Wednesday, September 22, 2010

House Work

MAN... I forgot or I had NO idea how much work this "house work" would be!!
We got the keys to the house on the 14th and started the "remodeling" that same day.
First thing we did was start to pull the wallpaper down. We were having the house painted, and needed that done ASAP!
The painters painted everything but the bedrooms and the bathrooms. I wanted more time to pick out the colors I really wanted in those rooms. We went with a VERY neutral taupe color.
As the painters painted Matt and I worked on the bathrooms and the Laundry Room tile. We had to pull up carpet from the bathrooms, and that was a TASK I tell you! I hate tack strips! By doing this we had to pull out the toilets... so NO toilets for us to use while working...
LUCKILY for Matt and I my mother came to help watch the kids for us to be able to work. It was SOOOO nice having her here. Not only did she take care of the little ones she also made dinners AND sewed my Living Room Drapes together for me. I decided to do black and red checkerboard... I hope they look as good up as they look laying on the floor! :)
Both our fathers came for the weekend to help with the floor. We ripped out all the carpet in the Formal Dinning Room, Living Room, and halls and closets in the hall. Then we had to pull up the entryway flooring. We are currently laying the laminate floors as I type. We are SO close to being done, but we have hit the hardest part of the house.
We grouted the tile in the bathrooms and laundry room yesterday. Travis Cluff did the majority of it! THANKS TRAVIS!~ And Amy Harden has been watching the kids for us this week so far. THANKS AMY!!
I hope to get the kitchen all clean for when we move in. I'd rather put all the kitchen stuff in CLEAN cupboards then having to clean later.
A few things we NEED to finish are:
The baseboards in the Laundry room ~ I'd love to have all the baseboards done, but I REALLY need them done before we put the washer and dryer in there.
The outlet covers changed over. We are going from the Almond cover to WHITE...
New Sconces picked out for the hall... Matt and I can't agree on what we really like yet...
And I need to order the area rug I want...
Matt just called and told me he ordered the new door handles...

PRAY for us! ~


AngelaBeth said...

OH MY GOSH! Look at you wonderwoman! I can't believe you guys did it all that fast. You're like an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. Send this girl to Disneyland! I hope you're taking before/after pics... I'm so obsessed with those. :P Good luck with everything else!

Kristen said...

Wow, sounds like you've been busy - I bet it will look so awesome once you're all done!

Don't forget to put pics up once you're all settled, I'm excited to see it! :)