Monday, September 28, 2009

Camping ~

Most People Like to go Camping.... I however am NOT like Most People. I find the beautiful world our Heavenly Father made AMAZING! I love being outside and breathing fresh air. I love seeing Mountains, Trees, Plants, and all the world around me. I however DO NOT LIKE my daughter running up hills and then rolling down them. Then doing "dirt angels" near the fire pit... or the thought that she will be sleeping in the same tent as me in a few hours DIRT and all...
I can't STAND seeing kids with dirt ALL OVER the place.
Every fiber of my being tells me THIS IS NOT OK!!
And yet, somehow, I am the weird person because I do not like my kid getting all dirty...
(If you can not see the sign above... it says Camping ~ Hell... (haha) I love it! ~)

We had our ward camp out this last weekend. Matt and I planned to go out on the boat after camping was over to relax. We got to the campground a little after 3:00 pm. Matt took a half day, and we headed up to get our camping trip in! We had a great Potluck Dinner. We made Dutch Oven Potatoes, and I think they turned out pretty good! After the Dinner we had a campfire, and we sang songs, told a few stories and jokes, and just played and talked and laughed. I walked around the Campfire circle and offered Hand Sanitizer to anyone who wanted it. I figured if I brought it, it would help me get through my Camping Experience. I did help a little! :) Most people stayed up pretty late and just hung out and talked and had a good time. By the time we made it to the tent, the kids were almost out! I think everyone in my group went to bed about the same time.
But before I could go to bed, I needed to go to the potty... now here is yet another reason camping is NOT for me. There were BATS in the Women's Bathroom. I am sure you are shaking your head calling me a baby, but would you be able to go in the bathroom with bats that are screeching... what if they attacked me?? It did not help that Spencer Baker and Travis Cluff came with Lauren Baker and I to go to the bathroom. They wanted to play with the bats. Lauren and I ended up going to the bathroom in the men's room where there were no bats... and there was no toilet paper. We could not leave each other to go and get toilet paper, so we had to yell for her hubby to go and get some for us... DRAMA... good times...
So I finally get to bed... or at least I thought I had gotten to bed. Then I realize that my aero bed is flat, and I am laying on the floor... after pumping it up twice, I decided I was going to sleep in the car. Poor Matt and both kids were troopers and slept in the tent all night long. I am a baby and I got in the car. I did not sleep very well that night...
In the morning we had a wonderful breakfast. Pancakes, eggs, hash browns, it was SO good! I love breakfast foods! We hung out a little, played Frisbee, packed up camp, and headed to the lake.
It was a WONDERFUL Lake trip! It was nice and hot, but once the boat got moving, the breeze was perfect! The kids took their naps on the boat, and everyone who wanted to play behind the boat on their board got their chance TWICE! We had a nice lunch on the boat too, and we were home by 2:00 pm. It was a nice drive home, I got a little nap in to get ready to un-pack and clean up! ~:)
We got the boat put up, all our camping gear cleaned and put up, and we even washed the car too! After we got ourselves clean, we decided to watch the Fresno State game (they lost again, but to a top 10 team. We are REAL fans, win or loose we love our Bulldogs) Then I decided I was too tired to cook, so we printed my Birthday Coupon and went to Red Robin for dinner. The kids were great troopers, and it was a nice way to end a busy day!
I am thankful I went on the Ward Camping trip! This was the FIRST trip we did with kids, and I think I did a good job with it being the first! Maybe if I ever decide to camp again I will let Hailey get dirty without freaking out! HAHA!

Friday, September 25, 2009

10 Truths People ~

I was tagged by my ADORABLE cousin Kristen, so here we go ...


or as she called it ... Here goes nothing:

1. Whenever Hailey (my daughter) starts throwing a tantrum and crying and I do not have the patience to "Ignore the Bad Behavior" I just throw my own tantrum and cry louder than her. It actually works in my favor because she starts looking at me like I am crazy and forgets what she was so upset about... lol.

2. I eat candy and junk food all day long. We just bought a 5 lb. bag from Costco for Halloween, and it is not even going to last until October... I have a MAD sweet tooth! I guess it is a good thing I also have a good work out routine!

3. I enjoy bad shows WAY too much. I watch good things too, but I can not get enough Chelsea Lately for instance. It is funny (for me at least) to watch people make fun of these RIDICULOUS "celebrities". I also am ADDICTED to Desperate Housewives, and my new favorite show Cougar Town. These shows are SO against what I believe in, and I would never condone the things they do, but something keeps me watching them...

4. I am getting SICK and TIRED of people thinking other people have it SOOOO easy.... because A) They get to stay at home with my children, B) They do not have to work C) They are rich because they have SO many nice things or D) their life is or just looks easy... The Grass always LOOKS greener on the other side, why covet what you don't have and make yourself a "Debbie Downer"?... let's just leave it at that. (this is just a "general" comment, not directed at any one person, so please no taking offence... it will again make me SICK and TIRED...)

5. I hate going to church. ONLY because of the current time slot. We go to church at 12:30 p.m. In my house that is Lunch time and Nap time. The looks I get as I walk out of the chapel for the third time with my daughter are beginning to make me want to become inactive... that is until we change to the 9:00 a.m. slot...

6. I am on a HORRIBLE sleeping schedule. It is my fault mainly, but I like to tell myself that the kids have me so messed up from all those late night feedings. I can not get myself to fall asleep anytime before midnight! (it used to be 2 am... we are getting better)

7. I have to have a clean house. I can not sleep if there are dirty dishes or laundry to be done. (maybe this is why I am on a horrible sleep schedule) In fact, I can not leave my house a mess when we go on vacation. Just the thought of coming home to a clean house makes my vacation that much more enjoyable. I used to have to clean ALL the rooms, but now I can let the play room go as long as I can not see it from my bedroom down the hall. Baby steps people...

8. I want to sell our boat. Don't get me wrong; I LOVE going out on it, and when everything is running great I would not trade it for anything! But It is a "major stresser" in my life because my husband would be out on it everyday if he could, and the cost just keeps adding up. Not to mention it takes alot to get out on the water with or without kids in tow. (and just to prove my point, my husband just broke the mirror on the boat last night getting it ready for our camping trip... there is another drop in the money hat... UGH)

9. I think people who REALLY LIKE the movies like "Star Wars" and " Star Trek" and "Lord of the Rings" are weird. I used to associate "Harry Potter" in this group too, but my husband has made me watch the series, so I can TOLERATE it. There is just something about a bunch of "TRECKY PEOPLE" that gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

10. I think gossip is good for you. Not too much, but a good amount makes you a better person. I used to hold in all the things I wanted to say, now I have a good group of friends I can "spill my guts too". As long as you learn who you can and can not gossip with, it can be a very good stress reliever.
NOW TO THE PEP'S I AM TAGGING ~ (in alphabetical order... no playing favorites here)
Amalia C. ~ because she is one of my gossip buddies!
Angela C. ~ because she makes me laugh, and we all need to know her truths!!
Anna H. ~ because I know one of her truths will give me help with my daily life and kids!
Chantelle H. ~ because her blog is adorable, and she keeps me laughing!
Melissa C. ~ because she cracks me up, she will tell us the truth!
Nichole M. ~ because she is a regular with her blog, and keeps it up very well!
Nicole R. ~ because she is my little sister, and I want to see if she actually reads my posts!
Sara S. ~ because she just started back in the blogging world, and I want her to have a "topic".
Stacey R. ~ because I love to read her blog no matter what she is talking about!
Tiffany R. ~ because she is my oldest sister, and I want to see if she actually reads my posts too!
LET'S Learn Your Truth's Ladies! ~
Remember this is FUN, and hopefully your Truths will give us
idea's on how to deal with the "Daily Grind" ~

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


That was a Cheer from BACK IN THE DAY... and they STILL do the same cheer at the Football games with the same moves to this day! *TEAR* I am SO proud! HAHA! I love going to football games from my Alma Mater! My little brother Preston is a Sophomore at Natomas High School, and he plays for the JV Football Team. He is SUCH a stud!! I think he played the WHOLE game, he in one of the players in the front of the group of players on the field! We are happy he got the same Jersey Number as last year so the signs we made are still good!
GO #64~ Preston Andersen!!!We wanted to show our support so here is HAILEY in her Mini~Me Cheer Outfit Grandma made...
sleeping... haha And here is LANDON very excited to be at the game with Grandma and Grandpa in the background... quit trying to get out of the picture mom!!
The whole gang... minus me...(one of the JOYS of being the official Picture taker) Hailey STILL sleeping, my mother holding Landon, my Father actually watching the game, and one of Preston's friends Angelina supporting him at the game too. My little sister Sharon is the one stuffing her face on the front row with French Fries from In-N-Out. It is tradition now that we get burgers from there and take them into the game! YUMMMOOO!!
We were all representing the Natomas Nighthawk colors... except for Landon. He was cheering on his team the Fresno State Bulldogs. Matt was at the Football game in Fresno with his father David Bird. The Bulldogs played the Broncos of Bosie, and it was a pretty good game to watch! (we saw it that night on TV while I finished my friends Wedding Cake)
I LOVE this picture...
What a cute bum!
THE END ~ ugh literally...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Simpson Wedding ~

My Girlfriend Sara Marie got married this last weekend. When she told me she was engaged I was SO happy for her! She had a wedding to throw together VERY quick, so I offered My help as well as my Mother's help. The cake below is what we produced after HOURS of hard work. My mother made all the Wedding Cakes so far for her married children. She is amazing at what she can do, so I thought it would be an easy way we could help make Sara's Wedding Planning a little bit easier... Little did I know how much work a Wedding Cake is! (Not that I thought it was going to be easy, but I had NO idea how much work went into making a cake!!) I spent a majority of the day Friday working on the cake... I think I went to sleep around 3 am...It turned out beautiful, and I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish (with alot of help from my mother). My dad made a comment about us going into the Cake Making Business, and I think we both Laughed!! Sara is lucky I love her, anyone else and I would have given up!! HAHA! Here I am cutting the cake at the reception. It was a carrot cake, with vanilla frosting, and then rolled Fondant on the top with Polka Dots ALL OVER. I now know how to make a cake in the future... if I ever decide that is something I want to do again...
Here is Landon playing in the grass at the reception site. He just got his hair cut, but you can't really tell by this picture... it spikes up! :)
And here is Hailey... she was all over the place from what I hear. Playing in Rocks...
Pouting on the grass hill...
And running all over too... That is my little girl! Always on the GO! ~
And this is my friend Sara Marie Simpson. Another thing my mother did was add these sleves to her sleveless wedding dress... watch out Martha Stewart!! Her husband Scott was SO sweet at the wedding! I thought Sara was going to make me cry, but seeing Scott get teary eyed is what got me going. There is almost nothing sweeter than a grown man crying at the sight of his beautiful bride!
And here are the six Bridesmaids! Half of these girls have literally GROWN UP with Sara! She and I became friends while I was going to college before I meet Matt. We have some FUN stories about the crazy things we used to do! ~ (Top row: Chelsea, Kendra, and Stacey. Bottom row: Me, Kim and Becky)
And here we are trying to get a flower to stay in her hair! What should have been a quick thing, turned into a nightmare! HAHA! Good times!
Being at another Wedding makes me remember the day I got Married, and how lucky I am to be married to my Best Friend. I do not say it enough, but I am SO lucky that Matt loves me! I think we are the only two people in the world that can put up with each other! ~ I am so Happy Sara can have someone to love her too! Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Simpson! ~

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Kanye ~

REALLY?? What gives you the right to walk on stage at one of the biggest awards shows and TAKE the mic from a WINNER and profess RANDOM thoughts that come into your head? Just because you THINK something... does not mean everyone else thinks it, NOR does it mean you have to open your mouth and say it.

It is AMAZING to me that people in this world like you think that the kind of nonsense you displayed is ok because you are keeping it real. No Kanye, you are not keeping it real. You are making everyone in the world wonder WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THAT MAN?? REALLY??

Since when did the VMA's become YOUR place to "preach your gospel"? What or better yet WHO told you that it was ok for you to jump out of your seat, walk up on the stage, stop someone in the middle of their acceptance speech, TAKE the mic out of their hand WITHOUT ASKING I might add, and proceed to talk about yet another person who by the looks of it did not want to have anything to do with your rude comments.

How pathetic of a life do you live that you really think people are going to cheer you on for yet another one of your "outbursts". You want to talk about "Bush hates black people" uhum, Kanye... I am starting to think you hate white people. Just EXACTLY what did Taylor Swift do to you? Oh, that is right... NOTHING. And I am still wondering what Bush personally did yo you as well... I guess they both deserve it because they are white.

Call me racist... but a racist I am not! I love people of ALL color... I do not however like people of ANY color that act the way YOU do. I do not like the arrogance that you think everyone OWES you something.

Buck up and be a REAL MAN! Take some lessons from Beyonce' on how to be a "Classy Person" It really makes me sad for the future that YOU are a role model for the youth of the world. I really hope they all take a hard look at what you did, and decide they want to be more like her. I am SO thankful that for every DOOSHBAG like you in the world there is a Beyonce' that can step up and do the right thing. REALLY KANYE?? Too bad I used to like you... or I used to like your music that is.

Do us all a favor and LEAVE! I won't be supporting any more of your songs in the future. I hope the rest of the NORMAL CLASSY AMERICANS feel the same way I do. Too bad you had to go an ruin your career like that... SHAME ON YOU! ~

~So I wrote this the night of the Incident... I was not going to post it, but I decided It might help some other people decide like I did, that we don't have to put up with the idiotic stunts some "celebrity's" pull... here is hoping...

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Little Landon After church playing with Daddy's Tie... WHAT A CHUBBER! ~

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

California State Fair 2009

We were able to get to Sacramento for a FUN FILLED Weekend!! My dad got us tickets to the California State Fair, and we were SO excited to go! This was Hailey's second time at the fair, but a first for Landon. I let Matt and Landon sleep in so we could be ready for the big day! ~ Isn't this a classic picture... We went to the little Petting Zoo Area first! Working on all the names of the Farm Animals with Hailey has FINALLY paid off! She was telling us all what sounds the animals made and SO excited to see a real "MOO COW" in person!
One of the exhibits had "collection's" displayed. They had LOTS of different ones including Barbies, Old Kitchen Gadgets, Pez Dispensers... but Hailey's Favorite was the Ducks... QUACK QUACK... go figure
This is what Matt and I are going to look like when we are old... haha
Here is little Landon, he was LOVING the attention and pictures! ~
And this is Hailey refusing to take a picture...
Daddy decided she would become Bigfoot on his terms...
And here is Grandma and Grandpa... NICE ~
Hailey is so into FISH and WATER right now. I forget what these were, but you were able to pet them... Matt did, not sure if Hailey was up for it.
And here is Landon and his Grandma Andersen. He loves his grandparents!
She was keeping him cool and out of the sun!
And here is Landon with Grandpa Andersen. We were at another exhibit area waiting for a Fire Show to start, and Grandpa started showing Landon all these neat kaleidoscopes...
this is what you saw from the other end of that kaleidoscope... LOTS of Landon
He just could not get enough of these things. He looked at them for a long time, and whenever anyone would get in his way he would look at Grandpa like get them out of the way!! The people who made the kaleidoscopes were impressed that such a young baby was into them. They told us most babies do not look at them as long as Landon did. What a Ham!~ The whole day was ALOT of fun! We really enjoy going places with my family because they are SO helpful with the kids! I think one of the best times of the day was pictured below...
naptime... ahhhh...
We got a Funnel Cake as we left the park... what a PERFECT ending to a PERFECT day at the California State Fair! ~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


This is my little baby boy enjoying his morning nap ... He is 8 months old today... *TEAR*...
I have been thinking about it recently, and I am not going to have a baby in my house for a while... (because I can only handle TWO kids right now) and that is a TOTAL other Blog Post Topic!
Anyway... I want him to stay my baby forever; but he just gets cuter as he learns new things, so alas I must let him grow up. I thought I might write down a few things he is doing right now. He does not like being on his tummy, so he is yet to crawl... haha! I know what 8 month old is not crawling... this chubby little baby!! He is getting SO close to it though. He has been able to sit up since he was 6 months old, and he will get in the crawling stance then realize that he might fall and get stuck on his tummy so he goes back to sitting.
He is feeding himself, he really loves bread and bananas right now. He tries to eat whatever we are eating as well!
He laughs at everyone and anything. He really is a happy baby, as long as we are taking care of him! Hailey loves to play with him, and gives him hugs all the time. (ever since we had our FHE on Hugs, she is a hugging machine)
His giggles make me SO happy, and his tears break my heart! We are SO blessed to have him in our household! I LOVE having a little boy! ~

Saturday, September 5, 2009


We are Season Ticket Holders yet again for Fresno State Football. As much as I like to tease Matt that it is a waste of money, I really do enjoy it. He got the tickets from US (me and the kids) for his Birthday and Father's Day! Here we are with our friends the Cutts. (the couple we are going on our cruise in January with) Brent and Matt enjoyed watching and cheering their team on, and Amalia and I enjoyed our gossip time without the hubbies listening to our every word! HAHA! The kids were GREAT despite themselves! It was a good time had by all!! ~

Friday, September 4, 2009


If you have not SEEN or HEARD of this show... you live a SHELTERED LIFE! ~ One of our friends from our ward here in Fresno was able to get his CRAZY self on the show!! Here are some pictures of the FUN time we had and a few of the FABULOUS people that were there ~ Oh, and by the way... HE WON!!! YEAH!! TRAVIS CLUFF WON!!! The picture below was when we all found out! He was standing on his chair as World Sports Cafe and the crowd went WILD !
So..... We decided we needed to get our FAMOUS SHOT with the STAR of the SHOW! ~
(LtoR) Hailey, Melissa, TRAVIS CLUFF aka Super Shorts, Matt, and Landon
This is one of my favorite people right now. This is Megan, she is one of Travis' sisters. She is also in our ward and is a great friend. Her daughter Reagan is the little girl in the bottom of the picture... she is ADORABLE! ~ (don't you love the "deer in the headlights look" she has going on) haha
This is Matt and Landon enjoying the show... Like father Like Son... Right??
Here we are just hanging out before the show was to start. (LtoR) Lauren and Spencer Baker, Landon in the high chair and Matt.
Gotta LOVE this Picture... Amber (who is the lucky wife of Travis) is about to drink from her son's sippy cup sitting in his car seat, while in the bottom corner is Kalos her other son eating a brownie. I asked him if he would share with me, and he said " Sure" What a cutie! ~ The cool dude in the Fresno State hat is a Cluff Friend Bobby J.)
And this is my good friend Amalia holding Hailey. Her hubby was at work, but she was down for a good time!!

It was SO much fun enjoying the fun atmosphere with all my pep's! It sure is a fun show to watch, but it is SO MUCH better watching it when you know someone on the show! And it was even more AWESOME that we did not even know that he had won!! A big old CONGRATS goes out to my boy TRAVIS CLUFF aka SUPER SHORTS for showing us all a good time! ~ Glad you did not loose to a girl... that would have been tragic!! ~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lucky little Girl ~

The last two weeks I have been watching a friends child, and have not been posting the fun pictures of my kids. After ALMOST loosing my daughter (see previous post) I decided I better get some of these pictures of my sweet girl posted...
Hailey got a Dress Up Box from her Grandma and Grandpa Andersen this last Christmas. It was filled to the brim with clothes! One of Hailey's Favorite Dresses is the Princess Aurora one. She gets it out (shoes and all) by herself and gets dressed up and dances around the house singing " i know you..." She loves it when Matt gets home because then she is able to dance with her Prince Charming...And this picture just makes me laugh! Hailey got this Tutu from her Auntie Melissa Imel. She made it for her, and she puts it on whenever she gets the chance. I have a few pictures of her wearing it, but this is my favorite! She is chasing bubbles in our backyard. Ohhhh, to be a kid again...
In this picture not only is she wearing the adorable Tutu, but she is holding a Bubble Blower. Her Daddy knows how much she loves bubbles, and when he found this, he really wanted to get it for his little princess. It is quite interesting how they work. You dip one part into Bubble Solution and then blow in the opposite end and you get LOTS of bubbles! The interesting part is that they are animals and you are blowing near their bottoms... We have gone through SO many bubble contraptions, this one seams to be the best!!
This is naptime, quite possibly the best part of my day! HEHE! In this picture she has THREE of her favorite things. First is the nightie she is wearing (yes she likes to put the nightie on for naps... what a girl) she got this as a hand me down from Julia my friend from work! THANKS JULIA! ~ Next is the two Tinkerbell Pillows, she got these from Auntie Tiffany. She HAS to sleep with them, they go on overnight trips to Grandma's house all the time THANKS TIFFANY! And last but not least is the little bear. This was another gift from Auntie Melissa Imel. It is a Care Bear, but Hailey has named it "Sucker" because it has lollipops on it's tummy. Matt and I crack up when she goes to bed because she makes us give sucker kisses goodnight too. Sucker even gets her own Tinkerbell Pillow to sleep with usually too... THANKS MELISSA!!

The last picture is the kids in the front yard coloring on the sidewalk with chalk. (no, that is not Landon, this is the little boy I was watching) They thought this was the best thing ever! Hailey gets in trouble with coloring crayons because she tries to color on everything... so when I let her color on the ground she was giddy and loving it! Thanks Grandma Andersen for the chalk... we finally found it and it is getting used up!! I love seeing her enjoy life's simple pleasures! It makes me happy too!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


We had a WONDERFUL weekend with my Family at the State Fair, but before I get those pictures and memories up here, I wanted to share with you another experience we had with you...
This was a LIFE CHANGING experience, and I PRAY it never happens to anyone...
After we got home from the Fair I was not feeling very well. I left the kids with Matt and Preston who were watching a Baseball game (maybe that was why I was not feeling good... BORING) and headed to the room for a little nap. I was awoken a hour later because Landon wanted to eat... ugh! So I fed him, and I was still not feeling good. But I helped Matt get the kids ready for bed, and after I changed Landon I told Matt that I needed a shower and drugs. So he took the kids, and I grabbed some Headache Medicine and a nice shower.
I am not sure how long I took with my shower because my mind was SO out of it. I got out of the shower and was slowly getting myself ready for bed when Matt comes into the bathroom and tells me "I can not find Hailey."
At first I am annoyed because I am sure she is somewhere, but after searching the ENTIRE house with Matt I start to freak out. My headache at this point has gone to the wayside by the way. I am in SURVIVAL MODE...
I run to the front door to see if it is unlocked... PHEW it is... ok, she must be in here... wait I run to the sliding glass door... it is shut, but not locked... So I run outside and it has only been a few minutes but by this time I SCREAMING my little daughters name " HAILEY!!!???"
I run back in the house after not seeing or hearing her. My little brother is sleeping on the couch and I yell "Preston, we can't find Hailey!" He jumps up as quick as I have EVER seen him jump up and he starts searching with us.
My mind is a BLURR at this point, and I am shaking.... shaking... I search the ENTIRE house again... I hear Matt and Preston yelling her name too, and I just stand on the back porch of my parents house CRYING and SHAKING... I am in disbelief... I start to think "someone has taken my baby and I am not going to see her again..."
I run to the front yard, I had to open the gate so I HOPE that is another sign that she might be somewhere we have not looked... I am HYSTERICAL... a car drives by slowly and I am worried that they have my baby... I do not know what to do... I run back in the house and I grab the phone and I call 911... The operator asked me what the emergency is, and I tell her " I can't find my daughter... she is only TWO..." The nice operator tries to calm me down and asks me questions " What was she wearing, how tall is she, what is her name... I can only muster a few answers... I am still screaming her name and I hear her voice "Mommy..." my heart skips a beat, I am in my parents room at this point and just searching all over. I tell Matt I heard her voice and he looks at me like I am nuts... Matt and Preston run outside looking there yet again... Matt gets the neighbors involved in the search, and I just feel helpless... I hear the operator asking me questions but I am NUMB... I stumble to our hallway, and I fall to my knees.
I have been in this position every night with my sweet little girl before bedtime saying our prayers... so I say a little prayer that we will find her and that she is ok... Then I hear the operator ask me where we saw her last and I fall apart thinking I will never see her again...
I get up off my knees and I run to my little sister Sharon's room... I have searched this room twice already, but something makes me go there again. I jump up on her bed and there behind the baskets of laundry is my little princess...
I grab her and she feels lifeless... this scared me even more I start yelling I FOUND HER... I FOUND HER... The operator asks me if she is ok... I realize she was just sleeping which is why she was lifeless and I tell her she is fine and THANK YOU! ~
I hang up the phone and it drops from my hand. I thought I had been crying before, but NOTHING compares to me crying now. Hailey opens her eyes and looks at me... she says " Oh no, Mommy's Sad." and she touches my face. I tell her, " No, baby these are happy tears." and I just hold her in my arms. By this time Matt and Preston made way back into the house, the neighbors heard me say I found her and let them know. I guess they were half way down the street in opposite directions. I know we are all relieved... it was our worst nightmare come true...

We put her to bed, and we all sit there talking about what a horrible experience it was. You hear about these things all the time, but you never think it will happen to you... I checked that room she was sleeping in 10 times that night!
This experience had helped me learn two very important things... First I really do love my daughter. No matter how much she act's like the typical 2 year old and Second... when you find yourself on your knees, you know what you need to do.

Heavenly Father Answers Prayers!!! And I am SO Thankful for that!