Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Garden.......

So yeah, here is the UPDATE you have all been DYING to see... right! ~ There are LOTS of Strawberry "Buds" but I was SO happy to see like 4 Strawberries already! They are doing GREAT! And I hope they taste as great as they look! ~
Here is my SAD Green Bell Pepper plant. Something is eating at the leaves.... I guess I need to spray.... any suggestions??
Here is my EARLY GIRL tomato plant. She is looking wonderful! We also have a BIG BOY tomato plant. I call them my Princess and Prince plants.... I hope this makes them feel better, and want to grow special for me!
Here are my WATERMELONS! YUMMMM!! These suckers are looking MIGHTY fine! I can not wait for them to get bigger!!
And last but not least is my Onions! YEAH! Sprouts make me happy! Matt loves the smell of cooked Onions, so lets hope they smell as great from our garden! We were SO excited to see the plants doing well for the most part! We are SO open to any suggestions on what we can do to make it better! We Love our little garden! ~YEAH!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lucky Landon!!

This is LUCKY LITTLE LANDON! He is all happy Snugly in his new blanket that his Aunt Ally made for him. When he was just born I made a comment to Ally that we did not have many boy blankets, and I guess she decided to remedy that problem PRONTO! ~ She actually made him an all Blue Blanket, but it is stuck in the Bird Family Limbo of trying to get it to us. Ally told me that it would be too small now, so she decided to make another one! OH how I love that she loves my kiddies! So here is a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Aunt Ally for the Adorable Blanket! Landon will love it FOREVER! ~

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hailey and Landon ~

Strawberries are in Season, so we decided to make Angel Food Cake with Strawberries and Whip Cream for dessert on Sunday Night. Uncle John was preparing the cake, and he had a little help with the Taste Testing Part.... YUMMMMM!!!
And I just LOVE this little CHUBBERS!! This is Landon Sucking ALL over Daddy's Hand! He is getting SUCH a fun personality! I just LOVE it! Does he not look JUST like Matt?? What a cutie! He is 3.5 months here! Time sure does fly!! ~ What name is more appropriate for Landon?? Chubbers or Butterball....other suggestions are welcome.... Matt says he is the Michelin Man, or the State Puff Marshmallow Baby!! Call him what you want ~ He is ALL mine! :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Backyard Camping ~

Thursday Night Matt made mention to me that he would like to go Camping this weekend because it was going to be a nice weekend, and it would not be too hot. I gave him my CRAZY look and said "The only Camping I am doing is in the Backyard!!" To which he replied "GREAT! Let's do it Friday Night!" ~
So this is Matt Friday Night after he got off work putting up the tent. Landon and I were watching, and Hailey was helping ALOT! ~ You can't really tell, but she has one of the tent poles and she is hitting the tree with it....Here is the tent ALL ready for the Bird Campers!! Hailey has never been in our tent before, so this was a first for both the kids!!

Here they are waiting for Matt to get the AeroBed.... yes.... my kind of camping includes an Air Mattress... don't hate! ~ We had a GREAT night! Hailey enjoyed playing with the Flashlight, and we did great for our first campout!! We zipped our sleeping bags together, and thought we were good to go! Little did we know Little Miss Princess was going to frolic all over the tent until midnight! It was probably the worst night sleep I have had since we were in Fresno, we lasted until 6:30, and by that time I was ready to get in my nice warm bed!! When we came inside our FAB clock that gives the temp. read the outside temp to be 39.... so yeah... it was cold for little old me! ~ It is one of those fun-long nights you will always remember! I know Hailey will remember it too! :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hailey's in my High Heals ~

I think there has been a post already about Hailey wearing my High Heals around. Let me tell you... this girl walks better in these Heals than ANYONE I know! ~ She practically came out of my womb with heals on! Right?? She is such a kick lately, I just had to share this picture with you! ~ And this happens about every day.... she is now able to open our doors, and she is in my closet EVERY chance she gets! ~ That's my girl! ~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Hope They Call Me On A Mission ~

Our Elders sure are Troopers!! They came over for Dinner Last Night, we had Mexican Lasagna, and Elder Dickson requested a Fruit Pizza for dessert!! (I should have taken a picture of the Fruit Pizza.... it rocked) I try to ask them what they want before they come over, so we are able to spoil them a little bit. Matt and I are firm believers on taking care of the Missionaries whenever they come over!! Little did they know that after they were fed, Matt was going to put them to work! HAHA! ( check out the swirl on Landon's head.... love it!!)Matt brought home some work from BK Lighting. He figured he'd get the guys some Service Hours Indoors away from the HEAT that has started here in Fresno! (UGH over 100 already!!) Here they are smiles and all putting together Samples for Matt's Company to send out.Hailey even started "Helping" out on the project too!!

It sure is nice to have such great Elders around! We LOVE having the missionaries over, and we hope they come over again next month despite Matt putting them to work! ~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dinner at the Birds ~

We had Stuffed Ground Beef for dinner. My family will know what that is, but for those who are not aware, it is like a Hamburger with Stuffing in the middle.... and Cream of Chicken Sauce on the top.... VERY good! One of my favorites~ THANKS MOM for the recipe!! Dinner at our house is ALWAYS a treat for those involved!! Landon is learning how to sit up in the Purple Bumbo Chair. This was one of the BEST $20.00 we ever spent on Hailey when we first bought it! She loved to sit in this sucker, and we learned from our friend Annaleesa to use it like a High Chair. So this is how Landon is able to participate in our Family Dinner.
Hailey is petting his head in this picture. This is her giving him love. And to those of you worried about little Landon having to use a Purple Bumbo.... don't worry there is PLENTY more girl toys you are going to see him partake in the years to come...... notice in both the pictures he is looking at Hailey, he loves her so much, and is always watching what she is up to! ~ LOVE the little kids!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Our WONDERFUL Weekend! ~

We had SUCH a busy weekend, it was GREAT that the weather is finally agreeing with our plans.....We started our garden EARLY Saturday Morning. Matt cleared the area, and I helped as much as I could, and then raked all the junk Matt had cleared. We forgot to take pictures of the "before" and "after", but here is "while it was happening.... The garden has 3 rows of Onions in the back, 7 mounds for the Watermelons in the middle, 4 little bushes of Bell Peppers next, then in the front is Strawberries, Green Onion, and two Tomato plants. I LOVE it! ~
And here is Matt and Landon watering the garden.... Landon loves being with his daddy....
After we got all cleaned up from the Garden, we headed over to meet Brent and Amalia Cutts at Fresno State for "Vintage Days". This is Matt and Hailey. We enjoyed just walking around and looking at all the fun stuff we did not want to buy. They had a Kids Corner and Hailey was VERY excited about it all, but you had to buy a wrist band to play on anything, and you had to wait in line at all the bounce houses and stuff after purchasing the band.... not my idea of fun.... so we headed home after about two hours of being there.
Here is Landon and I, he enjoyed seeing everything, and slobbered ALL over the Baby Bjorn!! It was fun for us all especially because we got alot of "SWAGGG......" is that what you call it???
THEN we went out on the boat!! OH how I love to go out on the boat! We went with Uncle John and Aunt Ally! They were not able to enjoy it as much as we did because John broke is foot, and Ally is still recovering from surgery, but they were a BIG help!! (we needed a third to hold the flag, and watch Hailey) We left Landon at home with a babysitter, we wanted to really enjoy our first time on the lake.... And this is me enjoying the lake..... I am not going to lie... it was cold. When I jumped in I was screaming like a girl, but once I was up it was SO refreshing!!
We did not get a good picture of Matt up, but he enjoyed some ridding time too...
I drove while Matt was ridding, and Hailey likes to help me drive too sometimes, Aunt Ally got this picture.... Hailey was OBVIOUSLY pre-occupied with something else!~ And this is a picture on our way back. We had SUCH a great weekend, it was nice to take the next day, Sunday to rest up for the week ahead! Saturday is a Special Day! It's the day we go wakeboarding!! We felt we deserved a nice run with all the work we did on the garden! I hope to keep you updated on the progress of that garden! ~ I hope you all enjoyed your weekends too! ~

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bling Bling ~

Hailey likes to get into my closet and get out my Jewelry.... she got into my bracelets and watches.... can you tell?? Gotta LOVE IT! ~

Friday, April 17, 2009

N.K.O.T.B. ~~~

To those of you un-educated people who do not understand the NKOTB... let me teach you about something stands for New Kids On The Block!! Oh yeah! I loved these guys like 20 years ago... and I am IN LOVE all over again... you think I am kidding huh.... read on~
Imagine you are LUCKY enough to go see your FAVORITE group in concert with your girlfriend... yeah I know... That was the STORY of MY LIFE last night! ~ This is Amalia and myself just before we left my house for our Girls Night Out! ~We meet some girlfriends at The Japanese Kitchen for some GOOD times and some EVEN BETTER FOOD!~ YUMMM!! Amalia got the Fillet Mignon, and I got the Chicken.... they were BOTH wonderful! Note to self... COOK MEAT WITH BUTTER! ~ (right amalia) Here are all the girls we ate with. Amalia and I are in the back. Then there is Courtney, Chantelle, her friend she won tickets and brought (sorry I forgot your name, but you were so adorable) and Carissa.... Dinner was SO much fun, but the REAL action we were looking for was SOON to come...
We made it JUST in time!! As we were sitting down in our NOSE BLEED seats, the Jabbawockeez came out. They were the opening act, and let me tell you they blew it up! Not many people know about these guys. They are a dance crew that won on a show that is on MTV. It is called America's Best Dance Crew, and they were HOT! They wear white masks on their faces, and they can break it down like NONE other! LOVED IT! They rocked the house with lots of new hit songs along with kickin' it old school with MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, and NKOTB... they also did a tribute to Beyonce with their "Single Ladies" dance! I think they are WONDERFUL! ~ LOVED IT! ~
After their performance, we were preparing for the magic to happen! Amalia and I were just talking about how we were not sure if we were going to cry, get giddy, or what when the boys emerged from their backstage hiding place, and out of NO WHERE this lady came up into the NOSE BLEED section and started handing out tickets to move into the empty seats below! Amalia jumped up and grabbed us two ROCKIN' seats right near the stage! We were SO pumped!!! Yeah, this was them when they first came out! OH YEAH! ~ LOVING MY NKOTB! ~ Amazingly neither one of us cried we just jumped up and down like little school girls and screamed for our crushes!! Here is Donnie singing (not sure what song) With all the boys in the background. Donnie is SO hot right now!! He is my new favorite!! So Amalia will vouge for me, we were SO close when they went to the sides of the stage!! Jordan looked at me, and there was DEFINITE eye contact! Oh yeah, this is me SO giddy about eye contact with Jordan! I think it helped that we were the only white girls in a sea of Asians ( i love Asians, please don't take offense) I just knew we stood out!! Whenever Donnie (my current love intrest), Joey (Amalia's man) or Jordan (my school girl crush) came over to our side we were jumping up and down screaming the lyrics to the song, and LOVIN' that they were interacting with the crowd!! We were THIS close to them girls!! YEAHHH!! Like I said before, when I was younger Jordan was my crush! I still think he is amazing, I mean LOOK at him, this is him singing with his shirt off!! It was VERY convenient that they had a fan blowing his shirt open, I bet he really needed it because it was SO hot up in there! ~:)
This picture reminds me of BACK in the day when they just sat and sang. They are the Mafia Starters of the Boybands!! So N'Sync, Backstreet Boys, and the Jonas Brothers better give them a HUGE THANK YOU! ~ The concert was GREAT! Whenever I go to concerts I always wonder if I am going to enjoy the show! I SURE DID!! They sang EVERY song I wanted to hear, and a few of the new ones that I liked, and now I have to go get the cd!! It really did make my night! And despite my sore throat and tired eyes today... it was TOTALLY worth it! I recommend any of you closet NKOTB Lovers to COME OUT and rejoice in their reunion! Buy a cheap seat and pray for the Upgrade! What a GREAT night! And it was all made possible by Amalia who talked me into going THANKS GIRL, and Matt who watched the kids and supports my NKOTB obsession! ~ THANKS MATTY FOR THE GIRLS NIGHT OUT! I loved it! ~

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My little Bulldogs ~

You know those days when NOTHING goes right.... when you just want to scream "What was I thinking having kids?" Well, TODAY my friends is not one of those days! It sure started off wrong with Landon waking up at 6 am to eat, and then not going back to bed. Plus Hailey having an accident in her PJ's and desperately needing a shower.... but I told myself today is a WHATEVER day! I am going to be happy NO MATTER WHAT! ~ Here is Princess Hailey after her shower. I got her all dressed up, and hair done, and she DID Not want to take a picture. This is her watching TV. I think Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on.Here she is again with her "I'm A Little Bulldog" T-Shirt! She was trying to climb on the coffee table, which she knows is a NO NO! ~ This is the only way I could get Hailey to actually take a picture. Was for her to give Brother a kiss. I love Landon's expression... what the heck?
And here is my ADORABLE Little Chubbers Landon! He is Laughing in this picture! He was SO happy to have me talking to him this morning! SO full of JOY!
His little smile MELTS my heart, and reminds me that I am SO blessed to have my children!!
Here I am giggling in Landon's Ear, and this was his reaction! PURE BLISS ~
Oh how I LOVE my little Chubbers! And his sister too, even if she won't be a part of my picture party! ~

Monday, April 13, 2009


We just wanted to get a picture up of Little Miss HayHay in her Easter Play Dress Grandma Andersen made for her!!

She LOVES this dress, and did not mind me taking a cute little picture of her in it! THANKS Grandma for the adorble dress! We love it! ~ XOXOXOXO

Easter Sunday ~

Early Easter Morning, We all RUSH into the Living Room to see what the EASTER Bunny has left us!! Hailey is happy to see all her treasures! She got a green and white Easter Dress, three Disney Princess t-shirts, a pair of crocs, and candy from us. She got a cute white shirt with a flower and two matching skirts from G&G Andersen. And PJ's, stickers, and a writing pad with Crayola toddler Markers from G&G Bird. She is not spoiled AT all.... haha!
Matt and I thought we were going to have to show Hailey how to HUNT for Easter Eggs, little did we know she became a PRO over night, and was running all over to get the eggs the Easter Bunny had hidden for her! ~
Mommy had to help her with opening the Eggs, but she did not want help eating what was inside! She had Reese's, Kisses, Rolos, and Mini Tootsie Rolls to enjoy!!
Little Landon made a HAUL with t shirts and his Easter Outfit from mommy and daddy and a cute tie from Grandma Andersen! What a little lucky boy!
This is what I got! TWO Yankee Candles... Vanilla Lime and Lavender Lemon... They Smelled SO good! ~ And the candy sure tastes good! ~
I sent Matt on a little scavenger hunt! He got this FSU National Champions T Shirt for the Baseball team last year and his favorite SOUR jelly beans! He was STOKED!
Not sure if you can tell from this picture or not, but Hailey went around and got EVERYONE'S Easter Basket to carry around! She sure was in the Easter Spirit! ~ After playing in the morning we had Uncle John and Aunt Ally over for breakfast. We ate YUMMY French Toast, then we headed outside for Hailey's Easter Egg Hunt!!
Here she is grinning from EAR to EAR in her PJ's that G&G Bird got for her. She was running all over the back yard looking for eggs! I think we hid like 30. Not too shabby for a little One and a half year old
It was SO cute watching her pick up the eggs and put them in her basket! She was SO excited with each egg she found! ~
Thanks to all the grandparents for their Sweet Gifts to the kids! It sure was a beautiful Easter. We had a wonderful Easter Lesson in Relief Society at Church. I am SO thankful for the sacrifice our Savior made for us. What a blessing he gave us!! I hope we were all able to remember the real reason for the Easter Season!