Friday, March 1, 2013

MORE Scribbles Stamping Fun ~

So I made this WAY back in September of 2012 for the COLOR ME RAD 
race I entered with some friends!!
I entered this race BEFORE I knew I was pregnant, and it was right around race time that I passed my FIRST TRIMESTER so I was EXCITED to make the announcement...
(now that giving BIRTH is right around the corner, I figured I could post this... haha)
 So I grabbed my handy dandy Scribbles Alphabet Stamp Set and an old white shirt and got to work!
I have used this stamp set on a few different things, so I knew what I was doing this time around. I made this shirt the night before the race!! Again I used the Stamp Pads because I loved how they worked on my last project! See THIS BLOG POST for instructions on what I did...
The only thing I did differently this time was I used Huggies Wipes (shout out to HUGGIES!!) to clean the letters after each use rather than running to my Kitchen Sink for each letter. The wipes worked like a CHARM! It was easier to see if there was still ink on the stamp with the wipe than with just running water...
I let it dry, ironed it, but did not have time to wash it. It was not a big deal because I wore it to the Color Me Rad Race and THIS is what happened...
for making me EASILY Crafty and Stylish at the same time!!

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