Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fresno Chaffee Zoo ~2013

We LOVE going to the Zoo! This year we got to attend with other employee's from Matt's Work for a Company Party ~ 
We got there early and decided to see the Sea Lion Attraction FIRST...
 It is really neat because you start above the sea lion cove area then as you walk down the path you get to get a sea level view... the kids LOVED this!
 On the path we found a bird that the kids just LOVED as well!
 We were walking by when the Lemur's caught Hailey's eye. The kids knew all about them because they are featured in the children's cartoon Madagascar! :) We loved that we were able to hear from the Zookeeper about these interesting animals! We headed to the Company Picnic area after this and enjoyed some GREAT food and fun times with work friends!
On our way out of the Picnic area we were able to catch the Bird Show. This was a GREAT show! If you go to the Zoo make sure to check the time for this and enjoy it!
 Landon and I had a little fun with the camera while we were waiting for the show to start...
 The kids liked being up close and personal to the Birds after. Hailey told each of the trainers that her last name was BIRD so she was the "birds bestest sister friend!"
 Of course Mommy can't leave ANY Zoo without seeing her FAV animal! I have LOVED Flamingo's ever since my very first trip to the Zoo back when I was a little girl. The Sacramento Zoo has them right at the front gate and I remember just sitting and watching them in awe... I still love watching them! We were able to hear about them from the Zookeeper again! Hailey asked alot of good questions about them. 
 THEN the kids and Daddy headed to Stingray Bay. This is an interactive area of the Zoo that is usually only around during the warmer months. We have not been able to attend it earlier; it was either not open or the line was too long so this was very exciting. (it also may have been because there is a cost... we all know how mommy is cheap... ha ha) I stayed out with the baby and listened to the kids giggle and just have a great time!
 Near the end of the exhibit there is a smaller area for the "baby stingrays" Hailey is holding what they call "a Mermaid's purse" because it holds the small egg for the stingray. The kids were very excited to tell me about this part! 
 Hailey liked to point out all the Boards she could stand by to get good pictures! Amazing because she is not usually very photogenic!
Sweet Baby Kylie was SO good all day long! She ate well, slept well, and watched everything she could!
The kids also enjoyed the petting zoo area. They were able to brush the baby goats hair.
 Above Hailey is looking at the monkeys to the left, and on the right both kids are enjoying the elephants!
 The kids last spot they HAD to see was the reptile house. The Turtle Shell is a favorite photo spot too!
 As we were heading out the baby ostrich came near the kids and they thought that was SO cool!
We sure are lucky to have a fun Zoo so close that we can enjoy!

Monday, June 17, 2013

San Francisco with Papa Dude ~

Father's Day Weekend was very special...
Not only does it usually fall near Matt's Birthday, 
but THIS year we were able to spend it with Papa Dude...
Kylie warmed RIGHT up to him and fell asleep, and Landon is ALWAYS warmed up to Papa Dude and got the special chair to sit by him to watch a little TV.
So, I let Matt choose what he wanted to do for this special 
Birthday-Father's Day Weekend. He said... 
"Visit Family and go to San Francisco to see the America's Cup Sailboats."
 So we made the trip! First we went to see the Seals. It was a chilly windy day!
 We shopped a little and let the kids get one souvenir and  
Papa Dude treated each kid to some candy; they LOVED that!
Then we headed to Boudin for some YUMMY Lunch! 
Sourdough Clam Chowder Bread Bowl Anyone!? YES PLEASE!!
 We headed to the end of Pier 39 to see if the America's Cup Sailboats were practicing... no such luck. But we were able to see other boats and enjoy the beautiful view~
Then we decided it would be fun to go and visit Fort Point. The kids thought that was neat. We climbed the stairs and FROZE so we went right back down...
 After getting these amazing photo's of course!
Then we headed to The Oakland Temple.
 This Temple is very special to us! Matt and I were married there 10 years earlier... 
It is always a blessing to visit there!
 We decided to take the kids to the Visitor's Center where Landon sang "Book of Mormon Stories" to the Older Sister and gave all the Younger Sister Missionaries high fives! The kids made sure to let the Sister's know that they had an auntie and uncle on Missions in Florida and Texas!

And by the look of the last picture... it was a GOOD DAY! ~

Saturday, June 15, 2013


guess who is getting bigger...
 she is smiling and cooing and just loving life!!
 she makes three months look good!!
 And it always helps when big sister wants in on the action
 (...i wish she would have let me brush her hair...)
Happy Girls!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ruffle Bum ~

Is there ANYTHING cuter than a RUFFLE on a baby Bottom?
 I agree... NO... No there is not!!
I went in to check on my little Sleeping Beauty...
 and I just could NOT resist grabbing my camera and taking pictures! 
See people, she does not wear bows to bed... I'm not THAT mean of a mother! 
She is still wearing her Newborn Clothes! And sleeping like a champ! 
The other night she went to bed at 10 and slept until 5 am! YESSSSS!! 
Starting to LOVE her more and more each day!
She is 11 weeks in these pictures.

Friday, June 7, 2013


My sweet first born daughter GRADUATED KINDERGARTEN!!
 They had an "End of School Program" where they celebrated Living In America!!
It just made my heart SO happy to see her so GROWN up!
 Here she is with the Family after the Graduation Program!
Congratulations Hailey!~!
It was not easy but we did it!
 (you think I am kidding... it's nuts what they have to be able to do in K to graduate) 
We are SO proud of our smarty pants!!
Here is ONE of the songs they Performed...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer MOVIES 2013~

WeekTitleRatingStart Time
1The Three StoogesPG10am
1Ice Age: Continental DriftPG10am
2Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog DaysPG10am
2Parental GuidancePG10am
3Mr. Poppers' PenguinsPG10am
3Alvin and the Chipmunks: ChipwreckedG10am
4Monte CarloPG10am
6Dr. Seuss' The LoraxPG10am
6Big MiraclePG10am
7Yogi BearPG10am
7Journey 2: The Mysterious IslandPG10am
8Racing StripesPG10am
8Happy Feet TooPG10am
9African CatsG10am

Edwards Fresno Stadium 22 & IMAXFresno
Regal Manchester Stadium 16

$1.00 entrance fee! Every TUE&WED.
Starts on June 18th 2013!!! ENJOY!!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

BOAT TRIP 6/2013

This weekend we enjoyed a family trip out on the boat!
We had our good friends The Sorensen's join us for the first boat trip of the year!
The kids favorite part of the day was when we anchored and relaxed... 
Matt got a waterproof camera and took this picture from underwater.
Then Hailey decided she should take a few pictures! SMILE DADDY!
We sure LOVE our Malibu! See Baby Kylie!?
 These two girls are SO adorable on the boat!
 (Hailey and her friend Sydney Sorensen.)
 and of course this little one was the CUTEST on the boat by far! 
She just slept and enjoyed the ride! Best behaved child on the boat for sure!!
All the kids got a chance to drive the boat with Daddy Matt... Kylie slept instead!
All the adults got to do a little wake boarding and we even got the tube out for a little fun!
It was a great trip had by all!