Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to NORMAL ~

I guess if you consider my life NORMAL that is...
Sickness is GONE. (for now at least, Daddy has a sore throat.)
But it sure is nice to have the Ear Infection medicine kicking in and a half sane mommy in the house.
Just doing Laundry and getting settled in for the short week ahead. We love 3 day weekends!!

Hailey said to me today "What is the matter Alligator?"
To which I said "Oh nothing."
And she said "That's OK Alligator, don't worry... we'll find the crocodile!"

I think I have said the "See you later Alligator" thing to her in the past, but that was cute.

We are making Macaroni and Cheese. I think this is Hailey's new favorite food. She goes through fazes. I better got let the kids "HELP ME" cook lunch!
I hope you are all in good health and ready for the short week too! :)

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