Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July FUN!!

I have been BUSY getting my pictures from the Reunion settled, but we have still been doing LOTS of other fun things. So I would like to interrupt the Reunion Blogs To Update what we have been Up To; To Date...
 We meet up with The Hardens and The Cluff's for some PARK fun! This park is near our Stake Center.
Hailey LOVES to "get stuck in the cage" and yell to me until I acknowledge she is stuck!
Check out Logan pickin' his nose! :)
 She loves this park because we can bring her scooter and ride around on it...
 And Landon got the special treatment and was pushed around... after playing at the park for a while we went home and did some WATER PARK FUN on the trampoline and on the slip n' slide.
One night Hailey kept telling me she needed to make a cake.
When I pulled out a regular cake mix she said NO MOMMY, the little cakes...
So we got out our little Cake Maker, she decided she wanted to make the carrot cake, and when I saw there was cream cheese in the frosting I was DOWN!
( I LOVE cream cheese...)
 It was AMAZING! The kids did a GREAT job helping make it!!
Here is Landon in his Swim Class.
We got a coupon for two free "daddy and me" lessons.
Hailey is taking swim lessons too, but I will do another post about that.
 We also enjoyed a nice Ballgame for Family Home Evening...
 Landon was hammin' it up the WHOLE time! He loved it!
 Hailey was asleep when we got there, but after we woke her up and did a little dancing she was super fun too!! Both kids said they wanted to go to the baseball game again!!
This picture is History in the making. Our Fresno State Bulldog Stadium got TURF!
Matt was super excited about it and wanted to go get his piece of history...
 It looks WAY nice. We are excited for the season to start.
We got season tickets with a family in our ward. We can't wait!!
 AND we found this fun little Splash Park...
 The kids played for over three hours NON STOP!
 They literally had a BLAST!!
 AND last night my sweet neighbor Melissa (yes we have the same name, LOVE HER ALREADY) brought over PEACHES! She said they have WAY too many and she will be back to give us more...
 So with all those peaches we decided we needed to make a PIE. I don't have pie shells just laying around so we made EVERYTHING FROM SCRATCH... TRULY homemade!! (Hailey was being Vanna White here, don't you LOVE her hair??)
Landon helped me put all the cut up peaches in the pie shell...
And here my pie sits just waiting for me to take a bite...
We have been having a great summer. I LOVE enjoying things with my sweet little kiddos!

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