Monday, November 14, 2011

Andersen Christmas Present Swap ~

Every year we draw names in the Andersen Family (my side of the family) to make Christmas shopping EASY and stress free! We have 2 parents, 6 kids, 3 in-laws, and 8 grandkids so it would get a little crazy everyone buying for everyone...
I put this on my blog so people have a reference when they are out shopping if they have forgotten...
It's SANTA time!!!
We have been telling Hailey whenever she wants a toy (which tends to be EVERY time we go into ANY store) that she needs to put it on her list and tell Santa. Then if she is a good girl maybe Santa will get one of the toys she wants FOR her... So far it has worked pretty well...

Adult List
Dad- Sharon
Mom- Preston
Steven- Nicole
Tiffany- Mom
Matt- Brian
Melissa- Crystal
Brian- Tiffany
Nicole- Matt
Crystal- Dad
Sharon- Steven
Preston- Melissa

Kiddie List
Kimberley- Katelyn
Logan- Landon
Owen- Hailey
Evan- Johnathon
Hailey- Owen
Landon- Logan
Katelyn- Kimberley
Johnathon- Evan

I am working on getting our LIST'S together... that will be another blog post soon!~

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