second to wish some people in my family a

First I want to apologize to Brian Matthew Richardson for not calling him on his birthday.... no excuses.... Matt and I just REALLY suck!! We are SO happy that you are part of our extended family! We are glad you put up with my sister Nicole to be closer to us! :) Our lives are BETTER because you are around!! You are a GREAT Father, and a wonderful Friend! Thanks Brian we LOVE YOU! ~
And secondly to Nicole Andersen Richardson.... Happy Birthday TODAY little sis! We love you so much, and we are happy you just put up with OUR crap to tell you the truth! You are a WONDERFUL mother and beautiful sister, and we hope all your wildest dreams come true!! Did you notice I used GREEN for your little birthday wish... ??
We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you at this special time in BOTH your lives, but you know we are there in spirit!! Whenever anyone says something stupid pretend it is ME, and if someone cracks a funny joke pretend it is Matt!

We send ALL OUR LOVE especially today but Always! HAPPY BIRTHDAY

That Matthew David and Brian Matthew are SO HOT RIGHT NOW! ~ (I tried to find pictures I thought you might not have seen.... ;)

Monday, June 8, 2009


I will not be getting on the Internet for a little while... I am hanging out LITERALLY in the Bathroom with Hailey for a little while. We are getting SO much progress with the potty training I am going HARD CORE BOOT CAMP, and I will not be able to get on as much! I promise to get on if I can at night!! Happy Blogging, and I look forward to all I have missed while I am away! ~ LITTLE BIRD over and out! ~

I found these two funny pictures of "signs" as I searched for the sign above.... enjoy! ~ HAHA

I hope not too many people died as a result of this WHoopsie! ~ HAHA~

Friday, June 5, 2009


Just when I am ready to give up my 20 questions of "Hailey do you need to Potty?" per day, I realize Little Miss Independence has her OWN way of Potty Training herself. She.... well.... she Potty Trained herself....

She did not want Mommy or Daddy in the bathroom, she wants to be a big girl and do it all by herself. I posted a day or so ago that she had gotten on the potty by herself before, but this time it is different..... like something FINALLY clicked for her.

I was organizing my closet because I can now fit in my Pre-Maternity Clothing (~THANK YOU ~ THANK YOU... I Appreciate your Applause ~ Really you are TOO kind! ~) and I hear Hailey saying "Mommy... Mommy" the sound was coming from the bathroom. DUN DUN DUN!!!! I fully expected to find her on top of the counter, or in the shower; BUT NO, she was on the potty! She had the roll of toilet paper trying to "WIPE" herself after going potty!! I know this time she went potty because the color of the water is telling me so...

I was SO happy for her I started jumping and dancing around... anything to let her know this was a VERY GOOD thing!! I helped her wad up toilet paper and wipe herself. Then we put on her BIG GIRL Princess Pull Ups!! I went to grab the diaper sitting on the floor that she had taken off all by herself.... again.... expecting it to be wet, BUT it was dry!! She went potty knowing she needed to potty! WE HAVE HAD OUR BREAKTHROUGH!! (*tears*)

I quickly pulled out the "Potty Prize" jar that I feel has been collecting dust and tell her she can have a candy for going Potty on the Big Girl Potty! I don't care what else happens today... good or bad... this is the HIGHLIGHT of MY day!! YEAH! ~

Who knew??

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Bedding ~

I got a new Bed Set. I have been looking for over a year. It is REALLY hard to find Cal King Bed Sets that are not "too goddy" I think the Bed Set Manufactures all think people with REALLY big beds want REALLY GODDY shiny bright red or orange and gold stuff.... not me.... I promised Matt I would not make our bedroom "Too Girly" so he got to pick the colors and I get to decorate!
This is out of the Liz Claiborne line... I really love it! This picture does not do it justice... and I got new sheets AND new pillow covers.... 1000 Thread Count of course.... to those of you who do not worry about thread count... start worrying IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! ~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Potty Training.... still.....

So she is NOT potty trained, but she refuses to use the Little Potty Chair now because I have showed her how "Big Girls" use the potty and she is a BIG GIRL.....
So on Monday I was making dinner, and I hear Hailey calling out to me saying "Mommy...." so I turn down the heat, and head to find where her voice is coming from... I look all over, and the last place I look is the half bath, and LOOK what I found.....
It's my BIG GIRL on the potty ALL BY HERSELF!!
She took off her pants, diaper, and climbed up ALL ON HER OWN! ~
She did not want to get off, and I did not have time because I needed to get dinner in the oven, I kept talking to her as I cooked, so I knew she was still in there, so when I came back to her this is what I saw.... she sure does love this potty training thing! ~

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Triple Threat ~

I don't mean to brag.... but check this kid out!!! Hailey is officially the TRIPLE THREAT! ~ She can wear High Heals on a Wakeskate, AND watch TV at the same time.... watch out Beyonce... here comes HAILEY BIRD!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Fancy Cups.... that's how I ROLL....

I got these cups in Sacramento. We were living with my parents, and they were on SALE at Target.... I got them for my Fresno State Pride. I call them my FANCY CUPS. My sister Sharon and I used them ALL the time. We drank soda, ate Ice Cream and even used them for our water cups. Matt would make fun of them, so I told him he was not allowed to enjoy my Fresno State Pride Fancy Cups.
Since we have moved BACK to Fresno, I decided I needed to use them more. The last couple of days I have pulled them out, and put them on the dinner and breakfast table. Matt just laughs as I pour Milk in them for breakfast!! So we gave them to Landon after breakfast the other day, and as you can see he loves them too!
YEAH for Target, Fresno State and YEAH for my Fancy Cups! Virgin Margarita's anyone??