Friday, January 1, 2010

~ 2010 HERE WE COME ~

Our Good Friends Amalia and Brent had a New Years Party to celebrate with family and friends. Amalia's brother Adam was kind enough to bring the RockBand Game for us to ROCK THE NIGHT AWAY!! There were five couples at the party; Spencer and Lauren Baker, Phil and Julianna Iverson, Brent and Amalia Cutts, Adam and his girlfriend Amy, and us.
Amalia is a GREAT host, and had all kinds of goodies for us to eat! My favorite was probably the Pop Rocks! I had not had those in YEARS, and they were just as amazing as I remember them!!
Here is a picture of Lauren Baker, Myself and Amalia before we got into our Grove with our Rock Band!The Boys had fun TEARING up the "Stage" Brent was a VERY fun person to watch sing, and Matt and Spencer are really getting into the Guitar and Bass! Are you giving the camera a wink Baker?? LOL This picture is funny only because it shows us CHEATING on the drums! I was helping with the Pedals while Lauren KILLED it on the drums! I TRIED to play them, and emphasis on TRIED... at one point I think there were three of us playing the drums together! LOL~ Matt is rockin' the guitar GO MATTY GO!

And here is PROFF that I played! It was SO much fun! You can see Julianna in the back behind Amalia, and Lauren was killing it on the drums! I forget what song we were playing here! :)

We got SO into it, that we did not realize that the New Year was upon us until a few minutes before the ball was to drop! It was just good relaxing fun! Phil relaxed most of the time because he was up early, so he won the Champion Award! The Bakers won the MVP Award because they were SO good on everything! Maybe I should play a little more so I can become a pro and get addicted! Thanks Amalia and Brent for the great party! (and a special thanks for letting me steal your pictures... mine did not turn out too great ~ sorry to those who also read Amalia's Blog) We are SO excited for the NEW YEAR! ~

This is Me learning how to be a ROCKSTAR! ~


Kristen said...

Love the hott pink shoes, girl!

Amalia Cutts said...

THANK YOU FOR COMING! We really enjoyed your company. We had so much fun. By the way, I love the shoes!