Monday, February 20, 2012

Funny Little Boy

So today Landon woke up EARLY...
Today is President's Day, and Matt has the day off work.
He and some friends from church decided to take advantage of the nice day and hit up China Peak for some snowboarding. Matt got a season pass and has not been able to use it as much as he had wished.
When he left this morning I was talking with Landon and pouring him some cereal.
He said "Daddy has to go"
And I just said "Yeah he has to go to work" (ONLY because I did not want him to be upset that Matt was going snowboarding without him... ever since Matt took him to the snow at the beginning of the year he has wanted to go; and he cried last time Matt and Preston went without him)
To which he responded "No mommy, daddy going snowboarding!" and took a bite of his cereal.
He was not upset at all...
so I said "Oh, you are right, Daddy is going snowboarding!"
and then Landon said "Can I watch Bubble Guppies then?" and I laughed and put on his beloved Bubble Guppies...

I guess he is over the Snowboarding Thing already... :)

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3richardsons said...

Smart boy. My kids are okay if Brian is already gone when they wake up but they hate watching him leave without them.