Thursday, August 2, 2012

Family Trip ~ Part TWO

Preston Idaho that is. Our first stop was at Grandma & Grandpa Smith's house. 
While I settled in; Great Grandpa and Matt took the kids on a little tour.
We meet up with my mother and sister Sharon here.
They went to see the Elk; but were not able to get a good view; so they hit up the Rodeo Grounds. 
The kids LOVED that!
They even caught a little wakeboarding action! Talk about a GREAT tour!
One of Grandpa's Friends stopped by after they returned. He was driving the four wheeler above and offered for the kids to get a ride with Great Grandpa. They went around the block and loved it!!
When the kids got back; they wanted to play so Sharon and I walked them to the park while the others went shopping.
Both kids loved the slides and the swing at the park. It was a beautiful day!
The kids learned real soon that they LOVED going to Great Grandma Smiths! Not only is she a nice Grandma; she has soda and cookies!
We don't let the kids have much soda at home so this was a REAL treat. I have told Matt stories about when I was a kid and we came to visit and Grandma and Grandpa Smiths; they made sure we had plenty of soda, cookies and treats when we came. It is nice to see she is going to spoil the great grand kids the same way! She is the PERFECT grandma!!
Landon's favorite part of the park was the water fountain. (hehe don't you like his underoo shot...)
He sat up on that water fountain station and played with the water half of the time we were there. He got a little wet; but he got us wet for sure! One of them shot water really high. 
Landon would turn it on whenever anyone came near him! What a crack up!
Hailey taught us the importance of Yoga... she got in her special yoga pose while she was swinging and demanded that everyone else follow... and we all did! Even Landon as you can see above!! 
It was fun sitting back enjoying the day with my little sister and playing with the kids.
On the way home Landon was lucky enough to get a ride on Sharon's shoulders! These kids are not going to know what hits them when Auntie Sharon is gone on her mission come October!! We are trying to cherish all the moments we can get before she goes.
We got home, relaxed, watched olympics on TV, ate, and got the kids ready for bed. 
It was a fun day!! 

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