Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trunk or Treat

Our Ward Halloween Party was LOTS of fun . . .
Little Landon Nemo was having LOTS of fun!!
Hailey LOVED the Trunk or Treating part the best!!
And this picture sums up the night for Hailey. She followed Snow White around practically the WHOLE time!! She would not get close to her even after Mommy gave Snow White a hug! This was as close as she would get!!
Here is our GHANGSTA friend Spencer and his HIPPIE Wife Lauren! ~The Clovis West Cheerleader Amalia and her ADORABLE little Punk Rock Buddie!!
The DEVIL herself and her HOT WITCH friend Megan . . .
And what Devil does not need a STRONG man by her side?? Matt was one of the Fantastic Four people... I forget the name! HAHA ~ We had a GREAT time at the Party! Now we need to figure out what to do Halloween Night . . .

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Playing around . . .

This is a picture that I scanned in, and just decided to play around with . . .
I WISH I had more time on my hands! ~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

House Hunting ONE

So, we have been searching the area for a house we might be able to buy. We are currently renting, and there has been an offer on the house, and we are currently having "inspections done" on the house, so we need to find a place to call home. We moved here last February, and we enjoy the house and area very much. So much in fact we COULD buy it, but it does not have all the things I wanted in a house, and Matt and I don't think we could put the effort into adding to the house. We REALLY love the neighbors, but the house still needs work because it is older.

HENCE my House Hunting ONE post. We have been out three times to look at houses, and I have a few PROBLEMS...

WHAT IS UP WITH THE Garage Conversions?? I mean if it is done right that is GREAT! But we have yet to see one done right!! AND If it is done right... where do you expect me to park my car??

WHAT IS UP WITH these SMALL kitchens. Who wants to cook in a small space??

WHAT IS UP WITH NO access on either side of the house for room to park a boat, or at least COMFORTABLY walk... and WHY is there like either NO grass, or like a patch here and there... come on, did these contractors understand it would need to be mowed or what??

WHAT IS UP WITH the shower doors being on tubs. Some people might enjoy this, but I do not. My children enjoy taking a bath, and I do not enjoy leaning over the rail cutting my arms up...

WHAT IS UP WITH the weird angles some of these houses have too? Inside and out. Contrary to popular belief we do not like you making our closets at a V shape...

I could go on forever almost.

On a positive note I have found ONE house I am in love with. It does not have room for the boat which is not a HUGE problem... It has an open kitchen, 4 bedrooms with a loft area, it is one story, 3 bathrooms, living room and dinning area, and a decent backyard... here we go to the bank for financing...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Review's ~

It is not too often that Matt and I get to GO OUT to the Movies. And when we do go out, we usually just go see something Matt wants to see. ( I just wait to rent movies usually... yeah, I am STILL cheap) Well, for my birthday John and Ally watched the kids and Matt and I went to the Three Dolla' HOLLA Movies.
We saw THE PROPOSAL ... My review is this...Ryan Reynolds IS SOOOOOO HOT!~ I mean ... it was a GREAT movie! There were MANY funny scenes that made me laugh! I could tell you all of them, or you could head over to redbox an rent it for yourself!! It is rated PG-13, and there is a few scenes that might be questionable to some, good movie with the spouse, not so much your kids. There is a tastefully done semi-nude scene, and (I think that might have been what made me think Ryan was so hot) besides that you will LOVE this movie! ~ I recommend this to anyone who likes a good comedy-love story!
My next review is on Couple Retreat ~
We had some babysitting trading going on, and we got a night out. We got discount ticket vouchers, so we headed to the theatre again! :) (THANKS SWANN'S for trading with us)This movie was MORE funny than the commercials made it out to look. It was also rated PG-13, but had a few more scenes that really did not need to be in the movie... (you know what I mean) Matt and I really enjoyed the movie because not only did it have a HILARIOUS story line, it also had a GREAT ending for couples!! Matt and I were really able to relate to the story, and I think that might be why we enjoyed it more! There are four VERY different couples in this story, and I think almost everyone can relate to one of them! I recommend this to anyone with kids who needs a break, or those of you with hubby's you want a break from too! It really makes you think about your relationship!!

I know my "reviews" are not full of what the movie is about ONLY because I want you to experience the movies for yourself! Who wants to be the one to ruin a good movie?? NOT ME! I hope you are able to enjoy one or both of these movies in the near future! ~ Happy Viewing!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bird Family Christmas List ~

I thought it might be smart for me to have ONE place I had to visit to see WHOM we (Matt and I) needed to get presents for. Since I already Posted the Andersen one for this year... her is the BIRD SIBLING and IN~LAW CHRISTMAS PRESENT LIST! ~ Get your wish lists together people!!!

Chris ~ Kevin

Erin ~ Melissa I.

Matt ~ Nate

Melissa B. ~ Erin

Melissa I. ~ Chris

Nate ~ Melissa B.

Kevin ~ Matt

We are VERY excited for the upcoming Holiday Season, and are looking forward to finding the perfect gift for everyone! ~

Sunday, October 18, 2009


We sure enjoyed the Fresno State Game with the kids ~ The weather was perfect, and the people around us were very enjoyable to be around. ( last game there was a girl who would not sit down . . . random . . . just standing all by yourself . . . really?) This was the second game the kids and I were able to attend this season!! Hailey took her little Bulldog she got from Uncle Nate and Aunt Melissa and had SO much fun!!
Hailey got to sit in Matt's Chair for most of the game, and we think that is what made her enjoy the game so much! She had her snacks and her dog... she was SET!
And lucky little Landon got to sit in Mommy and Daddy's lap the whole game. He would get excited when the band played or if people where cheering he was looking around to see what was going on! He is going to be a BIG sports fan JUST like daddy! He is such a happy little boy!
And here is a view of the stadium from our seats! We really like being in the Young Alumni Area. It is a nice environment and it is fun getting to know the people around us! :)
Fresno won the game 41 to 21. It was a GREAT way to end a nice Saturday! ~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

T.G.I. Friday???

We wanted to get away for the night, and just have a fun meal with The Family. Matt and I had some coupons and gift certificates for The Elephant Bar that we wanted to put to good use last night. We got to the restaurant, parked, got our names on the waiting list, went over to the bookstore to help the wait go by faster, waited the 45 minuets, let Hailey play with all the WILD ANIMALS in the place, we really thought this was going to be a GREAT idea... then we got seated. Landon and Hailey decided to make the biggest SCENE to date! They acted like they were being tortured! Needless to say we left the restaurant just after the waiter got us our waters...

So after deciding where we wanted to go now (I am cheap and I want to go somewhere we are going to get a deal) we landed at Baja Fresh. We were worried the kids were going to act up again, so we went somewhere we could pack up and leave if we needed to!! But to our ASTONISHMENT... the kids were on their BEST behavior there!! Maybe it was the Mexican music in the background, we are not sure, but SOMETHING changed their tunes... Here is Landon sitting in a totally similar highchair (after I disinfected it with baby wipes) to the one he was in at Elephant Bar only this time he is smiling and giggling...

And here is Hailey after dinner STILL in her happy mood playing out in the fountain. We thought it would be fun to make wishes and throw a penny into the fountain... this is Hailey wanting to get the pennies back!!

And this is me trying to get a good picture with my children. Staying at home with them ALL day EVERY day I wanted to get a picture of one of the more joyous occasion's... I was having to hold Hailey back from getting TOO wet, and Landon was GROWLING at me!! (his new favorite thing to do) And since we had already been ALL over the Riverpark Area, I decided before we left we needed to stop by The Claim Jumper and pick up a slice of their Chocolate Cake... have you ever had this cake?? PURE JOY!! YUMMMMOOOO.....

After Matt and I thought more about WHAT it was that changed the kids... we came to the realization that we did not care what it WAS just that it happened! Here is to many more nights with the kids!!

Friday, October 9, 2009


So we used this GREAT invention below the KidCo Food Grinder the other night at dinner, and I have to say... LANDON LOVED IT! ~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Ultimate Playdate 2009 . . .
PUMP IT UP in Clovis
We decided we needed to have a playdate that would be fun for the kids and the mom's... Sure we enjoy just getting together and enjoying some fun gossip and screaming kids in our houses, but how nice would it be to have our kids run all over the place NOT in our houses?? Hailey sure remembered this place once we got there! This was the best shot I got of her because she was ALL OVER THE PLACE! ~
Landon was just trying to take everything in! This is him staring at the big slide that he REALLY liked going on with mommy! ~ Amber Cluff invited friends from the ward to meet her for the Ultimate Playdate 2009!! She has two boys; Kalos 3, and Trey 1, (he actually JUST turned one on the 3rd of October) Another attendee was Amy Harden. She has three kids, but she only had to bring two (one day my kids will be in school right??) Logan 4, and Haley 2. And of course my kids were there too Hailey 2 and Landon almost 9 months. All the kids are pretty close in age as you can tell, and when they get together we have a BLAST!!
I have been to Pump It Up before, and I do not EVER get good pictures, I am not sure WHY I brought the camera, but luckily for me Kalos decided he was going to get some good footage of the Playdate... here are a few of the things he thought needed to be photographed...
The floor... NICE!! There were MANY other pictures of the ground actually but this is my favorite because it has HIS toes, and someone else's in it... we never did figure out who's toes those are...
His Mother "Mommy Amber" ... I guess he wanted to make sure he showed there was supervision while the kids were there, so he got a picture of all the mommies..."Mommy Amy" as she rolls off the Big Slide after enjoying a good ride...
And a nice BOOTY shot of me... Gee... Thanks Kalos... This picture actually shows WHY it was the Ultimate Playdate 2009. They did not have any workers on the jumping floor with us, so we got to play around too. We decided to move over the ramp and Amber and I had fun running up the slide... NICE workout. In fact Amber has some incriminating videos that she has posted on FB for your viewing pleasure...
Yes, he wanted you to know we still got some Gossip time in as we watched the kids... nice face shot buddy!! lol... (check out that bruise on Mommy Amber's leg... it's been there for like TWO weeks now...)
And a GREAT one of the kids in ACTIVE PLAY! Thanks Kalos! You are HIRED!!
It was SO much fun, and I think we are going to do this again for SURE! So anyone else interested in joining us... Start saving your money! It is $7.00 per kid over 2, and mommies and babies are free!! Clovis offers the jumping time Mon. Wed. and Friday from 10:00 am -11:30 am. It was the BEST nap investment money I have EVER spent! TOTALLY WORTH IT! ~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Our trip to PISMO BEACH~

Matt wanted to surprise me for my birthday. He decided to plan a trip with some of our friends (who happen to love our kids, and love to spend time with us) Spencer and Lauren Baker.
After learning they had amazing connections to a PIMP place in Pismo, Matt decided I needed to spread my wings and experience Pismo Beach.It was BEAUTIFUL there! We got to the Beach House late Friday Night, and after a wonderful Pancake Breakfast we decided to check out what the beach had in store for us. We borrowed John and Ally's Kayak's for the weekend (thanks Jensens) and so the boys wanted to get out in the ocean and have fun.
Luckily Lauren and I were not on the beach for this so called "fun". We walked the 50 steps from the Beach House right as the boys came in from the ocean. The waves were pretty big, and apparently they both got tossed from their kayaks and were hit with wave after wave. They both had on life vests and were safe, but they said it was a pretty scary ordeal. Long story short I guess Spencer saved Matt's life in a way! ~
Needless to say Lauren and I decided NOT to take the kayaks out... So instead, we took pictures and played in the sand ~
This is Landon taking a nice nap after eating lunch on the beach. We took our "Graco Octagon" where he slept nice and peaceful. I am sure it was the sound of the waves that was SO relaxing for him. Lauren and I relaxed in the chairs listening to the waves and watching the boys and Hailey play in the sand. The beautiful sun poking through the clouds was even more relaxing... all I had to do was close my eyes, and I felt like I was in heaven. The warm sand beneath my feet helped me get into "the zone" too...
Hailey LOVED playing in the sand! We brought things for her to make a sand castle, but she decided she wanted to pretend she was a doggie even more! Here she is with her ball that Aunt Ally gave her, she kept putting it in her mouth, and then realizing there was sand all over it and spitting it out! HAHA
Matt and Spencer were playing catch with the football. You can see the waves behind them crashing in.
Matt called Spencer his "Zatarra" ( I hope you have all gotten enough culture to see the movie The Count of Monte Cristo) ~ We shall call him... Zatarra. ~ Sounds fearsome. ~ It means, "driftwood." He told Spencer... "I swear on my dead relatives - and even on the ones who are not feeling too good - I am your man forever!"
Lauren covered Hailey's feet in the sand. She loved it! It took a little bit for her to figure out how to get them out! LOL! ~OHHHH! And we had the MOST AMAZING Clam Chowder EVER!! At the Splash Cafe near the Pismo Pier... YUMMMOOOO!!! Thanks Bakers for introducing us to this FABULOUSNESS!!
Oh, and if you can't tell by this picture...
Landon REALLY likes Lauren! ~
We went for a little stroll on the pier. Here is the ADORABLE little couple, and out family enjoying the night!! After our stroll we headed to get ice cream and hot cocoa! It was SO good! We had a WONDERFUL little vacation, and a very enjoyable time with our friends. We look forward to many more trips and good times in the future! Thanks to all those who helped make this weekend a great one to remember!

Thursday, October 1, 2009



And my kids MUST know this because I went for a quick shopping trip,
and there was not too much crying going on!!

Matt has planned a SURPRISE TRIP for this weekend, and all I know is
" Just pack for Cold and Warm Weather." And " No, I am not going to make you go
camping again or anything else like that."

I cleaned the house today because I need to get ready for our mini Vacation... right?
We are going to go out tonight because we are so LUCKY that Uncle John and Aunt Ally are going to watch the kids for us! YEAHHHHH!! Three Dolla' Movie Theatre here we come! ~ (They watched the kids for Matt's Birthday too) I am SO glad we have them close! ~ They love our kids, and our kids love them! ~

Until Later... WISH ME LUCK on my Surprise!

I am 28, and I STILL got it! ~