Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boston ~ Day Three

On Saturday we traveled to Rhode Island and went to the Beach.
 It was BEAUTIFUL! The drive was full of trees and amazing houses; each one with an American Flag flying strong. The Beach was beautiful and relaxing. I think everyone at least got their feet wet while we were there. The boys were body surfing and having fun farther out in the waves. I like to stay where I can touch the ocean floor. I promised I would put the picture of my brother in law Chris with his "BOO-BOO" on my blog. I guess he was body surfing and got pushed around a little by the waves and hit his head on some rocks. He is a big boy, he was fine and laughing about it after. So besides the ONE small accident; everything was AMAZING at the beach!
 The David Bird Family stopping to grab a bite to eat after the beach.
By the time we made it back from the beach outing it was time for the Bird Olympics and Dinner with Family Fun!! SO we went straight to the Boston Birds house and enjoyed hanging out with them before everyone else arrived. Aunt Diane took Aunt Susan and myself on a tour of the lake behind the house. SO neat!
 THEN we sat and chit chatted and got ready for DINNER...
 DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.... Yeah we had "New England BBQ" as Aunt Diane called it. Before we all went at the food, she gave us a GREAT tutorial on how to break open a Lobster. I am sure the look on every one's faces during the demonstration was priceless... mine was SURE wide open.
Most everyone took a "crack at it" and opened their own lobster,
I however asked my lovely Aunt Diane to help a sista out...
 Despite the fact I had a hard time watching them get broken apart and all I was able to eat it.
And it was not bad. I think that is my FIRST and LAST encounter with lobster... at least when I have to watch it being prepared...
 After Dinner we had family fun time. Aunt Susan had asked family members to submit their favorite songs for everyone to guess. It was interesting to see what people's favorite songs were. We had smores' and hung out until the bugs started eating us bad then we hit the hotel. Saturday was our last FULL vacation day. We woke up early Sunday (Dad Birds Birthday) and headed for the Airport. We would have liked to spend the day with Dad on his birthday, but Matt had to get back to work! Luckily we got to spend a little time with him because he and Kevin went to drop us off from our WHIRLWIND VACATION of FUN!!
The flights home were great, and LUCKILY we had a 2 hour layover in LAX to get in the USA v. Brazil Women's Soccer Game. USA WONNNNNNNN!!! I was SO happy, but what made me EVEN happier was getting home and seeing THIS...
My family helped the kids make us a WELCOME HOME SIGN!!
It sure was nice to get home and hold my sweet babies!!
WE had a WONDERFUL Vacation
and look forward to MANY MANY more in the FAR OFF FUTURE!! :)

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