Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easy Bake Oven

Did you have an Easy Bake Oven at home when you were a kid?
I sure did, AND I remember baking in it OFTEN! I thought it was the neatest thing!! 
Can you imagine cooking with a light bulb... amazing!!
My mother introduced my children to this invention last year. The kids were staying with them while Matt and I were on our New York-Boston Trip...
Ever since then if we were shopping and Hailey saw an Easy Bake Oven she would try to convince me that she NEEDED one...
WELL... Lucky little girl inherited the Easy Bake Oven from Grandma Andersen on our last trip. (One of the little perks we got for helping clean out, and re-arrange the craft room) Hailey was SO excited when she saw the box in our garage that we HAD to make a cake!! 
 The kids all got to pick their own cake to make... oh the little things in life huh??
 They all got to stir their own cake and frosting and pick a topping too!!
(yes those are ADORABLE mini tupperware bowls; see below pictures for the plates)
 While we waited for the cakes to cook (12 minutes PER cake... we made 3) we had a little Photo Shoot. Hailey and Gannon (the little boy I babysit) were happy to pose... Landon on the other had was covering his eyes "you can't see me mommy!!"
 After frosting and putting on the toppings...
The kids ENJOYED eating the cake!!
THANKS GRANDMA!! We love the Easy Bake Oven!!

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3richardsons said...

Glkad to see your kids are having so much fun! We got a microwave easy bake cookie thing because it was cheap but Katelyn doesn't like it as much as grandma's- which I guess grandma doesn't have anymore-so I might have to break down and buy one when she is a little older.