Monday, June 17, 2013

San Francisco with Papa Dude ~

Father's Day Weekend was very special...
Not only does it usually fall near Matt's Birthday, 
but THIS year we were able to spend it with Papa Dude...
Kylie warmed RIGHT up to him and fell asleep, and Landon is ALWAYS warmed up to Papa Dude and got the special chair to sit by him to watch a little TV.
So, I let Matt choose what he wanted to do for this special 
Birthday-Father's Day Weekend. He said... 
"Visit Family and go to San Francisco to see the America's Cup Sailboats."
 So we made the trip! First we went to see the Seals. It was a chilly windy day!
 We shopped a little and let the kids get one souvenir and  
Papa Dude treated each kid to some candy; they LOVED that!
Then we headed to Boudin for some YUMMY Lunch! 
Sourdough Clam Chowder Bread Bowl Anyone!? YES PLEASE!!
 We headed to the end of Pier 39 to see if the America's Cup Sailboats were practicing... no such luck. But we were able to see other boats and enjoy the beautiful view~
Then we decided it would be fun to go and visit Fort Point. The kids thought that was neat. We climbed the stairs and FROZE so we went right back down...
 After getting these amazing photo's of course!
Then we headed to The Oakland Temple.
 This Temple is very special to us! Matt and I were married there 10 years earlier... 
It is always a blessing to visit there!
 We decided to take the kids to the Visitor's Center where Landon sang "Book of Mormon Stories" to the Older Sister and gave all the Younger Sister Missionaries high fives! The kids made sure to let the Sister's know that they had an auntie and uncle on Missions in Florida and Texas!

And by the look of the last picture... it was a GOOD DAY! ~

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