Sunday, January 3, 2010

~~Happy Birthday Melissa~~

And NO I am not talking to myself... My Sister In Law Melissa Bird-Imel's Birthday is today. She is Matt's ONLY sister, and she has put up with alot her brothers have thrown her way, so I wanted to let her know how much we love her!
Melissa is a teacher in Utah, and from what I gather, she LOVES her kids. My personal opinion is that Teachers are the best! She is married to Nathan Imel who is just the BEST brother in law ever! Matt and I first meet him in Fresno, while he was serving a mission! I was really impressed with him, and thought he was a great guy! I told him I was going to hook him up with Matt's sister when he got off his mission, and to our surprise; they got married.
Melissa is a very strong person. I love being able to sit around and just talk with her about what is going on in life. She has a very open mind, and it able to see the good in people. I think that is one of the qualities that makes her a good teacher! I also love hearing her funny stories about her kids she teaches! I am so happy that I was able to gain another sister through marriage. I grew up with lots of sisters, and it is nice to have a sister that I never had to fight! :)
Melissa is also an AMAZING photographer! I WISH she lived here in California so she could capture my kids more with her photos! This is a new hobby of hers, and it is exciting to see her grow and expand her knowledge! She is going to be taking some Photography Classes soon! HOW FUN! She is also an amazing aunt! She HANDMADE some VERY nice things for my children as well. Landon has the COOLEST Fresno State Baby Blanket EVER, and Hailey has a Tutu she LOVES to put on! She also made me a "Hooter Hider" so I can breastfeed in peace! It was VERY thoughtful of her, and it really touched my heart when she gave us these things!
It is for these reasons and SO many more that we salute her on her special day! I hope she is able to have a GREAT Birthday, and that ALL HER WILDEST Dreams come true!


We Love You! ~

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