Friday, October 31, 2008

The Peter Pan Clan ~

This year for Halloween, the Bird Family decided to go as the Peter Pan Clan! ~ Hailey our little princess was Tinkerbelle, Matt was Peter Pan, and I was Wendy. My mother helped with the outfits, and I think they turned out quite well! ~ Hailey learned REAL quick what this "Trick or Treat" thing was all about! ~ We went to my parents Ward Halloween Party, and went door to door for Trick or Treating! ~ We had been working for MONTHS on teaching Hailey to say the common phrase, but when the big day came, she would just walk up to whoever was passing out candy, take a handfull, and put it in her candy tote..... I decided she was just being sassy like her character ~
There was a game at the Party where you ate donut holes off a stick and string, and Hailey went back for THIRDS on this game! ~ YUMMMM (notice the sucker in her hand, she would not let go of it! ~ )

We tried to get her to pose in her outfit, but this is the best we could get, sucker and all! ~

Matt is SO great at Pumpkin Carving! We decided in honor of our Characters, we would do a pumpkin of Tink herself! Matt did this freehand looking at a picture! LOVE IT! ~

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! We sure did!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Apple Hill ~

YES!! We made it "up the hill" to Apple Hill! Matt had never been before, and we thought it would be a great experience for Hailey to have! ~ We meet up with my family who was going the same day (ironically) and had an AMAZING apple crisp! YUM!!

We just let Hailey play around and call all the pumpkins "apples" HAHA! ~ We made sure to get a big box of apples, and 4 pieces of fudge before we headed home! It was a GREAT day! ~

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Yeah, it has been a WHOLE week since I have been on the Internet!! Can you believe it?? I would not believe it, but we moved over the weekend, so I think this is pretty quick to be back on here! We are in Elk Grove and LOVIN it!! I have yet to finish the kids (so weird that I am going to have kids and not just a kid) rooms, and there are pictures to be hung, so once that is done I will post pictures! Hopefully soon!
I need to get some rest! I have been going non-stop to get things going! THANK goodness for savings and for family! Our families moved us! What a blessing to have them so close... or I guess a blessing for them that we wanted to be closer....
Hopefully more blogs to come! ~ xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


YEAH! We finally did it! We found a house of our own!! I know what you are thinking... they bought a house in this market?? Well, we are renting it, but we are still looking for a house! If we can afford it now, with the rates and prices low, now is the best time to buy!!

I can not believe it! We have been waiting SO long!! After we rented our place in Fresno around July, we were house hunting HARD!! And I let Matt know, that I just need a place of my own, and with houses and the banks, they are taking TOO Long to get things moving on loans, so we decided we would rent for a few months!

It is a NICE house in Elk Grove, just off Laguna by ALL the shopping I could ever want! YEAH! It is actually down the street from the house we put a bid in on, but it will be GREAT! ~ We move this Saturday, and ANY help would be MUCH appreciated! Prayers even! I was cleaning out our stuff here, and got overwhelmed... Landon does not like Mommy working. ~

We'll get pictures up here and more info, but I was JUST too excited NOT to announce this! ~

Thanks for all your faith and prayers, we knew we would get a place soon! ~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I can not sleep so here goes ! ~

This is called “FIRST REACTIONS QUIZ”. You have to type the 1ST thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 31 things. You can’t think and go back and change your answers. TIP: erase all of the other persons answers first.. that way u can think in blank

Beer: never tried it

McDonald's: no longer on the "gay" bandwagon!

Relationships: fun

Purple: flowers

Power Rangers: gay

Steroids: high school football

Cartoons: Little Einstein

Florida: hanging chads

Santa Claus: is coming to town

Halloween: candy!!

Alice: in wonderland

Myspace: not on enough

Clowns: scary

Marriage: YES ON PROP 8

Paris: Hilton

Blondes: rule

One night stand: not worth it people!

Pixie: Tinkerbell

Vanilla ice cream: Shake

Hooters: Breast Implants

High school: NATOMAS!

Woody: Haroldson

Wet Socks: YUCK

Text messages: none

Country music: LOVE IT

Your parents: GREAT Examples

Your Ex: married with baby on the way... THANK GOODNESS

Fun! Try it! ~ Hope you are not up late like I am every night with a FUSSY baby in your belly! LOVES ! ~

Monday, October 13, 2008

nap PLEASE ~

Ok, PLEASE tell me that Hailey just had an OFF day today, and she did not take a nap because she was SO wired because we play so much.....
When did your kid stop napping?? Just wondering! She went from two naps a day down to one just after she turned one, but this is torture!! HELP!!!
I let her "rest" in her crib for about an hour and a half, I know she was playing the whole time because I could hear her playing with Elmo and her dog dog....
What are your thoughts?? I am getting a little worried if she is not going to nap what my future might hold!! ~
She did fall asleep on our night time walk tonight at about 7:30. So that was nice I guess......

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The Little Bird Family was able to head down to Fresno for a FUN FILLED trip! We were going to catch a Fresno State Football Game and spend time with John and Ally our cousins that live in Fresno. This is a picture of them at the game. ~
We headed for the game after a WONDERFUL dinner that John made! It was Tri-Tip and Baked Potatoes and Salad! YUM YUM! (THANKS JOHN!) We were a little late because let's face it... my life does not revolve around a clock, and so I took too much time as usual and upset Matt.... anyways.... we got to the game and all was well! Hailey was looking around and was saying "dog dog!" like every other word. There were Bulldogs everywhere and she was SO excited to be there. She was dressed for the occation as well. Grandma Andersen made her a Fresno State Cheer outfit, and she was more than excited to be wearing it around!! Matt has wanted this cheer outfit for her for a while, I am glad mom made one for us rather than pay TWICE as much to buy a generic one! ~ THANKS MOM! ~

We let her get out and walk around a few times, and to our suprise, she got caught by the camera men being TOTALLY ADORABLE and was on the stadium big screen at least twice that we caught! GOTTA LOVE IT!
Not only that, but there was also some GREAT picture we got with her and the mascots of Fresno State!! The REAL bulldog; Victor E. Bulldog was there and came up in the stands and took a picture with Hailey. (see above) She was not worried at all because she walked right up to that cute pup and started petting him!! I tried to get a good picture of her looking, but she was more interested in looking at the dog!! Then after walking all the way around the stadium... we got her to pose with Timeout the Mascot that we all know and LOVE! She was NOT that big of a fan of him, I think he might have been a little too much for her, but it was neat for her to experience the game. I was well ready to head out at halftime with a crying tired child, and to my great suprise she lasted the whole time until we got back to the car and in her carseat!! The pictures really do not do justice for all the fun! We are SO glad to have experiences like this and LOVE that we are able to get out and enjoy the little things in life!The bulldogs did win in case you were wondering! It was a good night!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

UOP Soccer and Volleyball! ~

Since we are living in Stockton, we have become WILD fans for the Tigers of UOP! Matt's parents live down the street from the beautiful campus, and are friends with the Athletic Trainer Chris Pond. Mom Bird has a badge to help at times with training, and with this badge you are able to get into games for free.

We have used this badge a few times and have really come to enjoy it~ I played soccer in my youth, and have a special love for the game. I could watch soccer matches ALL DAY LONG if I needed to. Luckily there are other things in life to keep me occupied.
Well we headed to the Soccer Match last night. IT WAS FREEZING!!! Luckily we grabbed a blanket to put around us. We stuck it out for the first half, and decided that we needed to GET WARMER!~
LUCKILY there was a Volleyball game going on, so we headed for the NICE indoor arena to warm ourselves. Hailey was dancing and LOVED the cheerleaders!! It was fun because they had alot of give aways and such and a little kids play area. After the game ended... and we were cheering because they WON we decided we might as well go check out the rest of the soccer match.
Good thing we did! We left at half with the score 0-1. When we returned the score was 2-2 and we were able to catch the THIRD goal by UOP as we sat down!! It was alot of fun to be able to take advantage of these Athletic Events and we had fun as a family too!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here are a few of my FAVORITE things ~

I have SO many blessings in my life... I just wanted to share a few of them with you today!

The best thing HANDS DOWN I have ever done in my life was to get married!! I am SO thankful for my husband and ALL he and I have been through! If we were not as 'Strong Willed' as we are, I am not sure we would have stayed together through the little problems that pop up in marriage. I am thankful that we both love each other and that I was truly able to marry my best friend!! I LOVE you Matty! ~

I am VERY thankful for education!! My husband graduated from Fresno State University, and I really think that day was one of the best days of our lives!! We BOTH worked so hard for him to get through school! I worked at Wells Fargo Bank full time to pay for us to live. And he worked hard at finishing his degree with part time jobs here and there. We had a party the day he graduated, and he gave me my own framed Diploma for all my hard work in getting him through school. It is nice that he is able to notice that we needed each other to get where we were, and he praised me on his big day! Oh, and I am VERY thankful for the love and support of family that was there at his graduation ceremony... for those of you who went... you know what I am talking about!

The next best thing I have done was have a baby!! She is SUCH a blessing in our lives!! Who knew kids would change the way you see everyday life! Matt had a few fish tanks when we lived in Fresno, and he drove me NUTS with them! I got to the point where I HATED fish tanks and everything to do with them!! That was until I had my little angel! Hailey LOVES to look at fishies.... and as much trouble as I might get into saying this... I look forward to having a fish tank in our future home to enjoy. It is amazing the things we can see and understand better through the eyes of a child...

And so last but not least...Today I realized I was thankful for toes.... I noticed that I REALLY needed a pedicure, and so I started taking my old nail polish off my toes... Hailey is NOTORIOUS for doing whatever we are doing so she was using cotton balls and taking off her toe nail polish too. (which I might add is non-existent polish because she had probably "played" it all off from our last pedicure....) Anyways... I am THANKFUL for these little things in life that help me bond with my Princess! I love that she wants to be like me. It really helps me to be a better person, and make sure I am doing things that I want her to mimic! ~

We are all SO blessed in LIFE, and I just wanted to reflect on my life's blessings! Take time to count your blessings... it sure is a GOOD THING~

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Moon ~

So I started the next book in the Twilight series. It is titled New Moon. I have GOT to tell you.... That Stephanie Meyer sure has a hold on me!

My mother in law was sent the Twilight Set from her sisters who have been sending them around to each other. I have been waiting for the Library in Sacramento to call and tell me that New Moon was ready for me, but no such luck! So, now I am pleasantly surprised that I have my hands on the next book. ( Last I checked I was like #96 our of 500 or something with the book on hold~ )

There were actually a few times when I was in a bookstore at the mall that I wanted to just buy the book to read it, but I never could get myself to stand in line long enough with Hailey in tow! Plus I don't think I have ever bought myself a book to read before... that would be WIERD...

What is it about this series that has me SO "star struck"? I am NOT a reader at all, in fact I hate reading as a "form of entertainment" but something has me convinced that I need to read all these books in the series and see the movie when it comes out! I feel like a little High School girl stuck in my own world reading this book! ~

Anyways... I started the book this morning and I am already on Page 120... I wonder how long it will take me to finish! ~ The first book only took me a week... not too shabby for someone who usually reads to fall asleep huh??

And to those of you who have heard of the book and think I am NUTS to want to read a love story about a vampire and his girl ... pick it up yourself and try not to put it down! ~ Gotta get back to reading! Hailey is napping! ~ :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend ~

I always seam to get SOMETHING out of General Conference. For those of you who have NO idea what I am talking about ~ twice a year (April and October) we as Latter Day Saints listen to talks given by Leaders of our church on topics that we ALL NEED. Some people go to Church Buildings to hear the messages, others are able to hear the messages at home. There are 4 sessions.. two on Saturday and two on Sunday.

I wanted to start this post on Saturday, but I knew that something would touch me on Sunday that I better wait! Oh my goodness! All I can say is that I am happy that I am going to get the Ensign in a month so I can REMEMBER all the great things that were said.

I think my favorite message was from Ballard.... the contrasts at the end of his message hit me SO hard! We were not asked to leave our house and belongings and travel across the country..... Oh the LOVE and admiration I have for our pioneers! And then President Monson was SO eloquent, (first session on Sunday) Listening to him talk, I know I have a testimony that he is our true prophet, and no matter what is going on around me; I need to strive to follow his counsel. And then Nelson talking about marriage... that was needed living in California with all we are fighting for!

I really hope that you were able to hear a message that touched your heart as I was able to!! I love that there is always something that I have been trying to learn about or been struggling with that is covered in these two days! Let us all prepare for tomorrow by doing today! ~

My husband was teasing that we should fast forward through the "commercials" or the Music... I know he was partly kidding, but I am so thankful for the messages that music has in our lives as well! I caught myself crying almost at every song! Blessings! ~

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Suckers ALWAYS lead to Bath Time

After Hailey got her sucker from Daddy. ~ He told her she could have it if she ate it in her High Chair and was quiet.... (she looks pretty DRUGGED up if you ask me...)

She needed a bath!! I LOVE when Matt gives her a bath! He is SO much fun! He called all the family in to see her.... this is what we caught! GOOD TIMES! ~

Red Robin..... YUMMM

So for my birthday my Parents and siblings still at home took me and my family out to RED ROBIN!! Ok, so MANY of you know this is my favorite place!! When we lived in Fresno I was SO lucky! There were 3 Red Robins!! The Red Robin Bottomless Fries are to DIE for, so I fell in LOVE with this place soon after learning about it's goodness!! So to be perfectly honest... Red Robin is ONE of the many reasons we decided to look at houses in Elk Grove... because there is one there. HAHA NO, Really that is why!! So we got there and had GREAT food and a GREAT time! We asked a bus boy to take our picture, and he must not think that Hailey needed to be in the Family picture, hence she is missing.... I think you can see her bow however. This picture is Hailey taking Sharon's burger... I can't blame her... the Red Robin Burger is FANTASTIC!! ( I had one too) Along with like 3 baskets of fries!! I think our family went through like 8 Baskets of Fries.... extra ones that they bring out... not just the ones you get with your burger!!And Hailey ate so well!! We let her have her own dipping sauce and she TOOK it down! She would dip her fries and suck the sauce off the fry. Then once we were out of fries she just used her hands and dipped and sucked them to get the sauce. She did eat a little burger though so that makes it ok! Matt and I really enjoy getting together with family and celebrating things like this! What a blessing that we are able to! ~ Yeah HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.... again! And we had pie at home in case you were wondering! :) The next morning when I woke up I told my mom that I was STILL full from eating the night before! She laughed and said Dad had said the same thing! ~ Gotta Love it!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Can you believe that my daughter who is only 16 months can:

~ 1. Open a sliding bathroom door

~2. Get into the cubbard in the bathroom

~3. Find my makeup bag in ALL the mess down there

~4. UNZIP my freaking makeup bag.....

~5. OPEN a Lipstick top

~6. roll the Lipstick so she has a FULL view of the entireness left

~7. then EAT my lipstick...

Then she has the audacity to tell me "Oh, No. I don't know..." when I ask her "Hailey WHAT DID YOU DO??"

Just HOW toxic is Clinique Lipstick anyways?? These pictures do not do her job justice.. her fingers were PINK the whole day....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Freakin' Birthday to ME~

Talk about "makin' out" for your Birthday!! I got everything I wanted AND more!! Let me just tell you about my GREAT Day!!

My AdOrAbLe!! husband Matty took the day off to spend with me, and it was a REAL treat! He and Hailey made breakfast.. French Toast baby with eggs! YUMMM!! Then he gave me my present! SAY WHAT??? The COACH Diaper Bag!! And before you think "Big Baller" or what a great guy to know... he was hinted to a FEW times about this diaper bag. But it is a SWEET present from him and my TWO babies... yes it was from baby Landon and Hailey too! I had NO idea he loved me X $ amount... haha! I was pleasantly surprised because I was not sure he would want to buy it for me, but he let me know that I deserved it, and he hoped I liked it.

So anyone who knows me, KNOWS that I love to shop!! So we went shopping to check out if there were any deals. Can I just tell you it is SO much better shopping with Hailey when Matt is around! There was only ONCE that we lost her... apparently she wanted to climb up the escalator while we were looking at other Coach Bags and this nice old lady stopped her. Hailey told the lady "NO NO", and I had to blush at the fact that I was more into looking at The Coach Counter than to pay attention to my little princess. I love the looks from all the other people in the store. I wanted to raise my hand and announce I was the looser mother that lets her kid run amok when I have better things to do. Hello did they not know it was my birthday! DUH! HAHA!

After that we headed home for Hailey's nap time (YES) and for our lunch time! It was nice to sit and talk to my sweetheart. I was telling him what her nap time usually consisted of for me, and he thought it was too bad that was my only time to rest and I was using it to BLOG.....

Then we headed to the Dr.'s Office for my Ultrasound.... that sure was nice to experience on my birthday!! You see two years ago on my birthday we found out we were having Hailey, and two years later I am checking out Landon... he gave me a HIGH-FIVE... (hope you can see it... Landon's hand looks HUGE... I do not understand the whole SCAN thing, so this is a picture of the picture they give you at the Dr.'s.) What a blessing to spend this day with the ones I really love ~

Then Matt and I were lucky to have G&G Bird watch Hailey when we went out for our HOT DATE! We went to Black Angus, with a coupon I might add!! We got a 4 course meal for two and ate to our hearts content!! And I must say their Cheesecake is ALMOST as good as Cheesecake Factory's! And that ended my wonderful Birthday!!

The picture shows more stuff than just the purse, so I better explain what else I got for my birthday! My parents got me something I have wanted for a while... Bare Minerals... have you seen this GREAT makeup?? I LOVE IT! And my dad also got me Legally Blond 2... it has a dog in it, and Reese Witherspoon so Hailey and I will LOVE it! My in-laws got me Season 4 of Desperate Housewives... I LOVE that show!! (if you think I am a horrible person for watching that show.. good for you.. I do not need the comment just as a heads up!! That show is my sin that I LOVE and plan on keeping with me forever) And they also got me a Chocolate Satin Pie from Marie Calenders...hello people this pie is to DIE for!! You really need to have some! ~ Erin and Rylie got me flowers that are beautiful!! Rylie made sure to point out they were my favorite color, she is a doll!! And I got many phone calls and e-mails filled with Happy Birthday wishes!!

I have to admit I really was not too excited about my Birthday coming, and hoped it would pass by quickly. I am glad now that it turned out to be one of my best days. It really is a celebration of life and everything that I have done. I loved the whole day, and now wish I could re-live it somehow!! I look forward to next year!!