Sunday, October 18, 2009


We sure enjoyed the Fresno State Game with the kids ~ The weather was perfect, and the people around us were very enjoyable to be around. ( last game there was a girl who would not sit down . . . random . . . just standing all by yourself . . . really?) This was the second game the kids and I were able to attend this season!! Hailey took her little Bulldog she got from Uncle Nate and Aunt Melissa and had SO much fun!!
Hailey got to sit in Matt's Chair for most of the game, and we think that is what made her enjoy the game so much! She had her snacks and her dog... she was SET!
And lucky little Landon got to sit in Mommy and Daddy's lap the whole game. He would get excited when the band played or if people where cheering he was looking around to see what was going on! He is going to be a BIG sports fan JUST like daddy! He is such a happy little boy!
And here is a view of the stadium from our seats! We really like being in the Young Alumni Area. It is a nice environment and it is fun getting to know the people around us! :)
Fresno won the game 41 to 21. It was a GREAT way to end a nice Saturday! ~

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Anonymous said...

Game looks like fun! We sure are having fun going to Preston's games. Give the kids a Kiss!
Love, Grandma Andersen