Sunday, February 26, 2012

Happy Birthday MOMMA!!

My mother is AMAZING!~
She is 51 years YOUNG and enjoying life!
She is MRS. Crafty and I LOVE IT! (as do all my siblings that benefit from her craftiness) She used to just make and fix things for family and friends then she was introduced to ETSY... ever heard of it? She has her own ETSY shop where she sells ADORABLE things... superhero capes for boys and girls, blessing tuxes AND dresses, baby blankets, and all kinds of cute little things for your kids. CHECK IT OUT... HandmadeByTheHeart you may find something you NEED!~ :)
She is great at everything she does and she is a ROCKSTAR Grandma!!

 (Hailey took this picture of Grandma at one of our many visits last year)
(Hailey and Grandma enjoying the train while we SHOP!!)

Dear Mom,
Thank you for the example you have been to me. I would not be the wife and mother I am today without your loving guidance and care! I know that as a teenager I most likely drove you NUTS (not as bad as other siblings of course hehe) but I am SO thankful for the friendship we have now. I have learned that a mothers love never ends; you are great at showing me that. 
So many times when I am stressed out about kids, or family, or anything you are a calming force in my life. You help me to be a better mother, sister, and friend with your advise. You have never forced you opinions or thoughts on me; since I got married you have been my biggest cheerleader, and now that I have kids you are the first person I turn to when I need help. Just knowing you are a phone call away (or a 3 hour car drive away) and willing to listen means the world to me. 
Thank you for lovingly pointing out my shortcomings or faults when I ask, and never telling me how I should be raising my children. Thank you for being the kind of friend I need; I pray and hope my children love me as much as I love you.
Thank You for being YOU and being the BEST MOTHER AND GRANDMOTHER AROUND!~

LOVE ~ Melissa 


Lindsey and Jared said...

Such a beautiful post! I have to agree - your mom is pretty dang awesome. She has definitely been the voice of reason for us, but always with love, laughter and understanding. Love her!

3richardsons said...

Do you really think you were better than me? Otherwise, well written.

Bird is the Word said...

haha Nicole... take it HOWEVER you wish... :) NO. I was not talking about you... but take it HOWEVER you wish!!~ LOL!~