Monday, July 6, 2009

Forgetful ~ BUT SO FUN ~

This Post will be ONLY pictures I have found from my internet search... Me being the forgetful person I am left my camera (with all the batteries charged and ready to go) on my bed.... UGH!
Well, the Bird Family headed to Sacramento-Stockton for a Fun Filled Fourth of July weekend! We have spent almost EVERY 4th with family, and we were not going to pass up a three day weekend just sitting at home!! (nor did we want to purchase fireworks... which is something we have yet to do in the 6 years we have been married...) We like to travel to hit up Sacramento first because then we hit Stockton on our way home... lygistics just works out better that way... so Sacramento here we come!!We got to Sac Late Thursday Night, and we decided we were going to to Scandia on Friday to Celebrate and have fun! Scandia is SO much fun! It has 2 miniture golf courses.... batting cages....

go karts....

Bumper Boats and......(which was a perfect way to cool off I might add)
The Screamer.... Have you seen this thing?? It is NUTS!~ The 165-foot ride is so tall that the Federal Aviation Administration forced the amusement park to install warning lights on its rotating arms. And you are not allowed to scream, the park has instituted a no-shrieking rule for its scary new thrill ride, the Scandia Screamer, a gigantic, windmill-like contraption that sends people plunging 16 stories to Earth at nearly 60 mph. The reason for this rule is because of the many complaints of the neighboring communities... i have to admit... it was real tough not screeming on this sucker... it was great!!
We played both courses, and ended up playing real well!! There was a 4 way tie of 49 after 18 holes!! (par was 50) the other two (losers) were less than 5 behind!! Not too shabby!! This was our second game of the day after a wonderful China Buffet. We were celebrating Matt's Birthday with my family and Matt wanted it.... The food was SO good!! Best Buffet I have EVER been too! It is in Downtown Sac off Boradway, in a sketchy part of town, but when we saw Chineese People going in there, we knew it would not be too bad...
It was great!~After we were all full, we went back and had the great game of golf!! The only thing we did not do at Scandia was the batting cages. No complaints here... i don't need 50 mph balls flying at my face... or body...
We went home and got The Pink Panther 2 from Redbox and an Apple Pie from the store which was a perfect ending to a perfect day!!
The next day was Saturday, July 4th!! One of my favorite holidays!! I am SO thankful for the men who signed the Declaration of Independance, and for all the MANY men and women who have fought for the freedom we have today! I am very frusturated with the "government" that we have today, but I am proud of the TRUE people who try to uphold what this great nation was founded upon... HELLO OBAMA... DO you get the picture yet?.... Oh that's right.... NO! (off my soap box... sorry for that outrage... haha) And what 4th of July would not be complete without a Pancake Breakfast...
At least for Mormon's that is... every ward I have ever lived in has had a Pancake Breakfast and Flag Raising Ceremony. The food was great, and it was a fun time had by all!!
(My Kitchen is "Americana" because I really LOVE the great land that we live in, and I am in the kitchen so much that I am able to remember how great we do have it... taxes and all!!)
After the breakfast we headed home to pack up and head to Stockton.
We got to Stockton and relaxed talking with Mom and Dad Bird, and got ready to go out on the boat. We REALLY enjoy going out on the NICE boat that Matt's parents have. I enjoy it because I am not stressing about if something is wrong with the boat, and I also enjoy how nice it drives. Matt enjoys it because we are out with his family, and he does not have to drive all the time... being out on the water is calming for me, and really is a treat! Matt had fun boarding, and we had fun watching all the crazy people on their boats... We saw a boat that was sinking in the main channel on the Delta... good times! I hope they had insurance!! We got home and had a GREAT dinner... Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Fruit, Potato Salad.... YUMMMM
Then we got in the Spa and just RELAXED!! We went to church the next day with his parents and saw friends we have not seen in a little while. We also got to see Kevin, and it was nice visiting with him. We saw another movie Doubt that was pretty good, and had a great dinner and then saw Grandma and Grandpa Bird for a few minutes! Like I said before we sure are lucky we are able to spend time with Family! Because after all that is all that matters!
We hope you all had a great relaxing weekend too! ~

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