Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kyle & Cory's Wedding

I LOVE Weddings!
I Love Weddings EVEN more when I get to see extended family at them!!
AND I Love Weddings when I can tell the couple is TRULY in LOVE...
Kyle is one of the many Bird Cousins. Cory is the beautiful Bride who I just fell in LOVE with from the first time I meet her! She is the PERFECT match to Kyle, and I am SO happy for them!!
 This was a Traditional Outside Wedding. It was held at Wine and Roses in Lodi, CA. The location was BEAUTIFUL! Above is Cory with her father walking down the isle and Kyle's siblings. Ally and Jared, and Cami with Harold one of Kyle's friends who also happens to be Cory's brother... I wonder how they meet??
 The ceremony was just as I had expected. Brother Shields who performed the wedding ceremony started off with "Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday!" (please tell me you are a Princess Bride fan) which brought laughter and the perfect tone for the rest of the ceremony. Kyle and Cory looked so happy and at ease; it brought a few little tears to my eyes to see them so in love! They exchanged rings and kisses and walked down the isle surrounded by bubbles.
They took family pictures and we had a little cocktail hour. Which I noticed the waiters were shocked that half the guests were not drinking the freely flowing wine; that is what happens when over half your family is Mormon! HA HA! The kids liked the cheese and crackers that was served and I even let them have a little Sprite! Then we went indoors for the real food.
When the new couple entered the room; everything felt complete. The Star Wars Theme played as they made it to the dance floor for their first dance. We all got to enjoy a slide show of the couple as they grew up when the salads made the way out. OH... that salad... it was SO good! Blue Cheese, Candied Walnuts, Apples, and a soft dressing to DIE for... I could have had seconds!! THEN the main course. I am a "meat and potatoes girls" so I opted for the Fillet Mignon. GOOD CHOICE! It came with veggies and potatoes and I had no idea how hungry I was until I had completely finished the food!
It was a nice and relaxing meal. Our table consisted of siblings; Matt and I, Melissa Imel and her husband Nate, and Kevin and his girlfriend Kristen (I hope I spelled her name right...) Of course Matt and Kevin did most of the talking. I just enjoyed sitting back and enjoying my peace and quiet; the kids were with the babysitters that Kyle and Cory had arranged. The babysitter just happened to be my little sister Sharon and her friend Carly; so the kids liked playing up with them more than being a part of the party... so I got to eat in PEACE and QUIET... not something that happens often at our house.
After our meal they had the bouquet at garter toss, then they had some more dancing. This is a favorite activity for our kids so they came down when they heard the music start... the DJ said he would take requests so when Landon told me he wanted to hear "Party Rock" I took him to request it with the DJ. Landon and Ally were the one's dancing when the song started, but he soon got people out on the dance floor and had a BLAST!! He sure can be the life of the party at times!
Landon and his dancing skills...
Congratulations to Kyle, Cory and Baby Olivia!
You sure make a BEAUTIFUL Family!!
AND to top off the Wedding Bliss I ran into a High School Friend...
She was the Photographer... SMALL WORLD...
Check out her work ~
 Isn't this bride just GORGEOUS??
 Love you Cory!~ 
These last two pictures were taken by Trizza Grantham
Gotta Love it!


The Jensens said...

Love, love, love the pictures Trizza took! She was an awesome photographer!! Oh, I noticed a typo...Cami walked down the aisle with Rob (Cory's brother). When I read Harold, I kept thinking of our cousin Harold, then realized he wasn't at the

It was a fun time, wasn't it?! Apparently, they had about 22 bottles of wine leftover (I think that's how many I heard). Yikes!

3richardsons said...

Love how Landon loves to dance. Johnathon loves to dance too but most of his dancing is just spinning around.