Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Ok, So I knew this day was going to ROCK, but I had No idea I was going to be the one looking like the ROCK STAR.... HELLO! ~ Let me introduce you to Carissa Hosford!! She is an Amazing Friend of mine, and an even more amazing Hair Stylist! She was the first "Young Couple Face" to talk to me in the Gettysburg Ward, (the ward we bought our house in) and we have been friends ever since!
She has been doing my hair since the day she got out of beauty school. If she needed a model for something she knew I was down! I am not the type of person to get upset about a bad hair cut or anything so she loved using me... and can I say I have always loved what she has done with my hair!! She is REALLY AMAZING!!(if you want her info LET ME KNOW...)

And now let me introduce you to the new and improved

Melissa Andersen Bird.

I was really only going to trim my hair and touch up my roots,

but somehow I ended up going all out to this....And those colors are Brown, ORANGE, Blond and MY hair color Dirty Blond....Gotta give the kisses to the cameraside view with the additional kiss....and the other side view!

So.... What do you think?? I really like it! Matt says the Orange will grow on him, but he really likes it too! Of course the colors will calm down a little, this is the FIRST day of color so it is the brightest!!

Well, it was a GIRLZ DAY because my other friend from church Amalia Cutts came over to get her hair done too!! She was cutting her hair and donating it to Locks of Love... I took pictures of her hair, but you'll have to see her blog when she posts them... no color for her yet, but OBVIOUSLY it is shorter if she donated to Locks of Love right??

We had Luna's for Lunch, Gossiped, Laughed, Cried, (good crying of course... when we cut the 10 inches off Amalia's head) and just had a ball talking and getting our hair done! I love you both so much! You really make me feel special and loved!! I can truly be myself when I am with you, and I love feeling like I can let go and say what I want to say!! I think these are the kind of friendships that will last a lifetime, and I am SO glad I have you both in my life! Kisses and HUGS!! I also appreciate you putting up with my kiddies for our FAB GIRLZ DAY!! THANKS CARISSA!! YOU RULE! ~


Amalia Cutts said...

I had so much fun. I LOVE your hair. I'll be posting pictures of my hair soon (after people see it in person). Now that I think about it, you should have had this hair for the NKOTB concert. It looks fabulous.

Joseph & Liz said...

All those colors are perfect for summer; very fun! It fits you!