Friday, July 31, 2009

Do you love Playdates too???

In our ward we have a few Stay At Home Mommies. We like to get together and let the kids play and get out the wiggles... and hopefully get them to take NICE NAPS!!! :) Our first ward Playdate was at the Hardens. Most of us have kids the same age. Our "toddlers" are all in the same Nursery Class, and we think it helps to get them together Outside of the Nursery time. We hung out in the Nice Shady Backyard while the kids ran ALL over. They had swings, trikes, a kiddie pool, chalk, SO much fun things for the kids to play with. It was also nice because us mommies got to sit back (when we were not having to "help" the kids share, or not splash in the pool) and just Talk.

We had the most recent Playdate at my house. I was not sure what the weather was going to be like so I told the ladies to bring toys for inside and swimwear for outside. I had Mommy Harden bring "big boy toys" because my older boy toys are limited. She brought cars and car tracks and that was a BIG hit! We turned on the Pixar movie Cars and let the kids just have at it. The girls played in the other room with the kitchen mostly until the boys took over that room then they headed back and forth. Yes there were tears and fighting, but I think it went over VERY well. And the reason I think it went well is because I HAD A FUN CONVERSATION with my girlfriends! Most of the time when I am at a Playdate or park, I am frustrated with Hailey and how she is acting. This time I just sat back and relaxed and was able to enjoy myself at a playdate! I think it was nice for all of us to get adult conversation. We talked and laughed and told Crazy stories about High School and funny things... before we knew it, it was lunchtime. We headed to the Kitchen and made some PB&J Sandwiches and I warmed up last nights leftovers for the moms, and we had a nice lunch. We decided we were not done talking, so we threw the swimsuits on the kids and headed outside. There was a kiddie pool, a sprinkler and a slip n' slide to get wet with, but the boys were most interested in the 4x4 Automatic Ford Toy Truck. We had to take turns, and I ended up unplugging it because the poor thing would not die quick enough to save it's own life.(haha) We pulled out some bubbles, and the soccer goals and the kids took some shots. Then the boys found the swim noodles, they got pulled out for some sword fighting. (I am learning what little boys like... this is helpful)

We made it back inside and the Hardens headed home because I think there were a few READY for naps... Mommy Harden told me later they all slept VERY WELL after the day's activities. And the other Mommy Cluff and I let the kids change back into play clothes and just play. We kept asking the kids if they were done playing, and they would tell us NO, so it was not until Mommy Cluff got a phone call that we realized it was 4:00 p.m.! We both had things we needed to get done, so we parted ways after LOTS of fun talking! (we did not want the hubbies to think we did not get anything done for the day... right?)

I realized that as much as I think Hailey needs these Playdates... I need them just as much! It is SO helpful to surround yourself with others that know what you are going through, and are willing to listen and be understanding. There is nothing better in the world than being able to speak your mind and not be judged by "Other Mommies" It helps that we are all going through it together!! Thanks girls for a WONDERFUL Playdate! Here is to MANY more to come!!

Oh, and this is what my kids looked like after Mommy Cluff left.... yeah I love naptime (even if it is 4:30 in the afternoon) :)
I tried to get Hailey to eat before going to bed... this was what happened...I love it when she falls asleep eating... GOOD TIMES!!P.S. Sorry there are not pictures of the kids actually playing... I was too busy playing myself! :)YEAH FOR PLAYDATES! ~

Thursday, July 30, 2009

WOWZA! A good night sleep?? I think SOOOO!!!

Hello My friends, this post is going to be a LITTLE different... I have a good friend who has been helping me start to SAVE money!! She is my little Sassy Saver Friend! (you can see a link to her blog under A Few of My Favorite Things...)
She and her husband were able to score THIS...

DUN DUN DUN.... The Select Comfort In Balance Mattress Topper
How did they score it you ask... check the link below...
Oh, and it also tells you how YOU can score this too...
Hurry I said... Check the link below... Offer is only good for a limited time.... quit reading all the other things I write and click the link already... really?? Click it...

Pimp Huh?? Wish me Luck! I wish you luck too!! ~

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thank Goodness for Neighbors....

It is 12:35 p.m. and I am contemplating something I NEVER thought I would EVER have to contemplate in my life...

My daughter came to me after we were done watching her movie of choice, and let me know she was hungry. She actually said " Mommy, I want to eat... dinner." But whatever, So I gave her three choices of what she could have for lunch. "Ok, do you want Chicken Nuggets, Mac N' Cheese or a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich?" I was hoping she would make the EASY decision and go for the Chicken Nuggets... I then hear from my little Princess " Cheese Mommy, Cheese... " DANG IT! Now I have to actually work to get lunch on the table.
(and to those of you who are thinking I am lazy for not wanting to make Macaroni and Cheese... don't you know that Frozen Chicken Nuggets, and a PB&J sandwich are SOOO much easier and less time consuming to make... stop judging me...haha)
Anyways... I get the water boiling and I pour the noodles in the pot. I start the timer and head back to see what the kids are up to in the playroom. The timer goes off and I head to stir the noodles, after I accomplish that HUGE task (haha) I look at the side of the box. I need 4 Tbsp. of Butter which I pull out and YES I have exactly 4 Tbsp. left from whatever I made last (I was actually REALLY happy about that, like my life was complete because I was no longer storing random amounts of butter in the fridge) I then look for the next ingredient and see that I need 1/4 cup of milk. OHHH NOOO!! Matt used the last little bit of milk for his breakfast.... dun dun dun (scream).

What am I to do?? I look all over the fridge like there might be milk hidden somewhere and as I look at the top shelf I see it... there is a bottle of Breastmilk... are you thinking what I am thinking?? Of course you are... So I pull it out.

I put it on the counter...

I look at it...

I picked it up...

I decide it needed a little bit of a shake...

I put it back down on the counter...

I pull out my measuring cups...

In one hand I have my Breastmilk, In the other I have my measuring cup...

I stood there looking back and forth at the Breastmilk and the measuring cup for about 5 minutes... then I looked at the box instructions ONE more time to make sure it calls for Milk... maybe I read it wrong...


1/4 Cup Milk.... to which I ask myself "Does Breastmilk work like Cow's Milk..."

I proceed to look back and forth between the measuring cup, the breastmilk, the box, and the noodles waiting for me...

I quickly grab the Phone and Call up my Neighbor...

"Beth, Do you have any extra milk I can borrow..." To which I proceed to tell her of my predicament, she laughs, and sends her daughters over with a gallon of 2% milk...

I put the breastmilk back in the fridge and retire the thought...

Has anyone else been in a similar situation...??? Just Wondering... and you thought I was going to use the Breastmilk... I told Beth " I just couldn't do it...!" LOL~!
I think I might get this Shirt for Landon... HAHA! ~ Oh, and BOTH my kids are napping at the same time RIGHT NOW ... today has been QUITE the day!! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009


This is what happens after a LONG day out on the water Saturday, and yet another LONG day at church on Sunday. This picture was taken at 5:08 p.m....Yeah, Sundays really ruin our "Nap Schedule"...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Landon ~ My FAT BABY

So I really like to watch this T.V. Show... and on it they have a section especially made for "FAT BABIES"The host likes to show off all the Fat Babies around the world, and she cracks jokes about everyone and everything...
She really likes to make fun of Mormons, (if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at) so I thought HEY! I have a FAT Mormon Baby! She will put him on her show for sure!! So I stripped Landon down to his diaper, and grabbed one of his Ties and I planned on sending her a photo titled " My FAT Little Future Mormon Missionary" But every picture I took, Landon did not look "fat enough" for me!!
But this picture sure came out cute!
We will have to try again! ~
P.S. at the last Dr. Apt on July 15th, he weighted in at a HEALTHY 18 lbs. 12 oz!! Mommy is getting a WORKOUT carrying this baby around! Oh, how I love my little Landon! ~

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Has anyone else seen that Movie John Q.... every time I log into my blog and I see "Dashboard" I say it like the mom was trying to say it in the beginning of the movie.... haha So if you have not seen it, YOU SHOULD!~ I recommend it, and have a box of Kleenex handy.... just sayin... ( I have it on VHS if you would like to borrow it...)

"It's NOT goodbye Dad.... It's see you later!!"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So yeah... Consultation went well. As well as it can go.

A GREAT friend of mine came over and watched the kids while I went by myself. It was nice knowing that my children would not be traumatized by seeing their mother cry, and wondering what was the matter with her. Melissa Campbell and Bailey made things just that much easier! THANKS!!!

So because I am SUCH a baby about these things, Matt came with me. I know I need my husband to hold my hand through this... I'm nuts right??

As I started driving in my car over to the Oral Surgeon's Office, I almost started crying. Luckily I was running a little late, so I was trying harder to concentrate on where I was going... I finally found it, and I walked into the office HOPING to see Matt there so I could cry on his shoulder, and he was not there yet... So I took a deep breath and headed to the Receptionist Area to sign in... I was thinking in my head " If you don't sign in they will never know... this is your way out..." then the nice lady behind the counter asked if she could help me. I think she knew that I was about ready to loose it, and so she was VERY nice. I got through signing in, and giving all my insurance information without a single tear. Then they let me know that they needed Matt's Social, and I realized I was ALONE... I told them that my husband was meeting me here, and I would get it for them... then they let me sit down.

I took another big breath, and was going to start to cry because I was alone in the Dentist Office and this has to be my WORST fear ( I told you in the last post how irrational I get... didn't I?) Then I looked up and there were three kids sitting across from me. Somehow I was able to hold it in... not sure if I was not wanting to corrupt their minds about being at the Dentist Office, or if I was worried they would think I was a weirdo for crying ALONE...

I grab the Allure Magazine, and begin to read it. That helped, about 10 minutes later Matt shows up. It was like my Knight in Shinning Armor came through the door. All of the sudden I realized I was going to be ok. A very weird feeling ran over me, and I was relaxed. I no longer had the sick feeling, and I was not on the verge of tears... good thing he showed, because two minutes later they called me back for X-rays and my consult.

So... Long Story short... it went well. I did not cry once! My Oral Surgeon is a GREAT guy, and somehow knew that I needed to laugh a little and not once did he make me feel like I was a bad person for not seeing a Dentist in LOTS of years. He even joked that he hates the Dentist (he is an Oral Surgeon... it is a little different) and did not go in for a cleaning for three years because he didn't want to...

Even when they gave me the price tag I did not cry... Thank goodness for Insurance... they are "helping" as much as they can... we have been saving for this, and it's a good thing we have is all I have to say... not a price tag you want... I will be worth a WHOLE lot after everything is done... LOL! ~

So, I hope when I go in for the procedure I will be as strong as I was for the consult... not that I think it is going to happen, but I have a month to prepare... wish me luck... August 13th... here I come...

Monday, July 20, 2009


Anyone who has seen that movie " The Italian Job" will know what I am talking about... Only MY bad experience has nothing to do with dogs...

So I am getting ready to go to my Oral Surgeon Appointment. Why all of the sudden do I want to die... Why am I feeling like I am going to be giving birth... I want to cry... and the butterflies in my tummy are making me sick...

I think I have an irrational fear when it comes to anyone looking in my mouth or whenever I hear the sound of a Dentist's drill... actually I KNOW I have the fear, but I am trying to convince myself that it is irrational.
I know I need to get my teeth looked at, and fixed.

I know the Dentist does not get JOY out of hurting me.

I know they are only trying to make me brush better, but WHY do I want to crawl up in the fetal position and cry every time I think about going to the dentist.

I did not go to the dentist for about 5 years after I got married... for many reasons... but mainly because I fear this the MOST in my life...

It will be my life long struggle... and how do I make my kids go to the Dentist when their mother won't even go...

Is there something wrong with a 27 year old mother of two crying the second she walks in the door... I mean I gave birth TWICE, but I can't get a few teeth fixed when they are going to put me under...
Did I mention I never had my wisdom teeth pulled... yeah... I better go... PRAY for me...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mommy LOOK what I can do!!

Hailey is SO clever! She came up with this all by herself! We were watching a movie right before her nap, and she opened the doors to her TV stand and did this.... She got her pillow and blanket (only because I told her it was Nap Time)... got into the TV Stand...
Began to TRY to close the doors herself....
Not so easy from inside, but you get the picture! She is MAGIC!~ And she was So good at it by the time Matt got home she wanted to show him too! She now lets us shut the doors for her and she Pops Out Smiling at how brave she is! CUTE!!
We truly love to have this little girl in our home. She is SUCH a joy! When I sit back and just watch her I am in AWE of how much fun she is! She has so much energy, and is so happy! Seeing her laugh and smile really makes my day!!
OH! And we went to the Riverpark Farmers Market this last Tuesday night! We got Watermelon, Corn, Peaches, Blackberries, Grapes and Strawberries. WHAT A HAUL right?? Well I HAD to try my mom's recipe for Fresh Strawberry Pie... YEP it was great! ~ Matt said it was one of the BEST Strawberry Pies he has ever had! THANKS HONEY! ~ We are loving what Fresno has to offer... besides the Heat... now that is another story...

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Toy ~

I am sure you are all happy to know we are the new proud owners of this Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Exausaucer (however you spell it)... We have been searching for a cheap one on Craigslist and online, and we found this sucker at Target! It was the last one, and was not even on display! We just came upon it by pure dumb luck! It has ALL KINDS of fun toys that make sounds and light up, and a little platform on the bottom for baby to bounce off... we bought it for Landon, and I have caught Hailey in it a few times already. We LOVE it! It even helped me make dinner by entertaining the kids for me! (this is what Hailey's hair looks like by the end of the day... I promise it was brushed and put back nicely at one point.... haha)
And as you can see the kids think it is cool too!~ I love new toys!! Don't you??
OH!! And yet another HAPPY BIRTHDAY
(aka David Alma Bird Matt's Dad)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Yep, you heard me... Butter, I am going to waste YOUR time telling you about butter, and all it's loveliness... as my daughter does this with it....YES, that is 3 sticks of butter you see on my Kitchen Floor Opened by my little Princess... I laid Landon Down on the Kitchen Rug to run and get my camera.... (don't you love the drool on his onesie)
And THIS picture above is Hailey trying to convince me that Landon had gotten into the fridge and opened all the butter that is laying on the floor...
And YES, she licked it and rubbed her grubby hands all over it, and also pushed it into the rug... and on the kitchen floor...In case you were wondering Butter is NOT easy to clean... THANKS
The next pictures are just of the kids going about their lives...
Taking their first bath together... Landon was splashing and sticking out his tongue, Hailey loved bathing with him.
Hailey sleeping under my chair as I put up the last post online... she loves to be by mommy!!And Landon and Hailey in her BIG GIRL BED! She was being silly and loved it when we put her little brother in the bed with her.
These moments help me remember to live in the moment! I will never get the "first bath", or the "first blame it on brother" moment back! I want to look back at these pictures and smile because it was OUR life! "It Might Be A Crazy Life, But it is OUR Life!" (Sound familiar...well said John and Kate Plus Eight)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We just wanted to take this time to send a
Birthday SHOUT OUT to
Lynette Bird
aka Grandma BirdThank You for raising a great son, loving my children, and for being a GREAT Grandmother!
We hope you have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY, and that all your
wildest dreams come true!!
Matthew ~ Melissa ~ Hailey and Landon

Monday, July 6, 2009

Forgetful ~ BUT SO FUN ~

This Post will be ONLY pictures I have found from my internet search... Me being the forgetful person I am left my camera (with all the batteries charged and ready to go) on my bed.... UGH!
Well, the Bird Family headed to Sacramento-Stockton for a Fun Filled Fourth of July weekend! We have spent almost EVERY 4th with family, and we were not going to pass up a three day weekend just sitting at home!! (nor did we want to purchase fireworks... which is something we have yet to do in the 6 years we have been married...) We like to travel to hit up Sacramento first because then we hit Stockton on our way home... lygistics just works out better that way... so Sacramento here we come!!We got to Sac Late Thursday Night, and we decided we were going to to Scandia on Friday to Celebrate and have fun! Scandia is SO much fun! It has 2 miniture golf courses.... batting cages....

go karts....

Bumper Boats and......(which was a perfect way to cool off I might add)
The Screamer.... Have you seen this thing?? It is NUTS!~ The 165-foot ride is so tall that the Federal Aviation Administration forced the amusement park to install warning lights on its rotating arms. And you are not allowed to scream, the park has instituted a no-shrieking rule for its scary new thrill ride, the Scandia Screamer, a gigantic, windmill-like contraption that sends people plunging 16 stories to Earth at nearly 60 mph. The reason for this rule is because of the many complaints of the neighboring communities... i have to admit... it was real tough not screeming on this sucker... it was great!!
We played both courses, and ended up playing real well!! There was a 4 way tie of 49 after 18 holes!! (par was 50) the other two (losers) were less than 5 behind!! Not too shabby!! This was our second game of the day after a wonderful China Buffet. We were celebrating Matt's Birthday with my family and Matt wanted it.... The food was SO good!! Best Buffet I have EVER been too! It is in Downtown Sac off Boradway, in a sketchy part of town, but when we saw Chineese People going in there, we knew it would not be too bad...
It was great!~After we were all full, we went back and had the great game of golf!! The only thing we did not do at Scandia was the batting cages. No complaints here... i don't need 50 mph balls flying at my face... or body...
We went home and got The Pink Panther 2 from Redbox and an Apple Pie from the store which was a perfect ending to a perfect day!!
The next day was Saturday, July 4th!! One of my favorite holidays!! I am SO thankful for the men who signed the Declaration of Independance, and for all the MANY men and women who have fought for the freedom we have today! I am very frusturated with the "government" that we have today, but I am proud of the TRUE people who try to uphold what this great nation was founded upon... HELLO OBAMA... DO you get the picture yet?.... Oh that's right.... NO! (off my soap box... sorry for that outrage... haha) And what 4th of July would not be complete without a Pancake Breakfast...
At least for Mormon's that is... every ward I have ever lived in has had a Pancake Breakfast and Flag Raising Ceremony. The food was great, and it was a fun time had by all!!
(My Kitchen is "Americana" because I really LOVE the great land that we live in, and I am in the kitchen so much that I am able to remember how great we do have it... taxes and all!!)
After the breakfast we headed home to pack up and head to Stockton.
We got to Stockton and relaxed talking with Mom and Dad Bird, and got ready to go out on the boat. We REALLY enjoy going out on the NICE boat that Matt's parents have. I enjoy it because I am not stressing about if something is wrong with the boat, and I also enjoy how nice it drives. Matt enjoys it because we are out with his family, and he does not have to drive all the time... being out on the water is calming for me, and really is a treat! Matt had fun boarding, and we had fun watching all the crazy people on their boats... We saw a boat that was sinking in the main channel on the Delta... good times! I hope they had insurance!! We got home and had a GREAT dinner... Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Fruit, Potato Salad.... YUMMMM
Then we got in the Spa and just RELAXED!! We went to church the next day with his parents and saw friends we have not seen in a little while. We also got to see Kevin, and it was nice visiting with him. We saw another movie Doubt that was pretty good, and had a great dinner and then saw Grandma and Grandpa Bird for a few minutes! Like I said before we sure are lucky we are able to spend time with Family! Because after all that is all that matters!
We hope you all had a great relaxing weekend too! ~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok, So I knew this day was going to ROCK, but I had No idea I was going to be the one looking like the ROCK STAR.... HELLO! ~ Let me introduce you to Carissa Hosford!! She is an Amazing Friend of mine, and an even more amazing Hair Stylist! She was the first "Young Couple Face" to talk to me in the Gettysburg Ward, (the ward we bought our house in) and we have been friends ever since!
She has been doing my hair since the day she got out of beauty school. If she needed a model for something she knew I was down! I am not the type of person to get upset about a bad hair cut or anything so she loved using me... and can I say I have always loved what she has done with my hair!! She is REALLY AMAZING!!(if you want her info LET ME KNOW...)

And now let me introduce you to the new and improved

Melissa Andersen Bird.

I was really only going to trim my hair and touch up my roots,

but somehow I ended up going all out to this....And those colors are Brown, ORANGE, Blond and MY hair color Dirty Blond....Gotta give the kisses to the cameraside view with the additional kiss....and the other side view!

So.... What do you think?? I really like it! Matt says the Orange will grow on him, but he really likes it too! Of course the colors will calm down a little, this is the FIRST day of color so it is the brightest!!

Well, it was a GIRLZ DAY because my other friend from church Amalia Cutts came over to get her hair done too!! She was cutting her hair and donating it to Locks of Love... I took pictures of her hair, but you'll have to see her blog when she posts them... no color for her yet, but OBVIOUSLY it is shorter if she donated to Locks of Love right??

We had Luna's for Lunch, Gossiped, Laughed, Cried, (good crying of course... when we cut the 10 inches off Amalia's head) and just had a ball talking and getting our hair done! I love you both so much! You really make me feel special and loved!! I can truly be myself when I am with you, and I love feeling like I can let go and say what I want to say!! I think these are the kind of friendships that will last a lifetime, and I am SO glad I have you both in my life! Kisses and HUGS!! I also appreciate you putting up with my kiddies for our FAB GIRLZ DAY!! THANKS CARISSA!! YOU RULE! ~