Monday, August 20, 2012


Today is my oldest child's FIRST day of Kindergarten!!
We have been preparing Hailey Bird for this day for a few months now.
 She picked out her Backpack... and helped me write her name on it... (she spelled her name for me)
 She also picked out her new outfit for the BIG DAY ~ Converse All Stars and all!!
 And of course we had to get her picture in front of the door at home...
 We drove half way to the school then walked from the neighborhood. Mrs. Gunner told the parents at the open house that we could bring the kids to the Kindergarten Playground and let them play. Hailey did not want to play, she just wanted to ask a ton of questions and tell me "Don't leave me alone" ~heartbreaking right? We got her special name tag and wrote her name on the board for what she was eating for lunch. Then Mrs. Gunner had the kids get in line. Kids Tears REALLY started at this point. There was a sweet little girl in front of us that was almost hysterical... Hailey took her hand; and told her she could walk with her.
The little girl kept looking back for her parents, and her dad went to walk her after she dropped Hailey's hand. But to my TOTAL SURPRISE Hailey did not throw a fit at all!! No tears from Hailey... Daddy... Landon... OR MOMMY! She walked in line all the way to the classroom and went inside. Matt and I looked at each other... HUGE smiles on our faces and decided it was a success!! I have to admit when I saw her helping that little girl; my eyes got a little watery; but I held myself together!
Landon was sad to leave his sister at the big school; well see how our quiet day at home goes...
My Little Girl is starting her "growing up" journey and I am LOVING it!!


Debbie said...

How Awesome! She has grown up so fast. Life will just get even better with one at home. Enjoy!

Lindsey and Jared said...

Geez Louise, I can't believe she is old enough for SCHOOL! I am so happy for you. She is absolutely beautiful and I know she'll have a great time. Way to be strong mama, because I was starting to tear up just READING about her helping the other little girl.

The Jensens said...

Such a big girl! I'm sure she loves school :-)