Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Family Wish List

I wanted to keep a running list of what everyone wants for Christmas so i could remember AND let family members know... I will update it when I know of something new... hit the Hyperlinks to see items under the kids names ~

Surround Sound System
TV 50'
Garage Door Opener
Home Phone System
Gift Card to Marshall's or Harbor Freight

Desperate Housewives Season 6 or 7 ( 7 was at Target for $20)
Deep Freezer (stand up)
Gift Card to Marshall's or Ross
Cookware (not sure what I really want yet)

Pink Doodle Bear  DONE
Princess Squinkies (at Costco for $20)
Unicorn Pillow Pet DONE
Zoobles Playsets (any playset or toy)
Vet Playset  DONE
Little Pet Shop Toys (she likes the ones with the little people)

Fresno State Pillow Pet DONE
Spider man Playset (any spider man toy, not too small)
Batman Playset (he REALLY wants this...) DONE
Little People Airplane
Optimus Prime Transformer
Construction Vehicles DONE

Sandbox (not sure if I want to allow a sandbox yet)

1 comment:

3richardsons said...

I know your kids want a puppy. You must have accidently left it off the list.