Friday, July 10, 2009

New Toy ~

I am sure you are all happy to know we are the new proud owners of this Bright Starts Bounce Bounce Baby Exausaucer (however you spell it)... We have been searching for a cheap one on Craigslist and online, and we found this sucker at Target! It was the last one, and was not even on display! We just came upon it by pure dumb luck! It has ALL KINDS of fun toys that make sounds and light up, and a little platform on the bottom for baby to bounce off... we bought it for Landon, and I have caught Hailey in it a few times already. We LOVE it! It even helped me make dinner by entertaining the kids for me! (this is what Hailey's hair looks like by the end of the day... I promise it was brushed and put back nicely at one point.... haha)
And as you can see the kids think it is cool too!~ I love new toys!! Don't you??
OH!! And yet another HAPPY BIRTHDAY
(aka David Alma Bird Matt's Dad)


Kristen said...

Yeah I had to get one of these last summer when I was working from home and had to keep Camie occupied... we totally love ours! Even though it's huge and takes up space in our van every time we move, we have still brought our to all the places we've moved in hopes that Luke will get to enjoy it here in a month or two. It's a GREAT present for mommy, too, because of the self-entertainment factor! : )

Nicole said...

Yea, I love target for that; I got one for like $10 last year that was the last of it's spacific model but looks very similar to yours. Katelyn liked it for a little while but I could only leave her in it for a few minutes at Landons age but now she likes to play with it whenever she sees it in the garage. Anyways I'm surprized that Hailey's hair looks that good at the end of the day because the few times I tried to do Katelyn's hair it didn't look that good by noon after her nap!