Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Thoughts Today

Hailey has been a "hard child" for me.
I think it is because she had a hard time communicating with us.
Just recently she has become an "easier child".
~She listens to me, and does the things I ask her to do.
~She has few potty accidents, and is able to let me know when she needs to go.
~She gives her brother loves when he is crying and says "It's OK brother."
~Instead of crying and throwing a fit she tells me, or shows me what she wants.
Sure we have bad days, but overall my parenting experience it getting better.
I think that is REALLY WHY it is called the Terrible Twos... they can't quite yet communicate their wants and needs... so it is a HORRIBLE experience for everyone involved.
I am SO glad she is growing up but SO worried for Landon to hit the Terrible Two's ...


Natalie said...

AMEN sistah.

It is called terrible twos for a reason. It is terrrrrrible.

Three is a little better, but the closer that L. gets to four, the more I like him.

Nichole said...

In our experience, the second go through of terrible twos is a little easier. Lilly just seems easier to communicate with probably because she had brother to help her learn how to talk and we also are a little more experienced with how to handle a two year old. Now that's not to say that it's easy sailing, I still want to kill kids half the time, but it IS a little easier.

3richardsons said...

I know how you feel and am glad to hear that it does get better!

Sara Marie said...

Love it! So... Im finally blogging again! Follow our new blog...

Beth Swann said...

I love your little warning sign! I need that on some days!