Friday, November 1, 2013

Book Fair ~

Hailey wanted to get a book at the Book Fair SOOOOOO bad...
The first day of the fair she took me into the Library and showed me the book that she wanted. I took a picture (because that is how we let the kids know we are listening to them; then we can pass it onto Santa for Christmas usually. OH the picture in my camera of what the kids want...) and then we had a little chat about what she can do to get this book.
Now I remember being a kid and wanting to get books from the Scholastic Book Order that came home ever month SO BAD TOO... I never got one... so the little girl in me WANTED to let her get this book. So she came up with some ideas of what she can do to get it...

1. Do my homework for the day
2. Be nice to my brother
3. Play with my sister
4. Help make dinner
5. Make good choices with my life

I thought these were pretty good ideas, so I said "That sounds great lets go home and talk with Daddy about it... WELL...
She did ALL these things AND more. She dressed herself in the morning, and helped do the dishes too! So I could not refuse her sweetness. She did this for two days... SO PROUD! Barbie Mariposa & the Fairy Princess is the name of the book AND it came with a butterfly necklace. You better believe she has been wearing that necklace EVERYDAY... One day I had to take it away because she had a bad day at school. We talked about how she would earn the necklace back and it was amazing to me that she did what she said she was going to do!!
At first I was NOT a fan of this Book Fair and the $10.00 Barbie book... Now it is MY Best Friend!!


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Kara said...

That is the EXACT (and only) book Makenna begged for at the Book Fair. I ended up buying it for her for Christmas. Hilarious! Two peas in a pod. Why is it that we don't live closer so these girls can be best cousins?