Thursday, July 18, 2013

FOUR Months!!

What is the right age to introduce Disney Princess' to your little daughter?

Four Months you say...
 She LOVED this outfit! I found it at the store and sent a picture to my mom because it was SOOOOOO cute! They only had size Newborn left so I was not going to get it. (Size Newborn = 5-8 lbs.) Grandma said "GET IT... I want it!" I also got her a Cinderella Outfit! GUESS WHO STILL FIT THE OUTFIT!!?? 
 Landon helped me get her to giggle and smile! 
I can't believe all the different faces she pulled!
 She had me giggling too!
 She has that Disney Princess Smile and Wave thing DOWN!!
AND then she was done! Fell asleep while taking pictures! LOL!
At her check up she is doing great! 14 lbs. 3 oz! Growing like a little baby weed!

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