Monday, July 25, 2011

Boston ~ Day TWO

Day Two in Boston was the Official Start to the Family Reunion. And our first day was PACKED with fun! First we went to Northeastern University where my Uncle Alan works to check it out. After that we went on a TROLLEY TOUR. Our Tour Guide was Fun. We saw some of the same sites as the day before when we went on the Duck Tour but we also got to see things we had missed out on. We saw most of the Boston Colleges; MIT, Harvard, BU, Boston College of Music, Paul Revers house, Fenway Park, things on the Freedom Trail, AND we drove over where the Boston Tea Party happened. Near the end Matt pointed out the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts. The tour guide did not say anything about it, but Matt knows of my interest in this group. I am DYING to know what is going on in there and WHO is part of the group... ANYHOW... her is my collage of the Trolley Tour.
After the tour we had a FAB lunch (thanks Boston Birds) at Northeastern and then headed to the
Boston Temple.
PERFECT opportunity for some Family Pictures!!
This flag was between the parking spaces at the temple.
 It was just BEAUTIFUL!
Matt and I ~
A little Cousin FUN!! With a cute niece on the top!
(Cami ~ I think you are taller than me... look at poor crocked Rylie)
The David A. Bird Family (minus our lovely kids of course)
Uncle Matt and his sweet niece Jillian Imel.
Grandma and Grandpa Bird
The Dee Bird Children and Spouses; PLUS Chris... yeah...
(Chris stood in for Aunt MayLynn's Hubby Bryan to be photo shopped in later... LOL)
The Bird Cousins and Spouses and Kids...
On the road again to travel to Concord. Funny little side note... they have amazing bathrooms. The toilet in the museum with the HUGE RED door was self cleaning... never seen that before... fun experience!
ANYWHO... Here Matt and John are showing us their Football Heisman Poses.
Then we headed down the path to the bridge where we heard about "the shot heard 'round the world" referring to the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. This 1775 proverbial first shot was fired during an armed stand-off between British forces and local militia in Lexington, escalating into engagements at the Old North Bridge in the battles of Lexington and Concord.
(check out the hyperlinks for more info)
This statue, Minute Man,  is adjacent to the North Bridge.
The statue looks toward the bridge, and here we are looking at it before we crossed over the bridge onto the side where the British Soldiers were laid to rest.
Cami, Aunt Diane, and Matt relaxing.
Can you see the Concord River in the background?
LOVED this area! So scenic!
We got to sit and listen to a volunteer tell us the story about the Concord Fight. It was interesting hearing all the details she had to share with us. I remember learning about this in school, but the way she shared the story AND by being there it made the whole ordeal SO real to me. The most interesting part for me was that they were not fighting for FREEDOM like many believe, they just did not want to be taxed. I guess it would be considered Freedom from being taxed if you think about it however...
The museum with the amazing self cleaning toilets...
We headed back to the hotel to clean up and get ready for dinner. It was raining a little bit so we meet at the local Church Building. We had a traditional BBQ with hamburgers and all the fixin's. Grandma and Grandpa Bird passed out some presents. It was so sweet. Our children got Walk in the Light pens that they LOVE to color with, Matt got a scroll pen that has the articles of faith in it, and we got a wall hanging about Family for our house.
Uncle Alan planned some fun games for us to play, and not surprisingly the teams I was on WON! ha ha... I am SO good and SO HUMBLE! After that The "ADULTS" had family council and we "KIDS" stayed and played, gossiped, and just had FUN! We are so blessed to have FAMILY to spend time with!

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