Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Trip ~ Part THREE

On Tuesday we went to Grandma and Grandpa Andersen's House.
We meet up with my sister Nicole, hubby Brian and kiddies.
Hailey loves her cousin Katelyn. They are about 10 months apart, but they look about the same age.
Landon and Johnathon tried to play together; but they both had a hard time sharing toys. Totally typical for their age; they are exactly one year apart.
At the Homestead (that is what we called the Andersen Grandparents House growing up) they have all kinds of fun stuff for kids. Above you can see the Zipline and the Flying Airplane. The kids had to take turns on both these things. They played for HOURS outside on the toys...
Over by the barn is the swing. I remember swinging on this as a kid... as you can see Sharon and I made sure to get our ride in on the swing!
A new addition to the barn is the slide. I have heard about this side from other cousins' but never was able to see it until this trip. The kids had a ball playing on the slide. Running up the side and going down. It sure was fun! These kids are SO lucky!
After all this fun the kids got to enjoy picking raspberries, and watching great grandpa dig potatoes out of the ground! They sure LOVED that!

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