Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fresno Chaffee Zoo 2010 ~

We were invited last minute by some friends to go to the Zoo. We originally said we would pass because we had alot going on, but when I mentioned it to Matt, he thought we should go. Mainly because he has not been to the Zoo in the 6 years we have lived in Fresno, but also because we like to take the kids out of the house when we can! SO, we were excited about the invite; the only real worry I had was that we were speaking the next day in church at our new ward, and had not prepared our talks... after a little more justification on our part, we got the kids ready real quick and headed out the door! It is usually hard for me to do things like this on the fly, but I am learning to roll with life, it is more fun that way I have learned! Hailey really enjoyed going to the Zoo, she got to meet up with some friends, and have fun watching the animals!
These next few pictures CRACK me up because it is SO funny how our kids interact with each other. Here they are playing King of the Mountain I guess... Logan Harden the little boy in the brown is just minding his own business, but making sure he stays on the big rock, Kalos Cluff the little boy in the blue jacket just got up, and is getting ready to show his moves, my Hailey is LOVING being the center of attention, or at least she thinks she is, and ... Little Haley Harden is wishing she was up there... THEN
Kalos does this, which makes my Hailey give him the STANK eye, and Haley Harden have "all eye's on Kalos" while Logan still holds his ground on the rock...
And then the two 'Love Birds' look at us like "Did we do something to make you look?" The reason I say Love Birds, is because Hailey and Kalos love each other so much they hate each other. Remember when Hailey got kicked out of Nursery... it was because she threw a toy at Kalos! They are SOOOO getting married when they are older. Amber we should start planning the Wedding already!
This picture CRACKS me up too! The second Landon got out of the Stroller, he was GONE! It is like he is running and waving bye to us! LOL!
Matt took Hailey into the Petting Zoo. I made sure to steer clear of this place... it kinda grosses me out that people pet these dirty animals all day long... but I am trying to let my children live normal lives, so I let Matt take them into the poo infested dirt tank...
Hailey was our tour guide if you were wondering. She was ALL about reading this brochure about the zoo. She was like Dora the Explorer only it is a little white girl is a Zoo...
Good Navigation skills, she was testing to see what time of day it was by where the sun landed... lol haha!~
And this was the best family photo we got of the day! Matt and I are kinda smiling... Landon not so much, and Hailey is checking our the Flamingos behind us... Let me tell you WHY is looks like this... those birds STANK! I thought I might pass out! I was holding my breath the whole time we were by the flamingos... poor Landon does not know the hold your breath trick, and Hailey is wondering is it is the flamingos that stink or her... LOL!
Is it Ironic that these are my favorite animals?? They have been my whole life! I went to the Sacramento Zoo when I was a kid, and the first thing you saw when you walked in was the flamingos... I LOVED it! The Ironic part is that they are PINK my signature color, and they are birds... yet another sign I married the right guy! LOL!
We had a GREAT day, and we are glad we went to the zoo!! We will have to visit again with friends soon! ~

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