Friday, July 22, 2011

New York "3~4"

Our Third day in NYC was alot of fun.
We jumped on the subway and went into Brooklyn.
We heard it was neat to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, so we did just that.
 There was a neat dedication to the wife of the man who built the bridge.
It was built from the man's fathers plans,
 and it sounds like they dedicated their lives to building the bridge.
It was being painted while we were visiting, but the view was still beautiful!!
 This picture is with New York in the background.
 We enjoyed the views it gave, and the neat construction that made the bridge so beautiful!
After walking over the bridge back into NYC we hit up CHINATOWN.
We were just looking for deals, or fun things to bring the kids.
There were alot of interesting food places, and things being sold.
 After enjoying Chinatown we hit up LITTLE ITALY.
Both were very close together and Matt and I thought we might have better luck getting some "normal looking food" in Little Italy.
 We found this cute little pizzeria that had a TV (so we could watch one of the many soccer matches for the Women's World Cup) We both got a calzone and just sat and enjoyed the food and the game. My calzone had mozzarella cheese, ricotta cheese, and sausage. They usually put the marinara on the top but we got it on the side so we could dip to our hearts desire. HONESTLY the best calzone I have EVER HAD!! They had all these pictures of celebrities that had eaten there with the owner. It was a cute little place!
 We walked around a little more then jumped back on the subway to head to GRAND CENTRAL STATION. I know you have all seen that AT&T commercial where the guy starts the Flash Mob ALONE then his phone updates to tell him it was moved to 12:30... hahah! Anywho... Matt and I were SOOOO tempted to re-create that, but we restrained ourselves and just took it all in. I was most impressed with the ceiling. It was beautiful in a busy kind of way...
 We left Grand Central Station then headed to Rockefeller Center to check it out. We contemplated checking out the Top of the Rock, but decided against it. We did check out a few of the shops on Saks Fifth Ave, Radio City Music Hall, NBC Studios, St. Patrick's Cathedral it was neat. We took a picture just above where they have the Ice Skating Rink during Christmas and right behind us is where the Christmas Tree is lit as well. It was a neat to visit that area for sure!
 After seeing that we went out to eat and then walked around Times Square again then headed back to the hotel. We walked alot on that day as well, but not 10 miles like the previous day! It was a great day.
Day FOUR in New York was just for us to RELAX and get ready for the Reunion in Boston. We woke up early and packed all our things and hit up Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast! YUMMMOO! Then we went shopping... I needed to get at least ONE shirt to remember my NYC trip!! We loved just walking around spending time together just the two of us.
 We took some pictures just to remember what our walk looked like...
 NYC sure is a neat city to visit! Then we headed back to the hotel to check out the ROOFTOP pool before we left. They closed it everyday at 6, so we never got a chance to swim, but we really enjoyed the view for sure! We hung out in the lobby and watched another soccer game then decided we needed to get near where we would be catching MegaBus...
 So we grabbed all our luggage we had stored at the hotel the headed to the Subway for our last trip! We took it to Penn Station, and that was neat to see as well...
We had a few hours until our MegaBus departure so we found a two story Burger King and sat to watch the Women's USA team play Sweden. Worst relaxation time of the trip! They lost 2-1 which set them up to play Brazil in the next game. I enjoyed having the Women's World Cup on while we were on vacation, but it was also tough because I was wanting to watch the game and relax and we were traveling when the games were being played. ANYWHO, we took MegaBus into the Boston area, I think we were in Foxburro. Our awesome cousins Cami Bird and Allyson Jensen came to pick us up and take us to our hotel. HOLLAAAA GIRLZ!! We got into the hotel, called family to let them know we were there and then went out for a LATE dinner with Matt's older brother Chris, his wife Erin and daughter Rylie. It was nice to see family. We headed back the hotel to get ready for our next day. Thus the BIRD FAMILY REUNION BEGINS!!

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