Monday, October 26, 2009

Movie Review's ~

It is not too often that Matt and I get to GO OUT to the Movies. And when we do go out, we usually just go see something Matt wants to see. ( I just wait to rent movies usually... yeah, I am STILL cheap) Well, for my birthday John and Ally watched the kids and Matt and I went to the Three Dolla' HOLLA Movies.
We saw THE PROPOSAL ... My review is this...Ryan Reynolds IS SOOOOOO HOT!~ I mean ... it was a GREAT movie! There were MANY funny scenes that made me laugh! I could tell you all of them, or you could head over to redbox an rent it for yourself!! It is rated PG-13, and there is a few scenes that might be questionable to some, good movie with the spouse, not so much your kids. There is a tastefully done semi-nude scene, and (I think that might have been what made me think Ryan was so hot) besides that you will LOVE this movie! ~ I recommend this to anyone who likes a good comedy-love story!
My next review is on Couple Retreat ~
We had some babysitting trading going on, and we got a night out. We got discount ticket vouchers, so we headed to the theatre again! :) (THANKS SWANN'S for trading with us)This movie was MORE funny than the commercials made it out to look. It was also rated PG-13, but had a few more scenes that really did not need to be in the movie... (you know what I mean) Matt and I really enjoyed the movie because not only did it have a HILARIOUS story line, it also had a GREAT ending for couples!! Matt and I were really able to relate to the story, and I think that might be why we enjoyed it more! There are four VERY different couples in this story, and I think almost everyone can relate to one of them! I recommend this to anyone with kids who needs a break, or those of you with hubby's you want a break from too! It really makes you think about your relationship!!

I know my "reviews" are not full of what the movie is about ONLY because I want you to experience the movies for yourself! Who wants to be the one to ruin a good movie?? NOT ME! I hope you are able to enjoy one or both of these movies in the near future! ~ Happy Viewing!

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Nicole said...

Wre rented The Proposal and liked it. Brian thought it would be stupid but ended up laughing more than me through it, it was pretty goos and funny. I guess we will have to rent Couple Retreat when it comes out; we don't really go to the movies anymore, we are cheap too!