Friday, July 31, 2009

Do you love Playdates too???

In our ward we have a few Stay At Home Mommies. We like to get together and let the kids play and get out the wiggles... and hopefully get them to take NICE NAPS!!! :) Our first ward Playdate was at the Hardens. Most of us have kids the same age. Our "toddlers" are all in the same Nursery Class, and we think it helps to get them together Outside of the Nursery time. We hung out in the Nice Shady Backyard while the kids ran ALL over. They had swings, trikes, a kiddie pool, chalk, SO much fun things for the kids to play with. It was also nice because us mommies got to sit back (when we were not having to "help" the kids share, or not splash in the pool) and just Talk.

We had the most recent Playdate at my house. I was not sure what the weather was going to be like so I told the ladies to bring toys for inside and swimwear for outside. I had Mommy Harden bring "big boy toys" because my older boy toys are limited. She brought cars and car tracks and that was a BIG hit! We turned on the Pixar movie Cars and let the kids just have at it. The girls played in the other room with the kitchen mostly until the boys took over that room then they headed back and forth. Yes there were tears and fighting, but I think it went over VERY well. And the reason I think it went well is because I HAD A FUN CONVERSATION with my girlfriends! Most of the time when I am at a Playdate or park, I am frustrated with Hailey and how she is acting. This time I just sat back and relaxed and was able to enjoy myself at a playdate! I think it was nice for all of us to get adult conversation. We talked and laughed and told Crazy stories about High School and funny things... before we knew it, it was lunchtime. We headed to the Kitchen and made some PB&J Sandwiches and I warmed up last nights leftovers for the moms, and we had a nice lunch. We decided we were not done talking, so we threw the swimsuits on the kids and headed outside. There was a kiddie pool, a sprinkler and a slip n' slide to get wet with, but the boys were most interested in the 4x4 Automatic Ford Toy Truck. We had to take turns, and I ended up unplugging it because the poor thing would not die quick enough to save it's own life.(haha) We pulled out some bubbles, and the soccer goals and the kids took some shots. Then the boys found the swim noodles, they got pulled out for some sword fighting. (I am learning what little boys like... this is helpful)

We made it back inside and the Hardens headed home because I think there were a few READY for naps... Mommy Harden told me later they all slept VERY WELL after the day's activities. And the other Mommy Cluff and I let the kids change back into play clothes and just play. We kept asking the kids if they were done playing, and they would tell us NO, so it was not until Mommy Cluff got a phone call that we realized it was 4:00 p.m.! We both had things we needed to get done, so we parted ways after LOTS of fun talking! (we did not want the hubbies to think we did not get anything done for the day... right?)

I realized that as much as I think Hailey needs these Playdates... I need them just as much! It is SO helpful to surround yourself with others that know what you are going through, and are willing to listen and be understanding. There is nothing better in the world than being able to speak your mind and not be judged by "Other Mommies" It helps that we are all going through it together!! Thanks girls for a WONDERFUL Playdate! Here is to MANY more to come!!

Oh, and this is what my kids looked like after Mommy Cluff left.... yeah I love naptime (even if it is 4:30 in the afternoon) :)
I tried to get Hailey to eat before going to bed... this was what happened...I love it when she falls asleep eating... GOOD TIMES!!P.S. Sorry there are not pictures of the kids actually playing... I was too busy playing myself! :)YEAH FOR PLAYDATES! ~


Nichole said...

wow it sounds like I missed quite the event. I would have been there.

Bird is the Word said...

we missed you too!! hope the hike was more fun than what we had...:)