Wednesday, May 15, 2013


SIX years ago today we welcomed our VERY first child into the world! 
 Hailey Bird. She was my first everything!
She is in Kindergarten! She loves recess time and lunch. She says it is hard to go to school and learn new things. She negotiates doing her homework on a daily basis, and somehow we have gotten her to pass off all her Kindergarten Work!
She is very helpful around the house. She can brush her teeth and get dressed on her own. I used to have to pick out a matching outfit for her, but she is able to do that on her own now! She can also pour her own drink and get herself breakfast! (we don't let her do that often) She loves to help cook dinner and her favorite is either spaghetti with red sauce or spiral noodles with white sauce and bread. Her favorite dessert is ice cream of any kind. She told me "You can bring treats to my school for my birthday you know!" I told her I would because she has been such a good girl in our family. She loves everything Disney and currently Ariel is her favorite Princess. I made sure it was ok to bring treats with her teacher and then ran to get something special for my sweet little girl. I decided cookies would not be too messy, and Hailey just LOVED passing them out to her friends! Then I gave her a special surprise; a cupcake with an Ariel ring on it. She gave me a big hug and had a big smile from ear to ear... She is an amazing example to her younger siblings of LOVE. She plays well with her brother and is very gentle with her little sister.
 We sure love our BIG girl. We are blessed to have her in our little family! 
Happy Birthday Sweet Hailey!!

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