Saturday, August 4, 2012

Family Trip ~ Part FOUR

Here we are in PRESTON IDAHO!!
They had a sidewalk sale going on because of the rodeo; the kids got some money from Grandma Andersen and Great Grandma Smith to buy something special... cotton candy was the treat they picked!
Landon loves trying on shoes! Here he is in some awesome cowboy boots!
And I just LOVED these chairs! Top picture is our little family! Bottom pictures are Hailey with two of her favorite people! Her momma and her Auntie Sharon!
Hailey just LOVED the giant glasses that Grandma bought! HA HA! Can't you tell!? And Matt loved seeing a charity that made tie-dye stuff. He wanted to remember it! OH and he also wanted to remember the person in the bottom right hand corner too... he swears that was a woman... I myself DO NOT KNOW! LOL!
That same day we headed to the Parade!! We like to sit near Preston High School in the shade trees... We all jumped in the back of Great Grandpa Smith's truck for the short ride over there!
And while we were waiting for the parade to start we decided we should get a picture of Grandma with ALL her ADORABLE grand kids! As you can tell it is not easy getting all 8 kids to look at once! :)
These kids sure are lucky!! LOVE THEM!!
Here we are all getting closer to the street to see the parade!!
Horses, Tractors, Phi-Del Cheerleaders... OH MY! We are in Preston, ID for sure!
Cousins READY To head home after the parade!
We had little time to get ready for the Rodeo that night after the parade... Here the kids are waiting in line with us to see the FAMOUS PRESTON RODEO!!
It was GREAT seeing all the horses and tricks and cowboys! They even had some little kids riding the sheep... i forget what that was called! LOL! The kids fell asleep by the end, but we KNOW they enjoyed it for sure!!

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