Monday, October 5, 2009

Our trip to PISMO BEACH~

Matt wanted to surprise me for my birthday. He decided to plan a trip with some of our friends (who happen to love our kids, and love to spend time with us) Spencer and Lauren Baker.
After learning they had amazing connections to a PIMP place in Pismo, Matt decided I needed to spread my wings and experience Pismo Beach.It was BEAUTIFUL there! We got to the Beach House late Friday Night, and after a wonderful Pancake Breakfast we decided to check out what the beach had in store for us. We borrowed John and Ally's Kayak's for the weekend (thanks Jensens) and so the boys wanted to get out in the ocean and have fun.
Luckily Lauren and I were not on the beach for this so called "fun". We walked the 50 steps from the Beach House right as the boys came in from the ocean. The waves were pretty big, and apparently they both got tossed from their kayaks and were hit with wave after wave. They both had on life vests and were safe, but they said it was a pretty scary ordeal. Long story short I guess Spencer saved Matt's life in a way! ~
Needless to say Lauren and I decided NOT to take the kayaks out... So instead, we took pictures and played in the sand ~
This is Landon taking a nice nap after eating lunch on the beach. We took our "Graco Octagon" where he slept nice and peaceful. I am sure it was the sound of the waves that was SO relaxing for him. Lauren and I relaxed in the chairs listening to the waves and watching the boys and Hailey play in the sand. The beautiful sun poking through the clouds was even more relaxing... all I had to do was close my eyes, and I felt like I was in heaven. The warm sand beneath my feet helped me get into "the zone" too...
Hailey LOVED playing in the sand! We brought things for her to make a sand castle, but she decided she wanted to pretend she was a doggie even more! Here she is with her ball that Aunt Ally gave her, she kept putting it in her mouth, and then realizing there was sand all over it and spitting it out! HAHA
Matt and Spencer were playing catch with the football. You can see the waves behind them crashing in.
Matt called Spencer his "Zatarra" ( I hope you have all gotten enough culture to see the movie The Count of Monte Cristo) ~ We shall call him... Zatarra. ~ Sounds fearsome. ~ It means, "driftwood." He told Spencer... "I swear on my dead relatives - and even on the ones who are not feeling too good - I am your man forever!"
Lauren covered Hailey's feet in the sand. She loved it! It took a little bit for her to figure out how to get them out! LOL! ~OHHHH! And we had the MOST AMAZING Clam Chowder EVER!! At the Splash Cafe near the Pismo Pier... YUMMMOOOO!!! Thanks Bakers for introducing us to this FABULOUSNESS!!
Oh, and if you can't tell by this picture...
Landon REALLY likes Lauren! ~
We went for a little stroll on the pier. Here is the ADORABLE little couple, and out family enjoying the night!! After our stroll we headed to get ice cream and hot cocoa! It was SO good! We had a WONDERFUL little vacation, and a very enjoyable time with our friends. We look forward to many more trips and good times in the future! Thanks to all those who helped make this weekend a great one to remember!


Nicole said...

Katelyn loved looking at your pictures. Landon's spiked hair is so cute! Glad to hear you had fun with your big birthday surprise. You should have Matt call Brian and give him a few pointers for a birthday surprize for me, he's got a while to plan for it...

Amalia Cutts said...

See you do have a wonderful husband. Just remember this beach vacation when he's not being nice. I'm glad you guys had a good time. Next on the calendar...the cruise...without kids.

Joseph & Liz said...

Dude, I could really go for some of that clam chowder on a rainy day like this! What a nice are so loved!