Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My husband's birthday lands within DAYS of Father's Day...
This year he turned 31 on Saturday then Sunday was Father's Day.
I don't think he minds so much, but I sure do.
How do you get amazing presents for BOTH things and not have them mix??
Well I guess fortunately for ME; every stinkin' year we also get
Fresno State Football Season Tickets.
My husband is a TRUE FAN!
He bleeds BULLDOG red... no, really he does!
And this year we bought our tickets with a family in our new ward so I will have a girlfriend to gossip with at the game!! SCORE! SO... I use these tickets as Matt's BIRTHDAY Present...
For his ACTUAL birthday we were on the Andersen Family Reunion in Tahoe. I knew I needed to do something special for him. It was the last day of the Reunion, and my son was sick so it was not an easy task. That morning at breakfast we sang "Happy Birthday" and in came my mom with a piece of Strawberry cake and a candle that said "Too Old to Count" ~ He was very surprised and enjoyed the cake. Since the Reunion was ending that day, I let him go Frisbee Golfing with The boys and I packed up the car. After they returned from the fun games we hit the road on the way to Stockton for some WAKEBOARDING!! We had planned on taking out the whole family, but since Landon was sick I stayed at home with the kids and Matt got to enjoy the boat with his parents and a few other people. Then that night; Aunt Jeanine watched our kids and Matt's parents took us out to eat. It was a very fun filled day for him indeed!
The next day FATHER'S DAY consisted of Church and Relaxing. Since Matt got a KICK BUTT birthday present we decided to go the "Home-Made" route for his Father's Day gift.
THIS is what I made (with help from the kids AND Auntie Ally!)
 The T-Shirt says "My kids walk all over me..."
and that is just what I had the kids do...
 Walk ALL over the t-shirt.
 (Hailey, Age 4)
(Landon, Age 2)
He also got a book "Family Ties" and a picture frame for his office.
I tried to make it something he could wear now, and then LOVE later when the kids are older and grown up.
We made Apron's for our Fathers as a present that said "My grandkids walk all over me..." and we think they both loved that too. OF COURSE we used the iLoveToCreate.com product to make them.
I used the Fabric Paint for the foot prints, (I just used a paint brush and painted it ALL over the little footies) and sponged Black Slick paint on the cute letter cut-outs my cousin Allyson helped me make on her cricket...(THANKS ALLY!)
It was a FUN project and got LOTS of smiles on Father's Day!

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AJ said...

When I read the title of this post I was wondering why you would be celebrating Birth Father's Day LOL, you haven't given anyone up for adoption have you?!

You are very welcome for the help but I am still mad at myself for the mishaps :-)

Sounds like Matt had an awesome birthday and Father's Day!