Friday, August 27, 2010

Ikea Dresser Drawers

We got these Dressers from Ikea like 5 years ago. They did the job they were originally purchased for, but after about three years they started to fall apart.
(I guess that is what you get when you buy particle board and not REAL wood...) Don't get me wrong from the outside they look fine. It is what happens when you try to OPEN them that is the REAL story...
Let me set up the scene for you...
Every Friday I do Laundry. At some point in this whole "laundry life cycle" I have to put the clean folded clothes away. So I would proceed to open one of these drawers and then become BEYOND IRRITATED because I could not shut it again. The bottom of the drawer had fallen out of almost EVERY drawer and it was hitting the back of the dresser, or the clothes in the drawer beneath it; and therefore it would not shut. So every Friday on Laundry Day I would become infuriated yet again while putting away clean clothes. You would think it would be a relief that this was my last step in the "laundry life cycle" but NO, it was just another FRUSTRATING mess...
SO when I heard from my hubby that his work; had Wood Glue I decided to take my life back and FIX this annoying little problem of mine...
So I took THIS...

And I did THIS...
And NOW my life is complete... Not really, but I can open and close my dresser drawers without wanting to scream at them! (you laugh but I am not kidding... remember my earlier post about O.C.D.) Each Dresser took only one of these 4 oz. bottles. The glue came out SO easily too, all it took was a gentle squeeze. I did have a little accident when the glue came out where I did not want it, and it cleaned up with a little water and a paper towel no problem! The hardest part of the project was waiting for the glue to dry with clothes all over my room! It said to let it dry 24 hours. I started my project around noon, and let it dry overnight. After I checked the drawers in the morning, they were ready to be re-stuffed with our clothes...
YEAH! My husband has commented on how nice it is to have normal working dresser drawers... SCORE FOR ME! ~ If you are having the same issues at home... TRY THIS... you can thank me later!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Today Hailey came running into me saying "I need to go poo poo mommy."
So we RAN into the bathroom, I pulled down her skirt and panties (usually I have her do this to learn what she needs to do, but we needed to hurry up here) and I threw her on the toilet.
After a few "pushes" she said to me.
"Mommy, It's too hard."
I giggled a little under my breath, and said,
"It's OK sweet girl. PUSH real hard, you can do it."
After a few more pushes there was relief.
"Mommy I pushed the poo poos in the potty." her eyes lit up!
"YEAH, what a good girl!" I said to her as her smile grew bigger and bigger...
I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel...

On a TOTAL side note, THIS is the skirt she was wearing today...
It is a bathing suit cover up of mine she HAD to wear. She calls it her Ballerina Dress. And YES she picked out her shirt and did her hair ALL by herself... I am SO PROUD! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

If you REALLY KNEW me...

(WARNING: This is a VERY open and honest post,
I am not ashamed of it AT ALL, but I just wanted to warn you.)
My friend Stacy did a BEAUTIFUL post on this show. I have seen bits and pieces of this show and heard that it was GREAT from quite a few friends. I decided after reading her post that I wanted to see this show for myself...

The show is found on MTV. I RARELY watch MTV... most of the shows they put out there are GARBAGE. But after seeing this show, I think I might need to set my DVR to record this. The opening credits show " Bullying, prejudice, and cliques are fixtures in schools across America." then it talks about what they are going to do to fix the situation "Challenge Day is a one-day program that aims to break down these barriers." The show heads to High Schools across America and trys to help the students.
I look back at my High School years and I really don't get upset. I mean there were "mean people" and at times I felt alone and scared, but I would not say I had a BAD High School experience. After seeing this show I WISH we would have had the same kind of resources these kids are receiving from this show for our future relationships.
One of my favorite lines from the episode I saw was this "You will learn it is OK to have problems, it is just how you deal with them that makes you a better person." There are ALL kinds of cliques they showed... the geeks, the jocks, the popular kids, the emo or gothic kids, the outsiders, all the different "CATEGORIES" you put people in. And would you believe every single kid had a problem.
It was like a HUGE group session at a therapist office. The kids were told to sit back and think about WHAT it really is to be them... at the end of the day WHO ARE YOU? The kids in the episode I watched really opened up to each other. They were placed in smaller groups that consisted of people they really did not know. There was an outsider, the homecoming queen, the class clown, the emo kid and a girl called a creeker. Through them opening up with their "If you really knew me problems" they learned that they were not alone in problems they had. They also learned that EVERYONE has struggles...
So in honor of this show I wanted to start a movement in the blogging world. I want my friends that read my blog to know new things about me. Things you might never guess, and things you may have gone through as well...
If you really knew me... You would know that I struggle on a DAILY basis worrying that I am not a good enough mother.  I worry when my children are not meeting certain milestones other children the same age are. And when other people point out problems they see with my children it does not make me feel like I am a good mother, it makes me angry. I don't appreciate the judgement they pass, and I get frustrated with the situation I am currently dealing with. I also am quick to anger with my children. I yell at them TOO much, and need a good lesson on patience. I don't think I spend enough one-on-one time with my kids, and I have to constantly tell myself to let other things go and just go play with the kids. I am getting better as the kids get older and listen better, but it is still hard. I have learned from friends and my childrens pediatrician that this is just my "currnet ride on the rollercoaster of life". Each child is different and needs different things from me. As long as I am trying my best everything will be fine, and it will get easier.

If you really knew me... you would know I had a bully in High School. There was this Mormon girl who did not like me because a boy she liked had a crush on me. One day at seminary I was leaving and I guess she was near the car as I was driving away and she says I almost ran over her feet. So the next day when I was leaving seminary she ran after me; jumped in the car and started hitting me, and yelling at me. My little sister Nicole was in the car, and her and I both did not know what had went on. Another person at seminary had to pull her out of the car. I can honestly say I did not understand what had happened. Before this incident we were good friends. I guess just those few little things sent this girl overboard. My parents were very supportive when I was finally able to talk to them about the situation. However, this girl was a "problem child" and if I reported what she had done to me it would have her third strike and because she was already in trouble for things from the past she would have gone to Juvenile Hall. Her bishop pleaded with me to not press charges or place a restraining order I felt I really needed. Because my dad and I thought it would end with her bishop talking to her we decided to let it go. Unfortunately, she continued to bully me at school and at church. I quit going to church activities if I thought she was going to be there. I stopped going to seminary, and dances even. I ended up going to our stake youth conference because some friends talked me into it, and that was the last time I went to anything. This girl cornered me in the bathroom and started hitting me and yelling at me for NO reason. Luckily there were people there to help again, but this was the last straw for me. This really was a turning point in my life, and it made me think I could not trust people. I lost good friends who did not understand the situation, I lost trust in the church and its local leaders for allowing this to happen, and I lost trust in people just generally. Before this I had what most people would call an "easy life" but after this I was totally broken. This girl ended up in prison for beating her husband and abusing her child I later came to find out. How sad. To this day when I know someone is being bullied, I make sure to let the bully know it is not alright. I have stopped my car when I saw kids fighting and broken it up on multiple occasions. It is not something I wish on anyone, and I know the hurt and pain that comes from other kids being mean.
If you really knew me... you would know that after being bullied, I became really confused about life, and not knowing any better I allowed myself to be in an abusive relationship. Something made me think it must be normal for people to hurt other people. It started with words, but escalated to pushing and hitting. I do remember thinking to myself one time after being hit that I never saw this kind of abuse at my house, and wondering what this world was coming to, and just thinking that this was going to be my life. After getting out of that relationship I did not understand " real love". This lead to me dating a lot of people who did not really care about me, and doing alot of stupid things despite my parents love and support. I really thought my parents did not care, and did not know what I was going through. (which they might not have known what I was going through, but they had unconditional love for me, I just could not see it) What I had thought was LOVE was totally wrong. I pushed away from my family and I soon felt that I always needed a boyfriend to feel "loved". If I did not have one I would go back and date bad ex-boyfriends to feel that "love". Luckily for me I realized before it was too late that I deserved better. I had wonderful Young Women's leaders at church that realized there was something wrong, and took me by the hand and helped me see the light. They made sure that I felt loved by them, and let me know that my family loved me too. Because I was able to realize those simple things I began to become more active at church. And Luckily for me I had great friends who helped me as well, friends I had lost when the bullying started. I became grounded by the church and really knew that I belonged. I have never waivered from the church sence that realization. And because of that long hard journey, I was prepared when I  found someone who really cared about me and I knew what a real relationship consisted of.

If you really knew me... you would know that I moved out of my parents house right after I graduated High School. This stems from me thinking they did not care, and wanting to run from my problems. I thought I knew how to live in the real world, but man was I wrong. I lived with a High School girlfriend who was a GREAT friend, but not a great example. She would do anything for her me, but one day we got in a huge fight over something STUPID and I was left with a lease on an apartment I could not afford on my own. I learned real quickly not to let money get between friends, and not to depend on anyone for things that could affect my future.
If you really knew me... you would know that the reason I am so upfront with what I think and what I say is because I have been lied to in the past by people I have really cared about. Many of the lies hurt, but one particular lie crushed me. I had to seek help from counseling, and luckily was able to work through it. It made me realize that it was just SICK and STUPID what every one was doing by putting on this "FAKE FASAD" that everything is alright, and that their life was perfect. I decided I did not want to hide my feelings or thoughts with friends or family, and I was going to be upfront with them. When I see people blasting this fakeness I just want to ask them "Who do you really think you are kidding?" I know everyone struggles, I know everyone struggles with different things. That is why I tend to be friends with people that are also open and honest with what is going on in their life. These are the people I like to spend time with because we help each other with problems we are having. I have a core group of friends that just "keeps it real" and we are able to help build each other up rather that tear each other down. Too often we look at others' lives and think they must be SO lucky, and we get jealous of the things they have, when if we really cared about each other we would be happy for accomplishments our friends overcome. Thank you to my friends who help build me up, you are the best!!
If you really knew me... you would know that I have OCD. (no, I have never been "diagnosed" but anyone that knows me KNOWS I have it) I can't live in chaos, I need order in everything. I find myself STRESSING over the stupidest things because of it. I can't sleep if I know there are dishes in the sink, I can't let laundry go undone, I have to vacuum if there are crumbs on the floor, I have to have the toys put away if they are not being played with... I just don't like having things out of place or dirty. I get anxiety because of these things... I can't stand having a dirty house, and I am running myself ragged most days just trying to keep up. Luckily I am learning to let things go, I am taking baby steps. My first baby step was to wait until after the kids are asleep to clean up all the toys. I still have to have the dishes done, but I don't think that is SUCH a bad thing. ALSO, luckily for me I have an understand husband who deals with me needing this ORDER in my life. I guess it stems from me wanting to be in control of my life, the things I can control I do because there is SO much in life we are not able to control. Matt does get annoyed sometimes when I can't let things go, but he is thankful he has one of the cleanest, most organized houses on the block.
If you really knew me...
WHAT A CONCEPT. What if we all really cared about each other and wanted the best for each other? This world would surely be a little more like Heaven...
There are so many other things I could tell you for you to really know me. I know these things are not glamorous or anything, but they are real... I am thankful for these things in my life because they have made me the person I am today. I want you to sit back and think about YOU. At the end of the day WHO ARE YOU?? What things have happened that make you the WONDERFUL person you are today?? What struggles have you overcome, and what struggles are you currently trying to overcome? Let me just say it is SO refreshing to share this with you, like a burden is lifted because maybe now others will understand why I do some of the CRAZY things I do.
Like they said in the show
 "You will learn it is OK to have problems,
it is just how we deal with these problems that make you a better person."
MTV Tuesday Nights 11/10 Central... OR search online to watch Full Episodes after they air if you do not have MTV.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Have you ever wanted to have the Eye Lashes that are LONG and BEAUTIFUL?
I have seen girls put on fake eyelashes... I have heard of people getting eyelash extensions... I have seen movie stars talk about how much time it takes to get their eyelashes PERFECT...

Fake eyelashes can range in price and have to be reapplied...
Eyelash extensions are VERY pricey and fall out eventually just to be put back in...
And the movie stars who sit there and let someone else do the eyelash magic... lets face it... that will NEVER be us...
SO I want to introduce you to the LashBlast Fusion, CoverGirl's NEW volume + length mascara. I was introduced to this from my Bzz Agent people... remember me telling you about this?? Go ahead google it again... ANYWAYS...
I am not sure what kind of mascara you currently use, but this will replace ANYTHING you were previously using. The mascara I used to use was OK. It covered what I wanted, but did not give that WOW factor... it was clumpy sometimes and the lashes stuck together often. I don't like to take too long on my face so I would just get it the best I could...
NOW i use the LashBlast Fusion and it takes me NO time to get perfect. I can tell a difference in how the mascara is going on my lashes. The roller gives a gentle pull on my lashes to get them long and beautiful, and there are many more rollers on the LashBlast applicator that pull the lashes apart compared to the last applicator I used. I feel more confidant, and when I put this mascara on for the FIRST time I got THREE compliments on my eyes!! One from my dear husband and two from friends. One friend said I looked wide awake, and the other asked me if I was wearing fake eyelashes...
LOVE IT! TRY it for yourself! You'll LOVE it too!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

WHY I will not be around...

SO... my life is crazy right now, I mean it is ALWAYS CRAZY, but right now there is just SO much on my plate I am not sure when I am going to be able to jump on here and get my life documented. (this is my journal for those of you wondering)

Reason #1 ~ Our condo is vacant and needs to be cleaned from HEAD TO TOE... then rented. This would not really be a BIG thing, but because of the next reasons it is causing a little bit of anxiety on my part.

Reason #2~ As most of you know we have a house in ESCROW, and getting all the documentation straight, all the inspections done, getting the financing going, preparing for repairs to be done, changing addresses, and all that crap... I just might be admitted to a hospital after we move in. (that is IF we move in, my anxiety REALLY has been kicking in can't you tell)

Reason #3~ Our Rental house. The little house we are renting right now is going to need to be packed up and cleaned and our notice needs to be given, and all that fun stuff...

I KNEW I would have reason 2 and 3, but number 1 was unexpected...
I will appreciate your prayers for my little family that everything can go as smoothly as possible... AND that Matt and I will still love each other after everything is said and DONE!
I hope to be back on here soon...

Saturday, August 14, 2010


is quite possibly the best person I have ever known.
He is the epitome of a father, and completely full of unconditional love.
He is a hard worker and strives to do his very best in everything he does.
As a child my father was my hero.
He played with us all the time, and truly enjoyed having children.
He was often gone at work or doing church callings,
but he never missed an opportunity to play with us when he was home.
He showed us how to work hard and play hard.
His example was like a shinning star... beautiful and bright for all to see.
As a teenager my father was the voice of reason.
I remember hearing him tell me things and knowing he was right;
but me still doing what I wanted to do anyways.
He was very compassionate with us, and rarely raised his voice.
(with a house full of 5 girls and 1 boy that is quite an accomplishment)
I got grounded often, and was sent to my room for being sassy,
but the worst punishment I received was when my father would say
"I am disappointed in the choices you are making."
MAN did that hurt worse than anything else he could have done.
That was the perfect thing for him to do to get me back in line.
Who would want to disappoint their father?
As a Young Adult my father became my foundation.
I moved out with a girlfriend right after High School and quickly realized I was missing something.
This caused me many sleepless nights before I was able to recognize that missing piece...
It finally hit me... I did not have any "male protection",
and most importantly I did not have the priesthood in my home.
As soon as I moved back home, I immediately felt what I had been missing,
and I was very thankful to have it back in my life.
As a new bride my father became my educator and shield.
Learning to live on my own with someone I loved
was not as easy as I thought it would be.
I found myself calling my parents and asking them for help on many occasions.
I also called my father constantly about questions I had with the church.
When becoming that new bride, I took on more responsibility,
 and made covenants with God.
My father was always willing to listen to my questions and help me find those answers I desperately needed.
Through the examples of my parents I knew what a marriage should be,
and I strive to find that in my relationship with my husband everyday.
As a new mother my father became my hero again.
He actually took on EVERY role I have listed above,
 but in a new "supportive grand-father" way.
I learned the love that you have for your children really can not be explained,
and there is nothing they could do to make you not love them.
His every act of kindness, the time he spent with us children,
the memories of us playing with him came rushing back to me.
It made me WANT to be like that with the little lives I was blessed with.
My father is the finest father I could have ever wanted or needed.
He is the greatest person to lead me and my siblings along the path of life.
He is the supreme example of Christlike Love.
I pray that one day my children will know how lucky they are to have my father as a grandfather,
there is no better man to take that place.
(my father and me on my wedding day)
I wish him the BEST in everything,
I know I need to pattern my life with his so
I will be able to see him when this life is over.
It would be an honor to be able to live with him in heaven.

I hope he has the most wonderful Birthday this year, and knows of all the people that love him immensely!!
THANK YOU just is not enough... but I hope it will do. ANYWAYS...
 (Bryan and Lisa Andersen, THE BEST PARENTS EVER!!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010


 So I needed a break from my usual day, so I decided to do a quick art project.
I took my daughters Lil Kickers Soccer shirt...
these AMAZING Glam it up Crystals...
and this Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool...
And I did THIS.
I took 10 orange crystals and embellished the Uppercase letters with a little BEDAZZLING ACTION.
(yes little man HAD to touch the pretties after I put them on)
Then I just took three clear crystals and put them on the soccer ball bounce...
Now she can go get it ALL dirty playing soccer!!
(all these items can be found at

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Apple ~

Hailey asked for an apple for a snack...
She started eating it, and I figured I better document this...
She eats the WHOLE apple...
And sometimes leaves a few pieces for later...
but after it is all gone there is only ONE thing left from her apple...
THE STICKER... I have NEVER seen anyone eat a whole apple, yet every time Hailey wants an apple to herself she is a TROOPER and takes it down... ha ha! I'm not going to tell her she should stop at the core ... would you stop your kid??

Monday, August 9, 2010


I hate BUSY days like this...
FIRST I am sick. My throat hurts when I swallow and I would not be surprised if I literally coughed up a lung...
I had to take BOTH kids to an appointment this morning at 10:00...
I know that sounds easy but getting breakfast, change clothes WITH a sick mommy getting out the door at 9:30 am was not as easy as I thought it would be. THEN when I got back home Hailey and Landon pulled out their bikes to ride in the front yard. I usually like to let them ride, but today I was not feeling it for long. I let them ride to the end of the circle then back, and I had to bring two kids into the house kicking and screaming...
We have the Pest Inspection for the house today at 4:00,
THEN after that we are going to the Mortgage place to finalize things there...
THEN we have to head to the Condo to meet a painter to give us an estimate on painting the whole place...

I have THREE Houses I am currently dealing with...
The Condo
The Rental house
The HOPEFULLY new purchase house...

We have to get with the old renters to update our Rental Agreement... we'll have to figure out when we want to give our 30 day notice on the Rental we are in IF we get into the new home we will have LOTS of things to take care of there...
AND I need to figure out dinner and our FHE... ( I think i am moving FHE to WED...)

SO to sum up my life right now... (which is GREAT, but Stressful at the same time) I would say I am a SICK HOT MESS PRAYING for a new place to lay my head...
THANKS for your love and support... I REALLY need it today!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Laverne INSIDE pictures ~

The house . . . INSIDE and a few OUTSIDE pictures...
Kitchen Eating Area looking out
Kitchen looking in at eating area
Main Kitchen
Formal Dinning Room off Kitchen
Entryway into the Living Room
Looking back at Entryway from Living room
1st Bedroom-Office-Playroom
FULL Built In
Living Room
Living Room
Dinning Room off Kitchen and Living Room
Hall to bedrooms
Hall Storage
Washer-Dryer room right next to Master Bed
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master Closet
Master Bedroom bathroom closet and TV area
Master Bathroom
Master Bath Shower and Storage
Master Toilet is hiding behind that half wall... NICE
2nd Bathroom
2nd Bedroom
2nd Bedroom
3rd Bedroom and Landon
3rd Bedroom
Hallway to the Garage
Single Garage Door
Double Garage Door
Side of the house off the Garage for boat parking (we will need to move the shed)
Bedroom Windows stay shaded all day long! NICE
More Backyard... that tree in the center needs to go!
Slider off Master, we'll need to make a deck or lay cement...
More backyard
Back side of house, little patio
View from the patio

And there is Hailey ALREADY exploring the PLAYROOM...
As you can see it will need some updating. The home inspection went GREAT and we hope the pest inspection on Monday does not have any major problems!!
Keep your fingers crossed WE ARE IN ESCROW!!